Newbie Weekender Sober Thread June 25 Pt 2

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My mom uses tomato sauce for stuffed cabbage base. She makes awesome stuffed cabbage. I'd say it was due to her Slovak gramma but I think she cut the recipe out of a cookbook. Her Slovak grandmother was "a handful of this, a pinch of that" kind of cook, apparently. Didn't have recipes to pass on.

Sitting around counting the hours until I can call shotgun. Hah! I'll be sleeping still when the witching hour rolls around.

Brain, good luck to the missus.

Sao, Mesa shared the saga of breakdowns and repairs on the Passat maybe last summer or fall. It was bad enough that I wanted to put the vehicle out of its misery. And CONGRATS on six months! That is fantastic and you are awesome.

Time to shoo kids into bed.
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Had a lovely evening out with a nursing school friend, 3 hours flew by. We went to a nice outdoor patio bar, ate too much, but just drank ice water, so all is good. Bumped into a few people I know, so my friend is now convinced I know everyone!
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I thought you did know everyone

There are days when I run into people I know in the most random places and then others where I don't know a soul. Weird. Glad you had fun at dinner
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Ruby - it can be like that! Usually I run into people I know everywhere on the days I want to be anonymous! Then when I am feeling lonely I do not see anyone I know around.

My stomach is not right at all today. Seriously these last few days have felt like a non stop hangover. I think I probably have a bug.

Also probably a bit off kilter from sober dating. Normally I would have a few beers and not be really concerned. So it is a little weird feeling all the emotions so exaggerated, then realizing they are not exaggerated but actually on an emotional level I have been living life like watching a movie with no sound.

Hoping tomorrow I will feel better. Not hiked since Friday because of being busy and the weather do maybe I just need to get out for some fresh air regardless of rain tomorrow.
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That bell or bike person
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Dating is a bit of a roller coaster Learning ,
I think thats why the general wisdom is to keep away from it till you a bit more stable in yourself after a year or whatever ..
On the flip side of that though life happens as it happens

Nice one Sao , keep on

Mex-m8 has the day off today ,

The sparrows in the garden have fledged , not flying but are sat in the garden , keeping the cat indoors now as they get their wings sorted , i trod on one as i went to put the bins out this morning I thought it was one of 2 but felt slightly better when i realised it was one of four ..
Never seem to see sparrows anymore in london where i used to live, there seem to be lots here , when i was a kid every other bird was a sparrow in london ,

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