Stay sober weekend thread 5/2-5/4

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Meeting was an success.spent 4 hours setting up, speakers eating a d leaning up. Got home in time to see rangers a d pens heading to overtime.
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It is 10:22 my time and I think I'm heading for bed. I just wasted a boat load of time looking online at estate sales for this weekend. None of them were that interesting to me and none were in my area. I will have to do treasure hunting on some other weekend or at the thrift store if I can get away. I don't need a darn thing but I like the thrill of the hunt. I should also clean my fish tank.

Hang in there everyone! If you have cravings eat ice cream instead. I did that a lot and now I have to work on an exercise plan now.
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I am in it with all of you!!

I am on day 8, and am just fine relaxing and kicking back in PJs tonight, on the PC, sipping some Coke Zero, and hanging out with my little brothers. Hope you all are still well
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I'm in too! Friday was spectacular and worry free. Im looking forward to attending a wholesome (non alcoholic event) festival tomorrow and take care of household postponed projects.
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Made it through my first Friday without a beverage and into day 6 - it was the weekends I tended to drink more and started earlier in the day. Things to do when you're sober ...
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Just about to start a sober Saturday.
Looking forward to having lunch with a friend, then stock up on some healthy foods.
I'm feeling surprisingly good at the moment, no sign of any gremlin thoughts.

SR has made this so much easier than the many time I've tried to be alcohol free in the past.

Feeling stronger each day.
Have a great weekend everyone.
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First sober friday in many years was a success, and made me stronger
Now I can't wait to buy sparkling water, juice, sodas etc. for tonight..
Hm something tells me I'm just substituting alcohol? Well, it's much better than drinking
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It's Saturday night - I have the opportunity to drink but I haven't and I won't.
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Haircut gotten, front garden mowed and trimmed - next task clean the kitchen. After months of neglect that's going to be quite a task. I think I'm going to have to go out and buy a steam mop :s
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Ugh! Up too early!

We adopted a German Shepherd from a rescue organization a few months ago. She is sweet as can be, but she has a BIG voice, and she barks at every sound she hears. We slept with the windows open last night and she heard everything!

Time to pound some coffee and get to work. Lots to do this weekend, and I may have to make time for a nap, too!
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Hope you're all having a successful weekend so far. Anyone who isn't, dust yourself off, start again and post/read here as much as possible. It really works.

Not sure what today has in store for me other than going to hang out with my girlfriend. I used to hate the morning before I went to see her because I was always terrified and ashamed that she would smell the drink on my breath from the night before or even the morning. Hated dissapointing her like that. Feels amazing that I no longer have that problem.


(I'm not an Everton fan, but for the sake of everything that's good about football please let them take something from the City game this evening)
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A simple guy making his way
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We have a bunch of folks under 100 posts and under a week. A very special welcome to you!

The tradition of the weekender thread is all about making it through those first few and havering a place to celebrate or commiserate. Good thing about it is if this weekend was not the one? Than hope on this train again next weekend.

Of course the weekdays are important but for me I was able to better handle them with the work routine. No routine weekends meant I made them all a never ended string of drunk weekends.

Glad you are here!


Up early here and ready to go walk the back cove as the sun continues to come up, talk later!

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Early bird here also weasel!

It appears I don't need to sleep 14 hours anymore or should I say pass out?

Hope you make your famous chili and send us the juicy details!
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Morning Weekenders!! . . . currently getting my coffee on here at work!!

A new day brings with it another opportunity to be Sober, what happened yesterday or worrying about tomorrow is not important, focusing on TODAY and remaining sober TODAY is the plan!!

Have a great Saturday everyone!!
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Hey everyone ,
saturday morning here . so its a new day and a new dawn , we get to try again , see what we can learn , see what we can change .

Don't drive past the alcohol store , ditch all the alcohol in the house , pour it away , give it away don't just "stash it in the bin outside" . I used to get changed out of my clothes have a long shower and go to bed even if it was 6pm … day over and i could watch telly and sleep .. it was a bit boring but it wasn't forever ..

I decided a "lock down" would be useful and i slowly when i felt confident introduced things back into my life , i still have the "lock down" as my emergency option should i need it

Still got a cold . but its not as miserable as yesterday .

have let things get a bit out of hand on the housework front so will try and tackle that today .

lets try for saturday sober WoooOOOOoooo

Bestwishes, m
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Hi everybody. Thanks for the support last night. I am back on track today. :-)
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Originally Posted by Makrellen View Post
First sober friday in many years was a success, and made me stronger
Now I can't wait to buy sparkling water, juice, sodas etc. for tonight..
Hm something tells me I'm just substituting alcohol? Well, it's much better than drinking
You recognize that you're going to need something in your hands to replace what used to be there. You' re replacing it with non alcoholic beverages, All positive!
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Good Saturday morning everyone! Raising a cup of coffee to everyone making it to SR today as you have the desire and the strength to be sober today and the rest of this weekend!
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Morning everyone.
Glad to see you are back on track Holli
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Morning! Sober Friday night. Went to the movies with some girlfriends. Husband wasn't too fond of that. Had some passive aggressive statements made. Huge trigger for me. Can't change him, so how am I supposed to continue sobriety when the things he says and the ways he acts don't change? I always hear, if you slip or relapse something needs to change..... Ugh. Anyways, off to work, little league game and church activities tonight. Happy sober Saturday.
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