Please Urgent we need your prayers

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Originally Posted by outonalimb View Post

Is he claiming that he was present during all of this and that she was physically threatening to him? Domestic violence doesn't cover the destruction of property. This is just insane!

Sending love, strength, prayers, and hugs...lots and lots of hugs...

No he isn't. He played the voice messages she left when we were outside when he locked her out (and it turned out he had a scumbag friend in the house when the cops were there) and said he felt threatened by them. I was there...she yelled at him, told him if he didn't call her back she was calling the cops. She then called his dad and asked his dad to call him (which he did) The extent of her threats were calling the cops and probably a few choice descriptive words about what he was. I am a threat too because I called him a moron.

I don't get it at all but she has an appointment Monday with a I have a lot of respect for. (He was going to represent Kristen on her possession charge but she died before trial. He was wonderful with her and compassionate. Told her to let him worry about the charge, she should focus on her meetings and recovery work. Former prosecutor for the county which doesn't hurt either)

Today in court, the trooper who came out when Meg called that he had change the locks was there; pulled her aside to ask why she was there and told her he left numerous messages for MIke and he never called back. He only closed Meg's complaint because she told him yesterday we had access (I guess we wanted to let the cops know we were trashing the place!)

I imagine you may find some humor to the fact that the paperwork on the TRO says that I also must have no contact. I think you know I ain't exactly a hulk (although I have some pretty good arm muscles, especially after moving a full house yesterday ) and the ex has me beat by a foot and 150-175 pounds. I guess calling him a moron on voicemail and saying he was lower than pond scum when he changed the locks and failed to tell me that morning when I called and said I was dropping her off home that day and was hoping they could stay out of each other's way so she could finish work and move out.

Megan just called me...Another angel...There is an apartment in a perfect location for a non driver available immediately. We saw the complex from the outside yesterday...right next door to the wonderfu7l for a reader. So we are going to look at it now.

Thanks for all the SR prayers and positive thoughts...They are working! Hugs and prayers for all of you!
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Greet, this is insane! know my prayers are going out to you and your daughter.
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I know how you must be suffering for this....I do believe this guy will BURN for the stuff he is causing right now. It can't be the first time. I wonder if you tracked down his old girlfriends if they would have similar stories, or even friends/acquaintances.

Meg...You are so right. A girl Meg knows who dated him about 5 years ago just told her when she broke up with him, he locked her out and would not let her back in for her little son's (not his kid) possessions. She said he is a compulsive, amazing.
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I will be thinking of you and your daughter today and I hope everything works out with her. Justice system huh if thats what you wanna call it. Sometimes I just dont understand it.
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It will work out, she did nothing wrong! Police are morons for the most part, although they will say it's not them, it "the laws".

Glad she found a place..things are looking up!
still in my hopes and prayers,
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Oh Anne Marie.... I just saw this - what a jerk!

I am so sorry for Megan, and for you. Thank Goodness you have an attorney. Perhaps the attorney will be able to find a way to have Megan file some counter charges against this guy. He needs someone to set boundaries around him - he definitely has some life lessons coming his way.

I am sorry you have this on your plate, too... but am so glad you have Megan back, and a plan formulating.

As far as I can tell, the DV laws are in place to protect the cops... who I can't blame for being tired of trying to untangle most DV cases... but they really don't seem to do much to protect a true violence case - yet can cause something like what happened to Megan. Gah!

My kid got a ticket when she called the cops for DV... her husband went to jail, and she got a ticket - because they could not determine who was at fault... so BOTH were at fault. Just what a economically disadvantaged family needs... lots of fines. Sigh.

I am sending prayers right now... (((hugs)))
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Sorry I'm so late. I haven't any advice, but I sure will keep you and Megan in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm so glad Megan stumbled on the apartment. How wonderful! Good luck with that, and just remember that you guys will prevail in this. He could not possibly have any evidence supporting his claims.

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Just stopping in quickly to say....yes, HP has sent a blessing...The apartment is in a tiny complex of 32 units with a manger who lives there and has amanged for 8 years...awesome guy. All the people at the service they use for credit check were off today, but when Meg explained the situation, the manager called the owner who spoke to Meg and me and was awesome. He cautioned both of us to make sure Meg never let the ex know where she is and to come see the manager right away if he shows up and they will call the cops. I said I understand..I know you want to protec thte property to which he responded, Property is no big deal...her safety is primary....I have a daughter too and completely understand. So refreshing to hear someone not just think in terms of money.

The neighborhood is so precious...all Victorian homes...very safe, very much a community. As she said, if things had not been so desperate she never would have thought of this town and we never would have known of this if we hadn't taken a drive last night. One of those God things.

So amid the absurdities there are wonderful blessings too. You all are definitely blessings to me!

Now I guess it is time to unload that U Haul.
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Sometimes in the middle of crisis things are unfolding for reasons that we don't understand at the time. I have a rock and engraved on it says "In the middle of crisis lies opportunity" I have to remind myself of that often. It appears that is exactly what is happening to Megan. Only one way to go now.......UP

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Originally Posted by outonalimb View Post

Is he claiming that he was present during all of this and that she was physically threatening to him? Domestic violence doesn't cover the destruction of property. This is just insane!

Sending love, strength, prayers, and hugs...lots and lots of hugs...
Unfortunately, OOAL, in RI anyway, DV does indeed covery property.
My son was charged with a FELONY DV when he stole a broken computer from me, and I was in FL at the time!!!
Yep, he didn't live with me, and I was in a different state on vacation; there was NO violence at all!
The laws have indeed gone haywire, but, they are what they are until we change them.

Greet, it's wonderful that she's found a place with a manager who "gets it!"
I'm happy for you both!

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So happy for you both!
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How horrible for both of you. Sounds like he is trying to hurt her in whatever way his sick mind works, a payback for her leaving him. Now without a doubt you know what a wortless piece of work he is. If it makes it to court-he may not even show up-he has to know he is going to look like an ass and may very well face charges for filing a false police report and numerous others. A no win situation for him. Go to dinner-watch a funny movie-SMILE. This mess will pass. Fire ants are not enough for him. I am South-how about we get the pickum truck off the blocks and we will bring the lynch mob???
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What wonderful news and a great manager!

Your attorney will take care of it. I don't think I would file countercharges as that may well provoke him into further revenge.

Addiction and abuse ARE insanity.
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She's innocent until proven guilty.
Greet, I am sorry you have to go through this nightmare.
It will turn out right. HP will be there for you and so will we.
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Good for Megan. I am glad that things are working out. Hopefully the ex will leave her alone so that she may continue to focus on her recovery and not have to worry about him. Hugs, Marle
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So glad to hear some good news through all of this chaos you guys have dealt with lately.
God is Good; all the time
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So sorry you are dealing with this, but things have a way of working out and I have faith that the truth will come out. And if Meg needs a little extra support when/if this goes to court, we'll fire up the codie bus and a gang of us will be there in no time. If BFFH (boyfriend from hell) thinks you're scary, wait 'til he gets a load of US

The apartment sounds perfect! When did you say the housewarming is????
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I have been out of town on business... and I am coming on after reading thru. Just know my prayers and thoughts are with you and with Megan.

((((Greet)))) ((((Megan))))
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Adding my prayers for your family tonight. If I can try to be positive, Thank your hp she found out what a creep this guy is before she spent any more of her time with him. Your daughter sounds like a real sweetheart, I'm so sorry she had to be hurt like this. And from one mom to another, I know what it's like to see your daughter hurt. The others before me have given you great advice, good luck Greet, hang in there, you are in my thoughts.
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