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Old 09-25-2005, 09:42 AM   #1 (permalink)

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oxycodone withdrawal help!

im now on the first day of withdraw from the pill oxycodone and i wanted to ask some questions what would help me get through it.I am taking xanex for the anxiety that goes along with the withdrawal and wanted to know if its an good idea?Also taking valium 10mg for the insomnia issues that go along with the withdrawl. please help i have already tried to go through it once before but it seems as if the withdrawl never stops! please post back your ideas if this is a good idea or should i try to quit cold turkey again?
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I am sorry, my prob. was oxycotin and I just went cold turkey and it was horrible. I didnt sleep for over 100hrs. All I can say is ur at the right place and I know someone else will have better ideas than me! Drink alot of fluids and I will pray for you.
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ya oxycodone/oxycontin...........they are pritty much the same thing just different names.you probably took oxycontin wich is time release oxycodone.

but ya thanks for replying

maybe you could give me some advice on what helped you?
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Time, time, time, my friend! The days seem never ending, but it just takes time to wd from oxy.

I've done it so many times & I soooo hate it.

Drink lots of water, no caffie, ibuprofin for aches and chills. Hot hot hot baths. Get comfy, can some magazines or books, and and some good movies if you can. Just try to keep your mind busy, and get a little exercise (ie walking around the house)

What is boils down to is that you're gonna feel like crap, no way around it. It's won'y last forever, you just have to wait as the poison gets outta you.

The best advice I can give is - don't quit! If you give in and take something you'll be back at day 1.

I wish you all the best!

Keep posting here if you can. SOmetimes it helps to talk to others who have been through the same hell.

Much Love:SS
"Things do not change; we change" (Henry David Thoreau)
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thanks for the advice im going to do that and tire my body out by getting out and doing stuff...........i noticed if i sit around the house that i just feel more like crap ..............i will continue to post my progress each day.But the one thing you said is very true this will be the second time i go through withdrawl and there is no way around the pain..............i just have to be strong and not let the cravings overpower my mind.
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You're never alone!!
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Hey there, WELCOME to SR!!!
Goodto have you here. Glad you're going to pst your progress.
Can you check with a doctor? Can you go to a medical detox?
That is the easiest, SO much easier than doing it at home, makes
it seem liek a piece of cake.. But their is money issues. Although ifyou do a search, their was info. in this forum a few weeks ago, for a free detox/ treamtnet facility, but you can imagine, if it's free, what the waiting list may be like??? I'm not sure.
I have been where you are. I have also done hospital, I'd take hospital anytime over home..
Just do wwhateveryou need to do, without using. Be careful using all those benzo's. they are exremely addicting, you don't wantto pass one addiction off for another, and they say, detoxing from benzo's is so much worse than anything else..
Stick around read threads, and post your heart out. It helps alot to get the crap out of your head...
Hang in there you can do this!!!!
I take meds to, you just have to be sure to take as prescribed, so you don't have problems later. They arent meant t be used long term...

Love, Becky

Don't tell God how BIG your addiction is, tell your addiction, how BIG our GOD is!!
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angel girl thanks for replying............the last time i went through this i went to the hospital with a 107 degree temp..........i was concidered unstable.......so i stayed their for a day so they could watch over me.........my doctor perscribed the valium for the sleeplessness and my brother gave me the xanex.........he said it would help with the anxiety?.........i am planning on stoping the meds in 3 days altogether.....because exactly what you said ..........they are also addictive.........my doctor told me to take 1 a night and 2 if it isnt enough but for a week only.wich i am also going to stop in 3 days anyways and try and take good old tylenol pm.
thats the last thing i need right now.........another addiction!
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i have tried it every possible way and just for me personally; the only way that worked was cold turkey. do it whatever way works for you but just take caution that you don't let xanax and the likes become your crutch. one addiction for another is dagerous ground. time is really the only thing that makes it all go away. yes it seems as thought the withdrawal never stops. there is an end though, i promise. try to keep busy if at all possible and take lots of baths if you have problems with chills. otherwise just keep posting and don't give in.
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Be careful mixing the valium and xanax. They are both benzodiazepines (sp?). I would be worried about overdose.

