I dont like Lifes terms right now.

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I dont like Lifes terms right now.

I got a letter a month ago telling me I had to get rid of my cats because I am not suppose to have them min my rental/ I told the lady I requested a dog in 2006 and they sent me a letter approving the dog. I told her I got the cat instead. That would be Bobble. I got her a year and a half ago. Then last year in March we got Baby Kitty because my cousin got rid of her son's puppy and he nearly had a breakdown when that happened. So we got him the kitten. Had her a little over a year.
I talked the lady into having the mgr inspect the house and pay an extra deposit.
I got the letter today and they are telling me I have to get rid of one of them.
How the F am I suppose to choose? My heart is pounding in my stomach and I feel sick. I cant choose.
Bobble has issues. No one is going to want her or treat her like I do. She isnt exactly the affectionate type. Plus she has some physical limitations.
Baby kitty I have had since she was 6 weeks old. She is a skiddish kitty that only lets me and my gram touch her.
I will not take them to a shelter. No freakin way. And another condition is the cat I keep has to be declawed. I dont think so. Have you seen hpw they dfo that? They just knock them out and clip the ends of their claws off with nail clippers. Thats like clipping the tips of your fingers off at the first knuckle.
I know I am lucky they are letting me keep one of them. They know I have had them for awhile. The mgrs knew I had them. My gram asked for new carpets and thats how they found out about them and refused to put new carpets in a pet rental.
I cant choose. Some of you are like..They are only cats. They are cats that were there for me in my darkest moments and showed me unconditional love. Came running and stayed by me when I was out getting high for days and came home feeling like I just wanted to die.
I dont know what to do.
Thers no way I can choose.
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what if you offered and extra $$ deposit, let them inspect that you keep the babies clean and so is the apt?

I couldn't choose between any of my 3 either...I don't declaw, but they are easily trained to a "cat-tree" furniture is fine (or they don't like ultra-suede).

good luck!
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Hey Trish

I don't know what to suggest but I hope someone will

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Looking For Myself...Sober
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I keep my cat6s very clean. They dont claw anything except our old beat up couch. They are litter trained and I clip their nails at least every week to 2 weeks. And I bathe them every few weeks. Clean their box everyday. I ,love them so much. I cant even begin to try and choose.
Bobble isnt affectionate. She just wants food and sleeps. She hates being touched. But dshe will come lay by me and let me scratch her back when I want to. But other than that. She is anti social. She is mildly special needs. She needs me cause no one is going to wnat her..I dont think. Baby kitty is so loving. She sits on my lap and is always following me around. Shes very affectionate.
I am going to go to the mgrs and see what they say. Maybe they can sway the lady. Or maybe they will work something out.
But the longer I put it off..the toughter it willo be to decide.
Plus I am scared whoever I give one of them to will abuse her. I would give them away o craigslist. But that warning they have has me so scared and paranoid about people using cats for bait and stuff like that. I would be mortified if that happened/.

I cant bring myself to make a decision.
What does this have to do with recovery? Its stressing me out and breaking my heart and I dont know what to do.
I am not going to use over it. But I def want to be numb.
i dlnt know.
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I will pray for your kitties today Trish, because I have found it works. I would think the declaw thing is illegal, no one should be forced to do what some would say amounts to mutilation of a pet. Try not to lose yourself in the fear of something that hasn't come yet honey, just keep calm and keep looking for a better answer <3
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Hey T,

Some thoughts. Give a call to your local humane society or cat welfare group. They should have literature on the risks of declawing and how that procedure can lead to behavior troubles that would damage a rental unit. Ask if they'd write a letter to your landlord to that effect. Or if they have brochure, ask if you can get a copy and have it sent to him/her. The American Veterinary Medical Assn., the ASPCA and other groups all agree it's not a medically necessary procedure and carries risks.

I, too, would try to negotiate with the landlord to give a bigger deposit if you could or let him/her come in every couple of months for an inspection. Jeez. Renting with pets is tough, I agree.

I'll keep you in my prayers that this works out for you ...

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Trish, I hope you don't declaw the cats. It's inhumane and unnecessary.

I wouldn't give up my cats either for anything. They are so constant in my life. Can you consider moving to a pet-friendly place? Maybe they will give you enough time to find a new home for you and your cats.
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Trish, you don't have to declaw your kitty. Check out Soft Paws. I use them on my cat. They are rubber tips that you glue onto their nails. They work great and come in lots of different colors.

Alternatives to Declawing, Nail Caps for Cats
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Aysha, I wouldn't be able to declaw either.

The idea of working on a different place to live has come up already, and I know that is not exactly an easy project for most people. There might be some big change for the better (that still includes the cats) somewhere in all of this.

As you work on the solution, maybe remembering your having passed 6 months will help. Maybe it will even be an inspiration to think up a good plan, who knows. The solution needs to accommodate the "6 months and beyond" too.
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Wow Trish,

I like that website for Soft Paws,

Hopefully, the companys' literature may convince the lady how neither cat can possibly damage anything in your place. Who would even dream up a mandatory "declawing" requirement ?

It seems inhumane ( certainly unethical ) to make you choose. I'm glad you'll be addressing this sooner than later.

