Please Urgent we need your prayers

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Exclamation Please Urgent we need your prayers

I don't even know what to a nightmare. Megan and I were out looking at apartments for her and then eating a late dinner when she got a call from the State Police telling her she needed to come down to their barracks for a statement....Her ex is claiming that she trashed the house...I was with her all day, I was there; I helped her move...she did absolutely nothing. They have arrested her...told me to go home and they would call in a few hours...What is going on???

The only plausible answer is he trashed the place then called the police. But why do they just completely believe him and won't let her or I or her friend who was with us make a statement? Why is she guilty until proven innocent? He also told them she is harrassing him and he wants a TRO. Heck, who cares about a TRO she never wants to lay eyes on him again, but still how can he do all the wrong and evil things and the police immediately believe him? How can they arrest my daughter?

I know there is a reason...I keep giving this over to my Higher Power, but I'm struggling. I'm so upset for her....I know, detach...but I can't not feel it too when she is totally innocent and being victimized by him and by the system. She doesn't want to be a victim...I don't either...she just wants to live her life in peace. Is this the good old boy network in action?

Please, please pray for her...or send all the positive thoughts and energy that can be mustered if you could. Thank you so much!
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Oh Greet... again.
I don't know why they would follow through without any proof. He must have had a pretty convincing story.
Chances are they are following through and needed her to co-operate.
Keep in mind they know nothing but what they are told.
I would be LIVID about the arrest before questioning too.

Wait for the call, then get her out of there. She did nothing wrong, she has that on her side. I don't know what their intentions are, but your daughter has overcome more than this in the past.
Trust her...she can handle this appropriately.

Then when all settles down, I'll hunt the ass down with you.

I'm sorry cetainly are in my prayers

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Thanks Cece...thanks for being here when I need some help standing up. You made me cry and that is good...

I was wondering just a minute ago if he wanted a TRO because he is afraid of facing what he has done...afraid to face people who know he has wronged her. She will overcome this; I know she will, but I hate that he is hurting her this way. She was so hurt with what he did this.

Hugs back and you and yours are in my prayers too...I know you have had your pile of stuff to deal with recently too. Maybe we can get the 2 ex's together and they can make each other miserible....

I wish there was a real live codie bus to come rescue my kid and put fireants in certain appropriate places....
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you will both be in my thoughts
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the girl can't help it
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For sure good thoughts and prayers going out. My sense everything will be alright. Who cares if he put out a RO.

Your daughter will be alright...
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Originally Posted by greeteachday View Post

I wish there was a real live codie bus to come rescue my kid and put fireants in certain appropriate places....

There was a day that you would hear the roar of a motorcycle starting up and a whole bag full of fireants in hand.
I now leave things in bigger hands.

Romans 12:19:
19Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord.
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I have to agree with everyone else here. Things will be alright. There will be no evidence to support his claims. He will go into court and make a fool out of himself. I can't believe he is that cruel! I will definitely be remembering you both tonight.

*hugs and lots of prayers*
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I am so sorry you are going through this but I, too, have to agree with the others - there has to be a reason for this and she will be cleared. At least you know you were with her all day and at least you can feel secure that she is innocent. Take several deep breaths and things will reveal themselves!

Lots and lots of hugs!
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Greet, They will see that she is innocent. Try to calm down and think clearly.
They cannot hold her for anything until proven guilty.
Keeping you both on my prayer list tonight.

Be with Greet and her daughter as they look for strength to see them through this darkness.

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I know your mad, worried an hurt by all of this I would be too...but isn't it at least nice KNOWING she is innocent. Sending prayers that they get this straightened out an release her soon.
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Add my prayers to the list.
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Greet, I just went through a minor version of what your daughter is going through. I didn't get arrested but we were renting from his family and they accused me of doing a ton of stuff to the house. I'm not very good at remembering the exact wording but found comfort in 1 Peter 3:13-17 when I was going through this....maybe you and your daughter will too. Frog
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Thank you my friends,
I just picked her up...I am in shock both by what he did and that the police simply believed him. I truly thought he must have destroyed the house....They refused to tell my daughter what he alleged, told her she was going to jail (scare tactics after they had already told me they would call when they were done processing her to post bail...she was ROR) never took a statement from her at all and simply filed the charges. We have to be back in court in 7 hours.

I just looked at the paperwork...He is claiming some burn marks on the carpet were made by her and that some pillows were destroyed (the only furniture he owned was a bed and dresser so there was probably a bed pillow...sure wasn't destroyed by her) and clothes messed up. I just can't believe number one they would even take that seriously and number two that they can just believe what he says and arrest her for his sloppy housekeeping. When Meg lived there she didn't allow smoking in the house...when we walked in, there were overflowing ash trays in the living room and kitchen...It's just amazing.