I've been through opiate withdrawal dozens of times....there's no easy way, but it really helps if you can get medical help from a doctor who understands addiction. It is very unpleasant but it doesn't last forever. Be good to yourself and get some medical help.

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I withdrawed from perc and hydro 10's which is similar. The withdraws lasted 3 1/2 days for me. I found out I was pregnant so all I could do was take extra strength tylenol and hot baths. I think one of the worst parts is not being able to sleep. I would be careful on the meds your taking now. I had to see a psychitrist for depression afterward. It's been three months and one week since I had my last pill, I'm not gonna lie it's not easy but very hard, but you can do it. A saying from the bible helped me "This to shall pass".
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krisgrace (09-01-2010)
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Livin' the NA WAY
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I have been there as well. TOO many times to count. Just a word of caution from an opiate & benzo recovering addict.
DO NOT, DO NOT get addicted or abuse the benzo's. A. They can kill you in withdrawal. B. You will wish you would have died first if you do go through withdrawal.
I have withdrawn off of 480-720mgs. oxycodone and it is HELL for 7-10. I have withdrawn off of 6mg alprazolam(Zanax) and you wish you have been dropped off in hell.
My last run almost ago year now I was in ICU for a week, (480-720mgs opiates + 12-16mg Zanax) and I was still in PAWS(Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) for 4 months.
There are things to help with the RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) from opiate abuse. Such as B6 (aid in absorbtion) Zinc/Magnesium (Muscle spasms), multivitamin, banana's for the potassium. And my all time favorite - slimfast if you can't eat.
I would also suggest getting to an NA meeting or call your local NA group so you can get in contact with someone so they can help you through this as well.
It is a LOT easier when you have help.
It is the only thing that saved my life and has kept me in recovery this long.
NA = Never Again Never Alone
If you have any other questions or need help, please ask.

Chad H.
Being Clean is Being Free
Click image
NA = Never AloneNever Again
Welcome Home the War is Over!
(All comments are not those of Narcotics Anonymous - just what has worked, in my recovery)
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IndyOG (03-21-2011)
Old 10-15-2008, 11:51 AM   #12 (permalink)
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yes very good advice "Don't tell God how BIG your addiction is, tell your addiction, how BIG our GOD is!!"

I was on oxyanythingicangetmyhands on for several years. I went to the methadone clinic...biggest mistake ever. Do NOT go to methadone clinic. Unless you want to be on it forever. I suggest sweating it out...because if you can take a few days off of work ...on oxys...hydros percs whatever your preference....it takes 3 days...and you are DONE. but it will be horrible for those three days.

Now let me tell you about methadone....coming off of methadone can take up to 2 MONTHS. ..i switched from methadone to suboxone. I tapered down from suboxone and now have been off of it for ...well this is day 4. Take lots of hot baths.

Day one not having suboxone: Fine happy excited hopeful for the future
Day two: Okay until around evening time....then the sweating and chills came on strong and took two tylenol PMS to go to sleep
Day three: Had to take 4 10mgs of valium to make it through the day. Cried all day....listened to gospel music and prayed.
Day four: I am doing fine...i have **** about 8 times. Took 4 .5 mg xanax sweating and chilling but i think the worst is almost over. i"m just really lethargic.

I"ll keep you posted.... but just a suggestion? don't go to ao clinic....take a few days off of work and puke and sweat and **** it out .....it will be a hard hard thing to do but you have to just lock yourself up for 3 DAYS!!!! sit and watch movies over and over. keep your mind off of it.