Also, she may not have the last word, maybe her boss would be more compassionate
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Thanks for the post. Just reading the title made me laugh. Life on life's terms does certainly suck at times... no gettin' around that one. However, life + life's terms (which we're gonna get no matter what) + drinking = MUCH worse than just "life on life's terms."

I'll add you to my prayers tonight that you get some guidance and can find a good resolution.
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I think that you need to read up on your rights as a renter and pet owner. This is an interesting site that is worth reading.

Renters Rights for Pet Owners | I Love Dogs Blog

I would fight it and if that didn't work I would look for another place to live. It appears that you have been living in the same place for years. Why does the landlord have a problem now? Seems to me that you wouldn't lose if you ended up in court. Good luck and don't let them push you around. Kitties are family members.
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Trish...nobody touches my cats..nobody..

..can you find another place to live..

take care!! i know that could be hard....but i'm always thinkin'
of your well being..luv..ozy..
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Gotta go with the others here. Nothing would come between me and my cat, and no way I wold de-claw him. It's inhumane and cruel. He's my best bud, and they'd have a better chance convincing me to light my hair on fire than to get rid of my boy.

I'd fight this tooth and nail (no pun intended), all the while looking around for a new place - one that's a lot more pet friendly.

Good luck and my prayers are with you and your kitties
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I totally understand how you feel but I also understand the landlords. Rentals do suck because they can change up the rules on you as they feel. Truth is we should never get an animal without the landlord's written consent or revised lease. I am saying this because I know it is hard but I had a similar problem with my golden retriever. Couldn't move into most places because of her so I had to keep looking.

I would start looking for another place if possible.

Hope it works out for you.
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Life's challenges are so much fun, aren't they? Trish, I don't know what to tell you, I like Fandy's question in regards to doing an additional deposit. Have you talked to them about it? Like literally calling them or approaching them and having a nice, calm conversation about it, letting them know how important your furry little family is to you?

It seems ridiculous to me, you can have one, but not the other????? What is that?

Good luck Honey. I don't have a cat, I want a cat (I love them, they're great company), however this is yet one of the issues that keep me from getting them other than my not being financially ok enough to have one without the worries. Good luck Honey, and I know this will all work out some how. Let us know what happens.
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I will never declaw my cats. I cant move. Its my grams place too. we have no money and no credit or I would in heart beat.
My cousin is going to ask my aunt to take baby kitty. My lil cousin is going to have a meltdown. We got baby kitty for him last year. He had to give up his cat when they moved into the same place we did and his mom didnt want to pay the deposit. Then gets him a puppy that he never saw because she is never home so we took that for about a month and couldnt take care of it anymore. So I found a wonderful home for her but he came around the corner when the lady came to get the puppy. It broke my heart. He wouldnt let go of the dog and was begging the lady not to take her.
I cant imagine what this is going to do. He just got past his parents divorcing and then 2 pets gone. Now he is dealing with both his parents living with new SOs.
I tried to ask again for both. She was sympathetic but says she cant change the rules for me and not the rest. I understand that. And I wasnt suppose to have a cat to begin with, let alone 2.
Even tho the mgrs knew. The big people didnt.
I hope my aunt will take baby kitty. but for some reaosn I doubt it.
I am keeping Bobble. She needs me more. It hurts to even say that. But if I have to do it, I have to look at it in all aspects. Bobble wont be able to find a good home easily. She is grumpy and has limitations. Baby kitty is young and affectionate. I just am going to be like a tyrant in who gets her.
I cried today. I couldnt help it. They said I could have a few weeks to find her a good home.
I guess I am lucky they aretn being jerks about it.
Both cats slept on my bed most of the night. That is unusual. They know something is wrong.
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(((Big Hugs)) I have two kitties, and rent as well....I love my cats...they are my one kitty has been threw everything with me...they are such wonderful little angels..... I really feel for you hun...I just can't imagine having to make that decision... and yes they know something is wrong..cats are amazing like that... xo
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I had my cat declawed because I was very allergic to the stuff in her claws so it was a choice of getting rid of her or getting her declawed and I got her declawed. If a cat is an INSIDE cat (which they should all be) there is no reason to not declaw. My cat lived a very healthy 13-14 yrs after she was declawed and if I ever had another cat they would be declawed as well. Also as an owner of some rental property I think you are very lucky they are letting you keep 1 cat, animals can do a pretty good job of making a home unlivable for the next tennant.
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So sorry to hear that you have to part with a furbaby as I had to give up my beautiful golden retriever when I moved to Germany. Had little time with a friend to keep her because of her kiddo's allergies and the micro chipping, shipping cost took me much longer then she could hold her. I raised her from a puppy and it broke my heart so I feel your pain.

Personally, I am against declawing. It is cruel and unnecessary bottom line. I guess if you have no choice then what can one do but a cat is a cat and if it is done as a kitten well its painful. I worked for a vet and yes declawing, cropping ears and docking tails (like dobies for breed standards) are pretty painful to watch. Like snipping off the tips of your fingers. My opinion....can't deal with claws and trimming then get another type of animal. Not ok but that is my opinion and I am hushing up now on the subject.

Best of luck my friend but thankfully at least you can keep one furbaby.
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