How to change relationship with food

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How to change relationship with food

I see I'm food addicted. I'm over eating because I have a messed up relationship with food. A diet won't work because an addiction. I need to change how I think about food. Also sleep places a role here. If I want to feel better I need to eat better. How to do this I don't know because I can't seem to do it. I can't even make through one day without eating compulsively.
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Thatís rough David! The rule of thumb that I use as far as eating way more calories than I need is proportions! Especially with junk food as well as healthy foods!

Iíve got a house but pretty much live in a truck most of the time as Iím an over the road truck driver all 48 states delivering freight in a semi truck! Iím out for one month and home for 4-5 days!

Say I have a cheeseburger every day for lunch, which I actually do, Iíll take the top bun off, take half the cheese off, break off at least a quarter of the cheeseburger to be thrown away! No fries or pop or milkshakes! Instead a can of beans and half a Hersheyís bar for lunch!

As you can see eating a cheeseburger everyday isnít particularly healthy! But by breaking some of it off, taking the top bun off, taking some of the cheese off, having a 8 oz can of baked beans instead of fries, having half a chocolate bar instead of a whole chocolate bar, makes it less unhealthy!

For breakfast itís either Greek yogurt and put some oat bran cereal in yogurt, or itís instant oatmeal with 2% milk! Iíll also throw in nature valley protein bar or fiber one chewy bar mid morning!

For dinner itís usually 6 inch teriyaki chicken subway with lots of veggies with it or large salad! No more red meat for dinner since I eat a cheeseburger every day!

Iíll also throw in some junk food! A small handful of lightly salted peanuts, some beef jerky, and a small handful of Doritos! I also throw in peanut butter with honey with banana on a slice of bread and an apple!

Im not saying this diet or what I eat will work for you David or anyone else! But by mixing in some healthy food, keeping foods in proportion, can at least make it more sustainable!

Also what I do is stretch my whole body everyday and jog around the truck stop a few times just to get the heart pumping a little and blood to the brain and stretch out my legs!

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My recommendation would be to approach it as you approached your drinking, which is also an addiction that you have been successful in dealing with. You realized drinking was a problem, you made a decision to quit, you made a plan and found resources to help ( SR, AA, counseling ), and then you followed through on the plan every day. Certainly there are rough patches but indeed you have quit drinking and stayed quit for quite some time.

About the only thing that might be a little different is the resources you use - maybe you need to see a counselor that specializes in eating disorders, or a nutritionist. But overall it's the exact same steps. You've already completed the first two in recognizing the problem and seeking help.
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There is an Eating Disorders forum on here, David. You may find it helpful to read to get some ideas.

Eating Disorders - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

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I'm the same way. I've gained and lost 130+ pounds 3 times in my life. Recently, I lost about 80 pounds. I've put 15 back on over the holidays.

So I start to get moody because I know what I'm doing is not good for me, but the emotional payoff is instant gratification when I do it. The guilt is the bear.

Like all things in my life. The only way to the other side is through. I have to stick to a very strict meal plan and exercise every day. On top of that I have really bad arthritis in my knees, hip and back. So...suffering is a part of the recipe any way I look at it. I guess that's better than being dead.

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself that things are harder for me than others. If I put it all in perspective, I still have it better than most.

Tonight, I ate half a large pizza. I knew it was wrong. I knew it would make me happy for a short time, but in the end, I'm mad at myself for not doing the right thing.

I've been addicted to so many things in my life. Food, booze, cigarettes, benzos, painkillers, heroin, weed, and oh yeah- i used to puke my guts out all the time when I was younger when I wrestled in school to make weight. I was a bulimic athlete. I don't recommend that at all.

What works for me? Motivational music and videos. Getting angry at myself enough for me to change works best. It seems like that's the only time I ever do anything positive. When the pain of doing what I'm doing outweighs the payoff. Pain is a great motivator.

I'll tell all this to my therapist tomorrow and go back to the day to day grind. This is what it takes for me to survive. Somedays are easier than others.

I hope something I said helped you, David. Have a good week man.
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I also need to thank you, David. I was having a hard time identifying why I've been so grumpy at night. Your post made it very plain to me what I have to do to avoid feeling bad at night. That's being better during the day.

