Just a quick update

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Just a quick update

Hello friends my presence on SR has reduced recently as i have loads going on which is good but a lil bit stressful im ok im spending more time with mrs sw & getting ready for decorating & the arrival of our new king size bed

Im sorting out some counselling & possibly some psycotherapy for extra help in my sobriety im ok but i have known for a few months this is the next step in my recovery

I suffer with depression i dont often tell many ppl that and only a few know, im a lil embarrassed about it but ive accepted il need a lil help to overcome it

Im telling you guys primarily so you dont think im off drinking somewhere and to keep my friends in the loop as only a couple mods & friends know at the moment

I am a lot busier and even now at 9pm im playing catch up

I just wanted you guys to know im ok & sober

I am waiting on a few apts & i have to make more apts and im making more time for mrs sw and we have been watching Lost from season 1 recently and im lost in it lol

Im hoping to be a lot less busy by friday btw my hair has really grown back and im praying my ear is better as i have finished the course of medication, i need a gp to check the infection has cleared, its been over or around 7 months since ive had my head underwater or had a hot bath i have had to have lukewarm baths as steam can mess my ear up or any moisture for that fact

This was meant to be a quick update lol

I think thats everything so if im not around much just know im super busy getting a LOT sorted out

I will be back posting loads hopefully by the end of the week

Spk soon guys
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Take it easy SW, good to spend time with the missus.
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Into the Void
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Glad to hear you're alright, Wolfie. Good luck with your projects.
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I'm fairly new to this site, but did notice your absence. Glad to hear that you are ok. Take care of yourself
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Sending love, soberwolf, my friend.

Glad you are addressing the depression - a wise move from a wise man.
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Good to hear from you SW and thanks for giving us an update. I was going to PM you if you didn't post soon!

Glad you are well and spending some time with Mrs SW and furthering your recovery.

Be well!
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Keep truckin' my friend!! . . . as always you are an inspiration!!
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Thanks for the update, Wolf. I had wondered where you'd got off to. Be well!
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Taking care of Business.

Well done SoberWolf. I'll want to hear the update(s) when you get back!

Thanks for being part of the SR experience.
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No shame or embarrassment in talking about our mental health! You help many others by being open about depression and the willingness to seek professional assistance.

Good for you my friend!
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That bell or bike person
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Always a space on the roof for ya SW ,
keep on doing the next right thing

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Glad to hear things are OK and that you are seeking help for your depression/mental health issues....i just did the same not too long ago and i'm very happy that I did.
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Thanks guys i will keep you updated i promise

Im off to watch some lost and il pop back in before i go bed

mrs sw has a pillow on my behind & is very cosy lol

Spk soon friends
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No shame being depressed. I suffer depression too. Actually, I assumed the majority of alcoholics have dealt with depression at one point.
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Glad you are ok. Never be embarrassed about getting depressed. I too struggle with it. I think you are wise to get some extra counseling it has helped me a great deal. Enjoy the bed!
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Thanks for letting us know you're ok Wolfie
Enjoy that time with Mrs SW and the pooch

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I love posts where husbands speak of spending good quality time with their wives. Good stuff, bud!

Thanks for keeping us all updated.
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Glad your doing okay soberwolf.

Enjoy time with the Mrs!
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Will be waiting to hear from you soon!!!
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Do your best
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Thanks you guys so much im off to bed now and wish you all a good night or a good morning or afternoon depending where you are

Spk soon friends
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