Going to my very first AA meeting

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Going to my very first AA meeting

So today I've decided to go for the first time, and I have to admit I am scared.

I think partially it's because I have so completely isolated myself from everyone that putting myself out there is going against all that I have become. Also, what this represents to me is the decision to make a change. It's so easy to try to quit drinking and fail repeatedly, to feel sorry for myself, and feel guilt and humiliation. It's so much harder to actually do something.

I've managed to get out of an abusive, alcohol-fueled relationship recently. I have dramatically reduced my drinking since then, but I haven't been able to quit. It's so hard. I would greatly appreciate any support or sharing of stories.
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Thanks for joinging our recovery community

AA? it's been an awesome adventure for me
I'm so pleased you will be going.

Everyone is nervous at first....
Just go and listen if you don't want to talk
you won't have to.

All my best as you find your way into a healthy future
Yes! you can win over alcohol!
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Originally Posted by SunshineState View Post
Also, what this represents to me is the decision to make a change. It's so easy to try to quit drinking and fail repeatedly, to feel sorry for myself, and feel guilt and humiliation. It's so much harder to actually do something.
This is very true. One thing I know for sure is that it is not going to get worse for you when you go to AA. When I am at meetings, time and time again do I hear people sharing how wonderful the fellowship is and the people in it. There's a feeling of common unity in a shared problem which is very comforting.

Many, many people go are very isolated. This is common with alcoholics.

Welcome to SR and your decision to make a change.
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Welcome Sunshine!

Congratulations on the strength to move out of a bad relationship and seek recovery for yourself.

The unknown is always scary. I isolated too and never wanted to admit that I needed help, never mind ask for it.

There's something about admitting it tho that breaks down our defensive wall and opens up a new perspective on letting other people in who share our experiences.

When I went to my first meeting, I scanned the room for the calmest, kindest-looking female face and sat next to her.

We all have to start somewhere...posting here is a great start. Hope to hear more from you!
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Welcome to SR SunshineState
Hope your meeting goes well

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Welcome to SR Sunshine. You are right about the taking action part. I, for years, knew I needed to do something. It was a long time before I decided to actually own up to the problem and to admit I needed help. I am 43 years old and became sober not too long ago. I wish it was sooner, but I am more then grateful it happened at all. You can do it. Reach out if you need anything because SR will be there for you. That's what I love about this place. It is 24-7 and there is always someone around. AA is a great step and I bet after your first meeting you will feel pretty good about going. We fear the unknown, but it won't be unknown for long. Let us know how it goes.
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I hope the meeting goes well. And if you don't like that meeting, try several others, they're all different. Welcome to SR!
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Thank you so much all for the warm welcome!

I went to the meeting yesterday and it was so much better than I expected it to be. I realize that I am not alone in this now. Everyone was so wonderful and welcoming, and so many of the stories I heard rang true for me. I went to a second meeting this morning and found a temporary sponsor. For the first time in a very long time I feel hopeful.
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Congrats Sunshine Hope the sponsor works for you
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Doesn't matter what state I'm in when, I go to an AA meeting, I'm treated like a friend. I'm closer to many people in the program then, to members of my own family.

Good for you for making a decision to improve your life
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Hi and Welcome,

I am glad you are seeking support in your recovery.
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Congratulations SunshineState!

That FIRST step is the biggest! At least it was for me! I hated who I was when I drank alcohol, but I didn't want to "admit" I was an alcoholic. (As if nobody KNEW but me! Hah!) But, once I DID admit it, life got easier from that point on.

Life still has ups and downs. All human beings have their own struggles. But, at least NOW I don't have to face those struggles with a hang-over and self hate! That just added to the problem!

Alcohol and drugs made all of my decisions for me in the past. Now, if I ask my Higher Power for help in the morning, I get the help I need if I will just stop and listen with my heart before making any and ALL major decisions.

Keep in touch. We care about you!
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Thats great stuff! Keep going to meetings and get into the program, a real new freedom awaits you:-)
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Ya exactly what YeGreat said.

Just keep going no matter what.

It all starts there. At least it did for me.
I've never quit going and don't plan to.
I've learned my feet are the best indication off how bad I want to stay sober.

So happy for you.

Don't forget, we have Alcoholism, we never graduate to Alcoholwasm.
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hey there and welcome to sr!
it is great news that you got so much from the meeting,and even more fabulous news that you got a temporary sponsor!
meetings are great and are part of my life,period,but recovery is found in a spiritual awakening as a result of the 12 steps!
please keep us updated on your progress.
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I just wanted anything to make my life better, going there takes some guts. Good for you!
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Thanks again for all the words of encouragement. The kindness of the people here is truly amazing. I am grateful!

So I have attended an AA meeting almost every day and a couple days I attended two meetings. Today I started to work on step one. I am on my sixth day of sobriety and more importantly my sixth day of recovery. It's been a rough six days, but so worth it. I am starting to feel better, meeting so many great people, and beginning to get to know myself again! P.S. I actually like the sober me!
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