Weekend June 18 Pt 2

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Feeling really weak tonight. Have been summoned by an attorney as I basically have information that will take my ex down. He has done some bad stuff, financially, hurting other people. But, he is my son's dad, and I feel I should not be the one to put him away. I feel wrong. But, I do not feel I can lie. Urrrghhhh I do not know what to do, I want to run away and hide forever
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learningagain, you tell the truth. If you don't, you'll regret it.

Sorry to sound like Mom.
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Yeah, I know, it just sucks.

Think I am just going to go hide in my bed with a book tonight...feeling the temptation of just going and getting wasted, but I know, on some level, that is not going to help at all.
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learningagain, the old thoughts are bound to come in times of stress.

Please don't let it become more than a thought. I don't drink at my problems any more, and I'm sure you don't want to either.
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Unfortunately we've spent our lives dealing with stress by drinking. It was my favorite coping skill. So for anyone tempted to get wasted....think it through. You know it will only make matters worse....way worse. Put on your thinking cap and develop some new coping skills. Learningagain. sounds like you are having a tough time. We are here with you.
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Interesting day 'round here. House Sale/Real Estate BS. Nothing to drink over. I'm in Ketchup Mode on this Thread...

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In a Drinking-related Scenario common around Hollywood back then, 'The Wizard' - Frank Morgan - was known to carry around a private Mini Bar in a Briefcase. He had a ~500 Acre Ranch East of L.A. not far from my Hometown; back when it was a really remote escape from the glitz of Hollywood.

He died of a Heart Attack at age 59.

And then, there's always Bacon...

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Oh good lord, those bacon onion rings look amazing.

My day has been full, possibly too full
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Learningagain, I'm sorry you are between a rock and a hard place. Terribly worrisome. I'm of the opinion that the truth as you know it is the safest course. No guessing or speculating as to things but only the answers that you know personally, to the questions as asked. And no drinking about it. What Bimini said. I can't drink at my problems anymore either.

I'm hoping we get your storm. It's threatening here. Very active lightning but off in the distance. Breeze kicked up. We'll see as the night progresses.
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Maple & English Walnut ice-cream with Darjeeling tea, Mmm.
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Tuesday morning,

Up at a more civilised hour this morning and no run as it is recycling day.

I hope you made it to bedtime ok LearningAgain, try not to feel too bad about it.
Your ex is the person who is responsible for letting down your son, I expect he would be disappointed with you as well, if you drank. All the best - I hope it isn't too much of an ordeal

Those bacon covered onion rings look like they were designed by Homer Simpson

It's cold out for late June, what happened to the summer?
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Learning I hope you got through the night ok. I believe you will do the right thing. Eventually your son may find everything out and I am sure you want him to know you told the truth and did it sober
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Happy Tuesday team!
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Thank you everyone for the kind words. I did not drink. I went to bed, cried a bit and fell asleep early. It is just a really ****** time for me all in all. But that is one of the reasons I stopped drinking, because I was always drinking because I was stressed, so does not make much sense to drink again for the very reason I stopped.

Things are tough, they do not make it easy for an English girl in the USA, it is impossible for me to work, I am doing my masters, and work for the school during semester. So, money is tight. The only reason I stay is because of my son, so he can see his siblings on his dad's side and his dad. But dad is a trainwreck.

So, life is annoying, as I know in the UK I would be working and earning good money, so I feel like I am stagnating. Boredom is dangerous territory for me, I knew not having school and work this summer would be a problem.

Oh well, it is a new day, will probably nap later as I was woken at 4am by the storms, watching the news and everywhere is flooded, interstates shut down, so I guess I should be grateful I do not need to go out yet!

Actually meeting the mother of my son's siblings (his ex-wife before me) for lunch, so that should be nice - she is the one person who I can truly talk to, as she knows his issues and lived with them (he is a diagnosed sociopath), so she understands how dealing with him turns your head upside down due to his charismatic lies.

Thanks once again
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Good morning all. Beautiful and cool this morning which is a relief from yesterday. It'll warm up. I'm already sleeping later now that I don't have to get kids ready for school.

Learningagain, I'm sorry you have a tough time at the moment. Eventually you will be able to work, right? My sister in law can work now. She immigrated from China. I'm not up on all the laws though. You have a lot on your plate and it is hard now but will it always be that way? Or does it just seem so? Just don't drink. You are right that it makes everything worse. I'm glad you have support. Is there an ex pat group in your area?

I must get ready. Now that I'm not under the gun, I am dawdling. Knew that would happen
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Thank you Ruby, I just feel like I have spent the last decade staggering from one disaster to the next, I drank because, well, why not? I think because now I am not drinking, my brain is feeling forced to confront rather than ignore, and it is a little overwhelming, although probably a better long term plan! Yes, I should be able to work once I have my masters. I worked for a huge hospital (I am sure everyone has heard of it, as I am in Cleveland!), and they were as upset as me that I could not continue due to stupid visa laws. But, hopefully I can go back there once I graduate. Or I just need to find a husband lol!

Anyway, thank you for caring, it made a huge difference last night, I do not know any of you, but knowing I would need to post that I drank was huge in stopping me - I even was sat in my car in the garage having an argument with myself - but my sober self won, and I guess that is all that matters!
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Gah! I'm so confused with the weekender thread these days! Are we just basically extending it to last all week now? Not that there is anything wrong with that

Glad to see so many people here. I have a hard time keeping up with the thread so I don't post as much, but I still like to check in.
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as Maxwell Smart would say, "Ah, the old ex-wife lunch date trick."

Learning, there were times last year that whenever anything upset me I was ready to just say f-it and drink. Mostly had to do with spousal disagreements - drink it away was always the answer to stress for me. In time drinking will not even feel like an option - it isn't for me. As you accumulate time the thoughts of drinking are so far down the list of thoughts it's a wonder that we dank in the first place.
Stay strong and get through the tough times and stressful situations. Before you realize it drinking won't even be a thought.

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Watched "The Last Waltz" last night. Awesome music. Too bad it wasn't just a concert video instead of a documentary. All in all, I highly recommend everyone watch this. It's on Netflix.

I already put in an hour and waited for the g-men to arrive so I could help load something. Trimmed some plants and weeded around the crab apple tree. Had my cheerios and yogurt - a cup of coffee is waiting in the kitchen. Need to check the weather to schedule application of water seal and stain...
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