Leaving SR and done with treatment

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Leaving SR and done with treatment

I merely asked the question yesterday regarding what a first time DUI offense costed. Two threads I posted were deleted. Good and Great. Was merely trying to find a way to rationalize, in my guilt, having spent thousands of dollars on dealing with addiction.

You know, I am done. I won't post here further, as I'm not wanted anyway, and won't even bother to go to treatment tonight. I am sick and tired of people and pain. Whatever.
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Hi Katie, I dunno why your threads were deleted but I don't think it is a reason to leave. I think it would be a better idea to stay and to go to treatment tonight.
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Katie, I have found your posts here in SC to be very helpful. I'm sorry you are leaving. I particularly appreciated your latest thread about discipline and structure.

However, you need to do what you need to do. Take care of yourself, and please reconsider skipping treatment tonight.

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Originally Posted by Phaleron View Post
You're wanted here, Katie..... The mods don't represent the collective psyche of SR.

I agree with Phal on this Katie.

Also I don't see what SR has to do with missing your treatment session and as Gneiss said I hope you will reconsider that.
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Please stay...
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Katie, please understand that because a thread breaks a rule does not mean that you as a person are unwanted.
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How is leaving SR and skipping treatment tonight going to help you?
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Originally Posted by Alera View Post
Katie, please understand that because a thread breaks a rule does not mean that you as a person are unwanted.
Alera, when I post a simple question and, I am reamed and insulted, and others complain because I defend myself, it's not me breaking the rule. But they were my threads that were deleted. And I am not to question anything. So...whatever. I have 45 minutes to decide whether to go to treatment or not. I am tired of personalities before principles.
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I hope you can make it to treatment tonight and stick around here. Please don't allow what happened here at SC sabotage your treatment and recovery efforts.
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Originally Posted by zencat View Post
Please don't allow what happened here at SC sabotage your treatment and recovery efforts.
I've done exactly that, and I don't recommend it.
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Oh Katie, whether people beg you to stay or say "see ya later," you are the only one that can be accountable for your recovery. I hope that you don't let whatever issues you have on this site be what determines whether or not you stay sober.
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grateful to be here
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katie i hope you are at your meeting right now. and i hope you sleep on all this and wake up feeling better about everything.
i agree with seeme - you are accountable for which ever way you go. i send you best wishes. hope to see you around.
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I hope you stick around too, Katie. Phal is right. The mods arent SR. But I'm sorry people aren't being more sympathetic to your frustrations about the thread issue. As someone who's had his posts erased numerous times, to be told to just forget about it isnt really a fair answer. (((Katie)))
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Not going to treatment because a thread was deleted seems to me "cutting off one's nose to spite one's face"

I have never understood that.
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First, I like your posts and value your input. Second, treatment is your choice, as is drinking and using. It probably ultimately does not matter if the rest of us believe that you should be sober and clean, Itís a decision that you have to make.

Believe it or not, I thought about you getting your post deleted today (I really did!) Ultimately, it seems to me (and Iím speculating here) that if someone admitted to driving under the influence, then they incriminate themselves of a felony offense. It could create resentment and arguments among the group; not very helpful to recovery. So, I donít believe that the decision was in any way personal. I think it was made to protect the cohesiveness of the members of the forum.

By the way, I think itís about 10 grand in California.
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Our mods at SR do not delete posts simply to pick on someone. They truly care about this community and for that I am grateful.
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Katie, if I left SR or more particularly Secular Connections, I wouldn't have anything left to help me. You are part of what's helping me. Do you have something else that can help you stay afloat? While I was gone I saw you found the man you want to marry, can he help you alone? I assume you want to be sober with him to REALLY appreciate and remember each great moment with him, instead of being in an anxiety-ridden state of fog. Do what it takes for that.
You might want to just lurk around for awhile, and then come back when the storm has passed. I went to bed last night after having read a part of Gneiss' post "studying my doc". I was pretty upset by what I had read, and chewed on responses until I fell asleep, I still haven't gotten back to it, and now I wonder if I will even respond. I seem to feel a bad tide coming in on that, that I think I'll let go by, why get worked up and waste my energy?
Do what you need to do,maybe hit the ignore button, I might do that soon too, but I want you to know I am happy to have you here, you're part of what's good for me.
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The more you isolate yourself the more you will drink, SR will keep going with or without you, these grandiose gestures are part of the sickness. Hope you stick around, you seem to have quite a lot of people posting who genuinely care about you here:-)
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I don't get it. What was the rule broken?

(i guess i better read the rules)
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Originally Posted by yeahgr8 View Post
these grandiose gestures are part of the sickness.
I was kind of wondering about this. It's not a reason to judge harshly, condemn, or turn away. It's just part of the sickness. All the more reason to show kindness. And many here have done so.

But how and what kind of kindness? Is it true kindness to foster the attention seeking and self pity? I know it's more comfortable and it feels good. But is it really kindness?

There is a big focus in my recovery on getting away from selfishness and self-seeking, on getting out of the me first, I'm so important mindset. The people I surround myself with today are people that love me enough to tell me the truth, even when it isn't comfortable. Katie is sick, just like me, and I don't begin to get better if I live in delusion, manipulate, and run away when I don't get my way.

Hmmm. Something to think about.
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