Stay sober weekend thread 5/2-5/4

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I'm in,first one for a while!Im thankful that I'm that I have an interview for a new job on Tuesday,and I'm going to be clear headed and get a new job!Have a good weekend everyone :-)
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Ooooooooh! the battle of the sober weekender's thread. thanks weasel and non.

After the several inches of rain the past few days... Guess what time it is boys and girls? NO, it's not Howdy Doody time. It's time to cut the grass again. I imagine this will be a 2 cut week. Golf is in the forecast again. NHL playoffs second round. First game went to second OT. Time to putz around in the garden - it should actually start to stay warm instead of 40 and rain every day. I imagine I will either remove my fishing gear from the garage or go fishing. Silly thought - go fishing! Tonight I am preparing a dish for an anniversary meeting.
Have a good weekend all.
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Originally Posted by Ruby2 View Post
Have a happy day! I will see the bright side on this not so bright and not so spring like day.

Sending the warm weather your way!

I am in and I am so grateful that the temperatures are cooling off today and we will be back to rain tomorrow.
Yes, I am seriously grateful for clouds and rain. I am.
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I'm in. I'm very grateful for the blessings I have in my life. Sobriety has made me much more appreciative of things I've always taken for granted. I guess you could say I'm stopping to "smell the roses". Enjoy the sober weekend everyone
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hi olive, sorry about dissing your penguins, but all is fare in love and HOCKEY!

OH! I see a Rangers fan posted while I was typing - GO RANGERS!

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Originally Posted by LBrain View Post
hi olive, sorry about dissing your penguins, but all is fare in love and HOCKEY! OH! I see a Rangers fan posted while I was typing - GO RANGERS!
That's right Brain GO RANGERS!
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Signing in, for what will be a tempting weekend. Going to stay close. This WILL be weekend number 2 for me.
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I'm in! Today I'm grateful that I woke up 45 minutes before my alarm went off and felt so refreshed and awake that I jumped out of bed to get the coffee going. Can you guess how many times that used to happen when I was drinking?
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Originally Posted by Marcher13 View Post
Hey purpleknight! This weekend nine years ago I landed in Dublin on this very long weekend (on the Monday), what a gorgeous country you live in. The Snooker isn't on free-to-air TV here but I saw the blokes on the news -- aren't they fit and athletic compared to the guys in the old days.
Yeah, there's definitely no drinking and smoking these days around the tables either like the old days, it's all sparkling or still water!!

I figure many realised healthy body, healthy mind!!
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I'm in for the weekend!
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A simple guy making his way
Thread Starter
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Lots of great energy from this thread today! Let's keep that going on Saturday and when there are crickets on Sundays! Lol

I am going to make a huge vat of sweet chili this weekend! Mmmmm.

Non.... Drunk dreams don't mean anything more than anything else. We make real what we choose in this life. You are doing the work you need to be actively sober. Reading into anything that goes against that is you know who talking.

Does not look like a place I would want to live... A container I mean.

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Hi All - officially retired from gov't service yesterday. Had one of the greatest jobs in the world and it was a very emotional goodbye. Have gratitude for some many things and the people I've met along the way. Made it through without alcohol which would have been impossible 7 months ago. Sleeping late this morning, feels so good.

Love the dark tower series. I always think about the lobstrosities when I'm at the beach. His son is a good writer too, Joe Hill. He wrote one of my favorite short stories " pop art".

Happy sober weekend all!
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I'm in for the weekend, grateful to have my kids and family with me to spend the weekend doing nothing more than being a family. Grateful for and enjoying my sobriety, feeling good and being able to remember last night.
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Count me in for the sober weekend....I need all the support I can get!!
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It is said in AA meetings, "None of us got here on a winning streak." Boy, isn't that the truth!

I am grateful that my mind has begun to clear enough to start to make plans for the future. When I was drinking that was my only thought. "When can I get to the drink?" Then it became drinking all day long. That was very near the end.

I'm grateful the end has come and I'm still healthy and have not lost very much. I have a lot of hope for the future.
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pray for strength
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This is my first weekend and I am SO in with you all.

I'm going to stock up on teas and sparkling H2Os.

Have to write a total knock out cover letter for a dream job that is 'mine to lose'...not gonna lose it!! Going to go get it and keep it!!
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Simply Grateful
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I am committing to stay sober for the weekend. I have too many wonderful things to do and people to see to waste ANY time being drunk.
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Originally Posted by LeTheVerte View Post
I'm going to stock up on teas and sparkling H2Os
Nice. I got sparkling water, orange juice and a ginger"beer"
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I'm in! Man this is gonna be a tough one. Supposed to be a weekend with great weather here in Colorado and all my AV is saying go out and hang on the patio and have a cold one. Gotta fill my schedule for Saturday as I just have a hike planned thus far.
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I'm in too. Second sober weekend for me. I feel much stronger heading into this weekend than last.

Where I live in the southeast we had around 25 inches of rain in 36 hours. Needless to say I won't be mowing the yard, or swamp, this weekend. Had to break the news to my son that his little league baseball game is canceled for tomorrow too. He is bummed. But, no worries. we'll find other fun things to do. Tomorrow is supposed to be 76 and sunny finally so maybe take the family to the beach.

Anyway, thanks for this thread. It helped me get through last weekend. Good luck to all of the sober weekenders!
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