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Good stuff Man!
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awesome MM

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Wonderful post MM - so glad for you. Congrats on your hard-earned 57 days.
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Originally Posted by MarathonMan View Post
Day57 today. Took my baby swimming yesterday. My wife watched and I was in the baby pool with him. Bobbed him around in the water and had to dunk him under a few times(at the instructors behest). Baby is not even 5 months and I was amazed how well he coped with the water, no tears and was even flapping his legs about in an effort to propel himself (or so it looked). After we stayed at the pool cafe and had a coffee while the baby slept. For the first time in so long we laughed and talked about light hearted stuff, I felt my wife was finally allowing herself to enjoying my company.

It was a good day and little things like that make me feel so much stronger. Feeling strong and resolute recently which is a good thing.....i would never have made that swimming lesson if I was still drinking.
These are the things that rebuild trust in the marriage MM--
Not grand things, but smaller, daily things done well and with attention.

Sounds like you're doing great
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This is good to hear MM. Just doing 'normal' Dad stuff is reinforcing your commitment.

Thank you for sharing.

Keep on man, I'm rooting for you.
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Day 60 and blood test results

Finally managed to get to some blood test a few weeks ago and today received my results in the post. Fasting lipids were fine and all in the normal range. MCHC was low so they think I am anemic and also Urea levels were high so I have got to go for some follow up tests on my kidneys.

I did a bit of google research and high Urea without high Creatinine is often a sign of chronic a big runner, coffee drinker and seldom sipper of water I'm hoping it is just this. 8 glasses of water per day now until next tests. Overall very happy with tests and surprised there was not at least some damage to my liver.

Also on another happy note I will get my 60 day chip when I go to my meeting tonight........I deserve it and am very happy to have pushed through the initial hump to make it this far.

I am firm, resolute and won't allow the darkness to have me so unfortunately it will just have to go after someone else. Although I'm practicing AA the AVRT words " I will never drink again and I will never change my mind" often ring in my ears when I'm feeling sorry for myself or having a bad day.

Stay strong everyone.
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Damn right you deserve it, and those words remind me its not a sprint(see what I did there' man'), you got this just keep truckin !
I love the water , love to see hear kids exposed early to swimming. When it comes time for jumping in and learning to dive, please don't let the little tyke grab for the nose !
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Hi MM my evil DOC is not alcohol but your story hit close to home about making the right choices for our children. Good luck and I hope you succeed in your journey to a better life with your beautiful family.
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Hi Cista, thanks for the reply. I know a lot of people say you can only quit for yourself but I'm not sure that is true (or maybe I just don't believe it). If i was to wait to quit drinking for myself i think I'd be long cold in the ground before i got round to it. My mother was an alcoholic and a heroin addict (quit the heroin the alcohol killed her) and I had to man up and ask myself who I was going to be for the life I chose to bring into the world. When my son is a grown man I will be able to look him square in the eyes without flinching. I promised myself that, I promised my wife and I promised him (even though he doesn't understand).

As failure is not an option success is the only one left open to me I'm glad my story hit close to home for you, I'm not very insightful but if anything I have to say can help one person think about their own situation then that is a victory on all levels.
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Originally Posted by MarathonMan View Post
Been on an 8 week bender. My wife told me this morning ive got to quit. I told her i need ro taper as was getting physical withdrawl last time. She said i can do my taper but the next drink past my lips after that and she is divorcing me and taking our baby with her.

I'm so sad and broken and still not sure i can do it, inhonestly think im going to end up loosing my family over this yet im still desperate to get home and drink even as part of a taper.

I would give the world for a do over, if i could have my time again things would be so different.

Booked in to see an addiction councilor but not sure i have the heart for it any more. Maybe will be best if she gets the baby away from me, the least i could do is save him from a life of having me as a dad.

I cant believe that once upon a time i had hopes and dreams and it ended up like this.
Read the book, Allen Carr easy way to control your drinking... Please
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Hi MM I hope you are ok.
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