This is the gift of this place. We get to see from others what we need to change in ourselves. A lot of times you can't do that without interacting with other people in recovery.

You keep sharing like you are. I love your honesty and I'm really pulling for you. You'll get through these rough spots. Hang in there.
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Ever since I was a kid I have tended to binge on sweets and savory food, fortunately I have never been more than a few pounds overweight because I exercise like a madman. But one can't do that forever, better to control our appetite, as you realize. I find it helpful to be mindful. My tendency was to eat mindlessly, frequently while doing other things. I have recently discovered that if I actually focus on the food I am eating, and savor each bite, I get so much more out of it. I have recently actually eaten only 4 small cookies (1 serving) and felt satisfied, lol. So the key is re-framing our perspective and thoughts around food. Eat healthy, slowly and appreciate the experience more fully!
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Thanks for the posts. I realize I need to make small changes. no sweets or at least only eat sweet once a week. if I can cut out sweets that would be huge. My sponsor told me to focus on sleep and finishing my admends. I've still been dealing with craving to drink off and on. I'm so gratefulI I'm still sober. my sponsor Said don't let dieting lead to a relapse. I've felt like I've been on shaky ground for the last couple of months. I'm doing the right things. eating junk isn' helping though. soda will be the hardest thing to give up.i I use it cope with cravings. it gives terrible anxiety though .I'm workingon it.
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Yes, sodas should be the first thing to go because it's a high glycemic food - spikes the blood sugar dramatically. Even something like flan, or pudding has some nutritional benefit, and fat in it so it slows the glycemic response down. Soda is the worst. That said, I do keep some San Pellegrino fruit sodas in the fridge in case I get a craving for alcohol - it is my last resort and always works. But I don't drink them very often due to the sugar. I eat pretty healthy and always keep apples, tangerines and carrot sticks to snack on.
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I'm six and a half years sober (from drugs/alcohol at least), and in that time, I've cycled through some replacement addictions. Food has been one of them from time to time.

One thing I can suggest that has helped me a lot is to give up the processed food. Things like refined sugar and flour (any type) are digested so quickly that they give our brains a dopamine fix much more rapidly than whole foods do. This can be a problem for us addicts, and a lot of the time, we become more dependent on them than we realize. Think of it this way. Idk what foods you like, but let's say you're craving a burger. You've got one in mind, and it looks and smells great. Now, instead of the burger, imagine just the patty and other fixings sitting in front of you without the bun. Doesn't seem quite as appetizing does it? You may think "oh the bun's insignificant", but it's not until you remove it that you realize how naked your sandwich is without it. That's your brain's wiring to seek the refined carbs that the bun provides.

I can't tell you what to do. What I've personally done for myself is I've reduced my carb intake about 75 percent, and the carbs I do eat almost always come from an unrefined source (rice, corn, a little fruit, etc). This has helped me regulate my eating about ten fold.
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i wasnt able to eat better or quit smoking or start excercising till i was able to get my sobriety under control. once i figured that out it seemed easier ot fix the other things.

But what you describe is different as you say you cant just do a diet you want to fix your thinking. I dont have a good answer other then i try to tell myself things like yeh i could eat this bad food but its going to casue me xyz issues. Or reading what foods are good for me and focusing on those. I dunno constantly paying attention to it has helped. But am i cured? nah i still wanna eat trash and not excercise. I think deep down i'm just a fat and happy slob. So for me to not be that does go against the grain.

So just as daily i have to be sure i dont drink. I also have to be sure to eat properly. In a way i have the drinking down just dont do it how hard is that.

eating? i can still over eat and be a total pig. I just do it with good foods now like fruits and veggies rather then chips and soda.

The issues with my thinking are still there but I've tried to counter it with more positive thoughts and thats become more of a habit. Or i throw my hands in the air mad i cant this or that anymore but i know its for my own good.
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If you ever find out let me know. I have struggled with food addiction since I was 10.
I managed to hold back on eating for a while. Enough to lose 75lbs but the addiction was too strong, I didn't do anything about it and I ate enough over the past 1.5 months to gain 15lbs. I have seen a nutritionist and have a plan in place, BUT I don't think this is going to work. I need more help.
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