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Were you a daily drinker or every other day?

Old 06-05-2013, 12:09 PM
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Was never a daily drinker until my early 30's. And even then I wasn't consistently a daily drinker. I started out and pretty much remained a binge drinker, which is arguable worse than a daily, especially for females. My typical pattern was 2-4 days per week, 1-2 bottles of wine at a time.
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Like newby and woozy, im in the binge drinker category, until I was made redundant last year it would be in sprees of4-5 days after work then towards the end I would drink in work and got into morning drinking to get me through the hangover and 'function' then id hit the bars and repeat the next day. When I did get made redundant though I drank every day for longer and longer periods, then stop for a few days, then start again its definitely progressed in its severity with me over the years, pints in the pub with mates to drinking secretly just to get me through. Know now I cant have one. Don't think I can put myself into any category here though, its been all the way or nothing for me.
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I would drink about 10 beers a night Mon though Thursday and then hammer away Fri through sunday
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Yno (06-05-2015)
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Daily starting earlier and earlier. Beer on nightstand. Progressing to a few shots along with the beer and wine. Usually 8 to 12 a day.
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Yno (06-05-2015)
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Daily. Never did understand the part-time alcoholics, though I know they're out there. I know they can be just as sick as me.. but just don't get how that works. Especially the ones that seem to go sober and then on like weeklong tears of insanity. And not because they are quitting but because they are just on and off like that

I was pretty steady, increasing 'doses' nightly until I was up to about a fifth a day. At that point your drunk 24/7, sort of feel sober for a couple hours around noon then fire it up at around 3-4pm and off you go
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I started as a binge drinker but it got worse and worse. Even the days I was sick I just drank to make it better. I'd do shots before going to school so I could be ready for the day.
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I maintained with 4-6 beers and usually a stout vodka tonic for a lullaby Monday to Thursday. Friday - Sunday whoa nelly. 6:30 am vodka and the race was on till pass out / bed time arrived. Never missed a day
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Originally Posted by shelly009 View Post
I am very curious to find out how many daily drinkers we have vs people who binge drink or drink heavily every few days.

Please take this poll! Thanks!

I dont think I had a pattern, I would try and refrain from drinking somedays, but was right back at it the next day. I figured if I didnt drink every day, then I wasnt an alcoholic. On that 2nd day though, boy was I pumped to get the party started. Sometimes I would do it every night though, it ranged from week to week.
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made for one sloppy life bach then

what I preferred the last years of my drinking was

to start well before 9AM each morning


many, many alcoholic drinks during the day and night


a small handful of Valium now and then
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Over the years I have been all of the poll options. Most recently a binge drinker on the weekends due to my last feeble attempt to moderate. This time quitting for me is different because I chose a path. I promised myself that with this last attempt at moderation that if I couldn't do it that was the end for me and I had to call it quits. One would think that threat to myself would work based on my love for drinking. Those weekend beers with the girls were my solace and made the rest of the week worth living (or so I thought). Even with the self imposed threat of having to face total abstinence I still couldn't do it. That's just how extreme and powerful alcohol is over an alcoholic.

After 35 days I am beginning to look back at my life and realize how much alcohol ruled my life and that really, it wasn't the alcohol that made my life worth living, it was stopping me from having a good life. It took me this long to start to really understand that.
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Mountainmanbob (07-01-2013)
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A bottle of wine every two days, and occasionally a two-bottle night.
The one-bottle nights were generally uneventful; it was the two-bottle nights which got me into trouble. Oops.
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F50Lurker (05-26-2014), Pipping (01-26-2014)
Old 07-01-2013, 05:56 AM
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I was a binge drinker. I would not have more than 3-4 days off in a row unless I was making a point not to drink (a failed attempt at getting sober). I'd say once every month and a half I would have a night that I completely regretted.
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15 yrs. till 23 yrs. old = weekends only with friends.
24 yrs. old till 30 yrs. old = couple week nights and weekends.
31 yrs. old till 35 yrs. old = 3 to 4 week nights and weekends.
36 yrs. old till 41 yrs. old = every night.
42 yrs. old till current = every night and wake up in the middle of night for more then back to bed and started drinking in the morning with my coffee and sneaking drinks at the office too. Drunk almost 24/7.
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My mother has spoken about being hungover from martins mind you, the night she went into labor with me.

When I was about 6, mom would give me my own wine at the table. Just a little glass.

When I was 8, I would slam her wine/sherry/baileys went she stumbled off to the bathroom so she would not drink it when she got back. I would do that as many times as I had to if she refilled.

At 16, I was binge drinking regularly.

At 21 in college, we'd start Thursday and drink through Sunday night.

24-36 - One to one half bottles of wine a night, ending usually with a topper of a shot or 3 of vodka.

Present - 2 bottles of wine, every other night. Drink, Hangover, Rinse, Repeat. The hangovers are a full day in the house, usually in bed with anxiety that would knock the snot out of a horse.

So much time wasted. Literally.
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I was a weekend binge drinker who became a daily drinker.
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Every three to four days, in a biging style. This started as weekend drinking at around age 30, and got more frequent afterwards. Before that, I tended to avoid alcohol.
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Very rarely before age 40, then gradually added that glass of wine after work, then every day after work, then a bottle of wine a day, plus maybe one or two vodka drinks, every day for the past 4 to 5 years. So yes, daily! If I could do every other day I would probably still be drinking, but couldn't even manage to have one day of abstinence.
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It was always beer or wine for me, about 10 drinks or so each session. 2 or three times a week. Last summer I started sneaking it and drinking before noon, which I'd never done before. I was also blacking out often. I'm happy to never have to check who I texted or emailed the night before. Sobriety is sooooo great!!

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Yno (06-05-2015)
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voices ca**y
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Was trying to keep it down to a pint of whiskey probably 5 out of 7 nights. Realized I didn't want to keep it down to a pint or only 5 nights or only nights for that matter.
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Everyday. I couldnt get alcohol in me fast enough, Id drink til I fell down on my face and passed out or until I blacked out and I probably still drank when I was blacked out, who knows. Id start right back up when I snapped out of it.
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