If you have to go to a clinic ...do suboxone like i did...it doesn't give you a high it just keeps you from cravings at bay. and coming off it is a lot better than methadone....coming off of methadone is impossible in my opinion.

and you can get suboxone from a dr and most insurance companies will pay for your doc visits.....but not hte pills....but it's still cheaper than getting it at the methadone clinic....

Good luck to all and i hope this helps
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Bman--haven't seen you post on here in a few days--how is everything going? Please write when you can and give us an update.. Also, I agree with what krait said-_i have heard awful things about methadone though neve been on it myself. However I'm on suboxone and it really is a great drug. It keeps the cravings and the left over withdrawal symptoms from creeping up. You can stay on it for a long period or short period of time--though longer periods of times lead to better outcomes in the long run. the withdrawal from subs can be brutal from what I hear, but if you have a good doc and talk with people who are experienced, they will all help you come off of subs when the time is right. Remember though, medication, if you choose to use it, is only a tool . You need to know what you are going to do to change the behaviors that got you here in the first place. As for me I'm seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist plus trying to find some face-to-face support groups for mental health and addiction. I hope you're doing well!!!
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CosmicHippi (05-07-2011)
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sunflower....you are exactly right ....suboxone being on it for a year like i have has broken my bad habits...it gets you out of that "wake-up-and-look-or-find-or dowhatever ittakestogetapill" phase

i am on day 5 now....still nauseous, shaky and sweaty....BUT on a good note i feel i have more energy than yesterday....so again

day 1 grate fine swell
day 2 lethargic but okay
day 3 pooping my brains out
day 4 very very lethargic...could hardly move, except to get on the toilet...alli could eat was chicken noodle soup
day 5 i'm still feeling pretty lazy, but i got up and took a sing in the shower
you have to really want this guys....with suboxone you'll neeed a week off or ammodium ad and nerve meds

with methadone you'll need 2 months off and be prepared to feel like death
i don't think anyone can come off methadone....theres no way i would let myself fell that bad...it's just not in our blood

suboxone is doable
but again....if you are not in a treatment plan....and you are a strong person...just take the 4 day weekend and kick the H, percs, tabs, anything like that that's a short half life
it will be a rough 4 days but you'll be fine ....it's the mental challenge afterwards that's the hardest

get AWAY from your addict friends
get anyting out of your house that reminds you of a pill/H/whateveryourpreference
delete all drug numbers from your phone...and that includes your recent outbound and inbound call list

then pray hard
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To Thine Own Self Be True
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You guys, bman made that post in September 2005!
Hope that he got off of them.
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Day 1 or 0 and counting

I am just starting my efforts to get off of oxyxontin-er (60mg) and upto 30 mg oxycodone for a total of 90mg per day. I am really scared but after reading, and reading, and reading, I'm gonna try it.
I was hurt in an accident that broke my neck a few years ago and since then I have been taking a lot of different meds. The doc told me I would never be an addict, but could become habituated to it. Well, I have news for her, my body thinks I'm an addict!
I never had the urge to get high and still don't. I guess I should be grateful for that, but Im not sure it has bought me anything.
As I said I am real scared and am here looking for support as I attempt to go through it. Stopped taking the oxycontin yesterday which reduced my dosing from 90mg to 30 and I felt the w/d as soon as I came due for my next dose. From a couple of people i read, the fact that I didn't stop completely immediately means that all of that pain and agony over the past 1.5 days has been for nothing???? Oh I sure hope not. I am trying to do this w/o going to a doctor, or even telling my wife. I am off working and am able to take a few days off.
Is this smart? I really want my life back. I have never liked this stuff and I simply want my old life back. My wife said my temperment changed so much after the accident (less patient) and I am hoping I can get back to myself for the holidays. Its been so long.
Looking for your support!
God Bless!
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I'm with Gotta Lovit. Been on oxycodone for four years, plus percocet and valium. I HATE it. I have had six spinal surgeries and none got rid of the pain in my leg, and the oxycodone no longer helps the pain, but I'm physically dependent on it now.

