Please Urgent we need your prayers

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I am so happy she found a wonderful place of her own. Sounds like you'll be able to breathe easier knowing she has a great manager too. You thinkTy Pennington can fix up a house right quick on that Home Makeover show, watch how fast a bus load of codi's can move a girl to saftey. We might look like the Beverly Hillbillies comin to town, but we can sure get the job done. Seriously, I am so glad things have made a turn for the better. Still praying
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It's a sick nightmare. I hope everything get's resolved. You were with her, so I don't know why she was taken in custody.
My prayers are with your family tonight..
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Get Caught Reading
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Sorry I haven't been on too much lately and missed your thread. Wow!
What excitement. First, with the ex and his ranting lunacy and then with her
finding the perfect little apartment. Things happen for a reason, ya know, and I hope she teaches him a good life lesson....Like, "don't **** with me, a**hole."
He really needs a rude awakening for what he has caused. I'd go at him with both barrels. Someone needs to bring him down.
lol Listen to me. I sound like a mafia person or somethin'.
Serenity now. Serenity now.
Okay, I'm back. I'm fine. lol
Just know that I love ya and I'm praying that all this works out for Megan... and mom.
With love and mama hugs,
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Hi Greet, I haven't been on much either. Hope things work out beautifully for your daughter. ( and your whole family. )
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I just checked in and found your story. There are some advantages to being so tardy -- I got to go through fury, then hope, then rejoicing, the whole emotional gamut, just by reading through all of the posts

I'm so sick that he has chosen this deceitful route.

I'm so glad that Megan's got a higher power looking out for her.

I have a similar example: One year when I had taken more than I could take, I took a drive in my car, crying and talking to myself, trying to figure a way out of my messy situation with an addict through a little driving therapy. I chose a road that looked like it was pretty, though I hadn't been on it before. It wound up through some hills, along a creek, and finally miles later emptied out in a little town built in a canyon, green mountains all around, with a coffee shop, a post office, a veterinarian, a little park, and a half-dozen other structures...and a nice little community close to the city but almost hidden, back in the hills.

That is where I eventually found a home, because it was one of the areas that kept coming up when I talked to realtors about where to move. And it's where I've been incredibly happy since. All because I went through hell and let my HP lead me by the nose, without struggling .

Wishing you all of the love and luck that this sort of thing can bring to you. With love all things are possible, even in the face of such dreadful behavior.

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There are some advantages to being so tardy -- I got to go through fury, then hope, then rejoicing, the whole emotional gamut, just by reading through all of the posts
Isn't that the truth! One of the things I have been thinking about it how the more trust and belief I have...the more I can truly surrender when things get beyond my control and just work on what I can control, the more life, my HP, the universe...shows me how quickly it reveals the light. There is still nonsense to deal with from his poor behavior, but everything that can be done has been done and now we can all get on with our lives and just experience those steps as they come. I really do believe this will be resolved quickly...aside from right being on Meg's side, he tends to lack motivation to see things through unless it results in instant gratification. He got that when she was pulled in and arrested. I doubt he has it in him to take on the lawyer and to present a factual case when there are no facts to support him. I can't even picturing him showing up for court when he is supposed to, frankly. His normal reaction to dealing with things is to of the issues in the relationship when it was a relationship.

Last night we moved her in...I think Thursday and Friday were the two hottest days we've had so far. I was super woman Thursday, moving things with incredible speed...Last night I felt like a limp rag, lol and right around the time I started wondering if we'd get the couch and glass table top and a few other heavy and awkward things up to the second floor apartment, a couple of her friends showed up including a guy who just lifted stuff like it was weightless and took off with it. Within an hour, the truck was empty...more angels coming to visit!

We took a walk into town and found a great place for dinner...there are so many cute little shops and restaurants and the beautiful...lots of Victorian and Colonial homes…beautiful gardens, candles in windows…I want to move there myself! She has plans to put in applications all over the area and I suspect HP will be finding her the next right place to work very quickly. This city is on the boarder of two counties…close to the county where she has a lot of friends and connected by public transportation, but still in the county she lived in before so she doesn’t have to transfer school or pay higher tuition (she is completing her required courses via community college before finalizing at a 4 year…much cheaper that way)

So this morning I am very grateful for the blessing life is giving to me and those I love. I feel blessed just knowing she is safe and happy and back on the path she wants to pursue.

You guys are absolutely the best! Thanks for walking through this with me and for all the positive energy and prayers you have been sending our way! My prayers have included many for all of you and your loved ones. I know that HP hears these SR thoughts and prayers…I KNOW IT!!

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oh greet that was so good to read - i knew things would work out just as they were supposed to - the universe unfolding as it should - maybe the whole *police thing* was to show everyone how deceiving looks can be - how some man you thought wsa perfectly harmless was so conniving - so megan will never have to go through something horrible with a companion again - all the things to look out for - maybe?????

my son is doing the community college thing for two years (living on campus at the larger university though) and everything will transfer - it is such a good program...

just wanted to check in and see how things were going - glad to see how good they are...

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Greet: She has an absolute right to her own military equivalent of a lawyer. Please tell your daughter not to let them walk on her...............have found out from prior experience that some can play dirty unless you totally assert your own rights.

I'm praying for her.....................try to be calm.........this will come out in the wash, and I do have a feeling you will be able to be a witness since you were there, these things take time and miliatary is notorious for drawing mundane things out, so be patient if you can.

Love, Bets
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I recently went through this same thing with my exagf. In my state, NJ, TROs are issued very easily, and pretty much all it takes is for anyone to go into a municipal police station and "claim" anything they want. 3 days after I left my exagf, she claimed I harrassed her, and so a TRO was issued. However, when it came time for the hearing for the final, that was a different story. At that point, the defendant has the right to present all witnesses and documentation. In my case, the exagf's TRO was dimissed. The police told me the same that others have already stated that any issue between two people with a prior or present relationship will be treated as domestic violence and the police are obligated to charge someone, especially when one individual files a complaint in the police station vs having the police come to the place to the supposed altercation.

You're in my prayers
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grateful rca
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oh greet, i'm so sorry that i'm so late on this, i have not been around at all lately. i believe that this will all work out in the end. what comes around goes around. i will keep you and your daughter in my prayers. i am so sorry.
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I'm HOME!!!!!
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(((Greet))) (((((((((Megan))))))))

Comin in late and sorry for that, been movin and had no internet....wish I coulda been there for you as you have been for me sooo often when I needed you. But sending good vibes your way!!!
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Hug giver-outer!
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You don't know how happy your last post has made me! And I'm sure you, too. I pray this works out of her and that this is where she was supposed to be led. Sounds like she found the right place for her; I know she needs a place where she can feel safe and secure.

Praying for only the best.

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Anne Marie,
I'm glad Megan found a safe and nice place to move. The town sounds so peaceful and that is what she needs. At least the owner gets it and only wants to make sure she is safe. At least something is working out for her.
Her exbf will get his when they go to court. I am glad that she has a good lawyer, and he will protect her along with her HP when the time comes.
Take care of yourself now.
Hugs coming to you
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let it grow!
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hugs and prayers, k
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