Stay sober weekend thread 5/2-5/4

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Morning everyone!
Made it!
Far cry from last Monday morn (BLECHHH)
Wishing all a great week!
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Congrats lunar!!!
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I have to work today, so my weekend is coming to a close. As a federal employee I get many 3-day weekends, but this isn't one of them. (boo friggity hoo!)

Great weekend, even if it was just 2 days. The shed is done! (although, I reserve the right to add more shelves and/or organizers to make it more useful.) 90% moved into it, too.

Next up is reorganizing my workshop,adjusting to the newly recovered space in there. I might peck away at that during the week in order to get to my next real project - building some Adirondack chairs. Going to Ohio in a month and I want to take a couple of chairs to my sister for her birthday.

Congrats to all of the people here. Even if you didn't make it, you're still trying, and that means more than you know. If you have even 1 brain cell left that can conceive a better life without alcohol, victory is possible.

Have a great week, y'all!
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had a nice big sleep on bank holiday monday

Cold has nearly gone , just in time for work tomorrow .

May-be May could be your month ? start now there is no time like the present , if not now then when , was the question that finally drove me away from drink ..

Bestwishes, m
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after falling down Saturday I got through Sunday sober at least. Next weekend will be my weekend!
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What, what?!?
It is a holiday?

Alas, no it is not for me, apparently. Must get ready for work.
But my computer is more easily accessible, (albeit, XP slower), as I am always directly in front of it while sitting at my desk.
Perhaps I shall imagine I have the day off while I follow the thread!

Everyone have a wonderful day!!!
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Woke up yesterday morning to find my phone had completely died so haven't been able to check in but I hope everyone has been doing well.

I had a pretty good weekend, spent most of Saturday and Sunday helping my girlfriend with various chores to get ready for moving out and watching DVDs.

This morning got up early and took her and her five year old son swimming. I think he enjoyed the train ride more than the pool but as long as he had a good time that's okay with me lol.

Gonna relax for the rest of the day, try not to make a mess out of a rather expensive piece of monkfish for dinner and watch the Liverpool game.

All in all not a bad weekend
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Turns out I have a two and a half day weekend. My daughter woke and said she felt like throwing up and is coughing. Had to call my supervisor to ask if she could cover me today. She can only do this morning. Husband should be home in time to take over and I go in for the afternoon. I think daughter is faking it so she is to stay in bed. No television. No playing.

Thanks everyone for the support. I'm glad I've got here to come. And thanks Ken for the link. I'll check it out.
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Ok. Working on this photo thing. These are pots I scavenged at the curb this morning after dropping son off at school. Who throws away perfectly good pots? Technically the bowl thing isn't a pot but I think I will line it with coir and plant begonias.
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Hey! Photo thing worked. Awesome.
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Those pots are AWESOME!!!! Love good finds like that, Ruby!

Happy to read everyone's updates...nice to see that even those of us who may have slipped still came back to try again that's all that matters!

This was my 5th sober weekend....I can't say it's the easiest thing quite yet, but I'm getting there and am really proud of myself, especially after weekends like this one where I'm blatantly offered my DOC on more than one occasion. Saying no is powerful!
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Day 8 for me, managed to avoid temptation so far. Tonight would've been a big night out for me but I'm going to stay strong. I took my little brother go karting today then walked around town and got something to eat, all my friends were hungover and didn't want to do anything. I'm going to round the day off by going to the cinema to see Bad Neighbours. I'm glad to see that everyone seems to have had a nice weekend.
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Yay Mrsbee! It feels great to say no, doesn't it? Some weekends are easier than others and five in a row is an achievement.

With this unexpected free time I am going to make the turkey black bean chili I had meant to make yesterday and throw in some laundry. Then relax and read.
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