I cut a 40mg. oxycontin in half and chew it in the morning, the other half at noon, a third half at 4, and two 7.5 percocets at 7pm. So that's 75mg. per day. And I took valium 10mg. every night to sleep.

I stopped valium a week ago and had no problem. But I cut back to two doses a day of the oxys and now wake up with those irritable muscles in the back and can't sleep.

I had planned to keep cutting down the doses, but I know at some point I have to have a suffering. I did this once four years ago and stayed off eight months until I had another surgery, then said "What the hell." I'm a medically retired airline pilot and want to fly again. I think I can tolerate the pain, but have to get drug-free to fly.
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Wow rocketdriver. Is this your first time trying to come off of the oxycontin?

I was hooked on Oxy's for about 6 years and tried numerous times to stop. But my will and my mind were never strong enough. I was also never really ready to say that was the end. Anyway, I finally got onto a Suboxone program which helped with the physical w/d and I was able to function like a completely normal person while I gave myself time to come to terms with the rest of the problems in my life (which led to me becoming an addict). Anyway, the Suboxone gave me that time away from the Oxy's to make my resolve stronger as far as that. My downfall was that I did not ready myself to get off of the Suboxone so from that I went to Methadone which only prolonged my recovery another 2 years.

I strongly suggest speaking with your doctor and letting him know what you are planning to do. It is possible to quit the Oxy's cold turkey but I would not recommend it to anyone, especially if you can get help from your doctor, your success rate will increase significantly. You should also have a plan set up as far as how you will manage your pain once you are no longer taking the Oxy's. If your doctor does not specialize in pain management and addiction, you can probably find someone in your area by looking on the internet.

I do not envy where you are at right now, just reading your post made me catch my breath remembering the w/d I would go through when I would stop taking the Oxy's (I was on about 320mg a day). It is possible but again, if you do not have to do it alone, please don't.

Stuff to help with the w/d: Immodium AD for the diarrhea, tylenol or advil for the aches and pains, many many hot showers and bathes for the chills and aches, whatever helps you sleep- for me, I have never really been affected by any of the sleeping meds except valium so I found this tea called Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time, I don't know why but this tea has me sleeping better than I ever have in my life, and I have always had sleep issues. Come onto this forum as often as possible. Most times just writing out how you are feeling or what you are going through helps your mind to sort through it all.

Good luck, it does get better, I know it is hard to keep telling yourself that as you feel awful but one day at a time and before you know the worst of the w/d are over and you are on your way to recovery!!!

"Everything I have learned about life can be summed up in three words, It Goes On"- Robert Frost
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Welcome to SR BMAN!!! I have never been through withdrawls from Oxy or any other meds like that. My fix is alcohol. But I just wanted to let you know that there are a lot of people here that can help and to hang in there. I am sure it sucks but you can do it. Hang in there and post as much as you can. It is ery theraputic...besides as you can see others have been through it and can help and guide you. Good luck buddy!!! We are all thinking about you!! :ghug3
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Thank you guys so much for your support! I'm very interested in the suboxone program. I have a pain management doctor and I can ask him. He wants to put me on a spinal chord stimulator which I won't do. I want to resume my occupation.
One reason I wanted to get off was that I have an upcoming interview in China for a cargo pilot job and I would have to pass the CAAP medical exam, which takes days. They told me the surgeries were not disqualifying, but medications are. I am certain they will test for everything. I just talked this over with my wife. It's too hard to go through the w/d in such a short time so I'm going to go to Shenzhen and take the tests, and if I pass, fine, and if I don't I'll take the couple of weeks and do the suboxone and go try another country. Japan and India are hiring pilots frantically, even though the airline I was out on medical leave/ret. went out of business this year, so I can't go back there. But and I could possibly get a better-timed interview in India or Japan.

Thanks a whole bunch.
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