It's all municipal court nonsense but she is devastated and so incredibly hurt. I think I am starting to process his vindictiveness...I can't comprehend the cops. They came out yesterday when he changed the locks...they were of no help whatsoever....I know...I'm still ranting...just hurt so bad for her. Just incredible....
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I just looked at the paperwork...He is claiming some burn marks on the carpet were made by her and that some pillows were destroyed (the only furniture he owned was a bed and dresser so there was probably a bed pillow...sure wasn't destroyed by her) and clothes messed up.

They arrested her for that???!!! Unbelievable....
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Originally Posted by raerae6 View Post

They arrested her for that???!!! Unbelievable....

I was thinking even if she did it, I can't believe the cops would waste their time...But she didn't...heavens we even did his dishes and left anything they bought together so he wouldn't try to claim she took something that was his...
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Greet, grab yourself a lawyer, she needs legal intervention now. It's insane that they would do this to her, especially with credible witnesses to vouch for her when he has none to vouch for him.

When all this is over, I'll bring the codie bus and my best steel-toed cleated bunny slippers and we'll give him one "trashing" he'll never forget.

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This is insane, Greet!

I just can't believe it! I can't believe that the police would give any of this the time of day. Does he have a family member or friend in law enforcement??? It sounds like someone was doing him a 'favor'. Unreal.

Please hire an that can get these silly charges dropped and then maybe another one who can sue the pants off the police department and maybe even the EX boyfriend. The police have abused their power. In our state, the police cannot arrest someone for a misdemeanor unless it is committed in their presence (with the exception of domestic violence). The police will probably deny that she was under arrest...merely detained for questioning...but they detained her against her will and that IS an arrest no matter what they try to claim.

I'm so sorry about all of this. I defend our local police department against civil lawsuits all the time. Its a big part of my job description. If a complaint like this came across my desk, I'd be worried.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today...I'm so sorry that your daughter has to go thru this heartache at the hands of someone she loved. What a shame. I'm just grateful that she has such a strong, loving mom at her side to help her thru it. I'm struggling to understand how something like this could fit into HPs plan. I'm sure you are too but don't lose faith. Your HP has things under control.

Love and prayers...
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Mary, That's how they are treating it - domestic violence. Problem is they have it backwards...He is the one harassing her. Someone is feeding him ideas...he truly isn't this bright (or maybe he has done this one before)

Thank you all for your prayers. I couldn't sleep...this just is so amazing. Really trying to focus ahead, saying truth will prevail and HP has this covered. I do trust in him, just wish she didn't have to hurt so bad.
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(((Greet))) (((((((((Megan)))))))) My God I am speechless that someone could do such a thing. I agree with Ann. Get a Lawyer. What goes around comes around. His should come back in a big big way. I am keeping my HP keychain with me all day & will continue to pray.
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Rest peacefully Sonny Boy
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Something I have noticed in each step of recovery I take, when it's real recovery, I'm tested. Something happens, usually something pretty bad. And I'm faced with a decision, do I deal with the situation in my old manner, or do I find the strength and faith to face it head on and not let it drag me back into my hole.

I believe you and your daughter are being tested. I also believe, since both of you are so shocked about this young man, that this may be HP's way of exposing his true self, making sure that there is no chance EVER of her getting back with him or even associating with him. Maybe it is protecting her from some horrible event in the future. Either way, stand strong, don't allow this event to hurt your recovery. Keep using your tools, you can't control his actions, just your reaction.

With that said, I would suggest that you contact your state attorney's office, ask for a meeting, tell them that you want purgery charges brought against the man and charges filed for filing a false police report. Sit down right now and write down everything that happened from the very beginning. Don't let a lot of time pass before you do this, important details may be lost. Have your daughter and friend do the same. Make waves. If you can, contact an attorney, find out why your daughter was essentially evicted without due process. She lived there, she had certain rights. Those rights were violated. Read up on eviction laws.

Take deep breaths, do what you can, then grab your daughter and go do something togeather that helps you relax. Set it aside, don't let it take one second more of your presious time (and vacation?). It will all still be there later. Go get your hair done, do something that will make you laugh, I know, you think I'm crazy, as stressed as you both are, how can you do that and laugh. That's exactly why you do it, to releive the stress and anxiety, keep the damage it causes to a minimal. Go to a comedy show, force yourself to do it.

That's all just my thoughts, I hope some of it helps. Know you are both in my thoughts and prayers.

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