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Take care soberwolf, you da man!
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Sweet Soberwolf - I'm delighted to hear that your life is blossoming within your sobriety. I'm a big believer in building all the aspects of your life to your satisfaction once you get the solid foundation in sobriety. It sounds like you're taking good emotional care of yourself and giving your lady lots of good attentions. Enjoy fixing up your space! That is a lot of fun...

You have been a critical supporter of my sobriety, as well as of countless others here. I hope that you are able to feel all of our support blazing back toward you, as you take on other challenges and experiences in the world. You are part of my SR family, so I often think about you.

Thanks for checking in. I'm sober and happy too, and very much in my new life. I send love and good wishes for all the swirling changes in your life!
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Big slobbery licks for you, SW.

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Do your best
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Thank you friends i got a 2nd callback today and they said i can have an a face to face assessment with the psychology dept hopefully within a week which was really good news if it turns out to be true

Got a big apt tomorrow that im a lil uneasy about but im going to remain calm & focused

Have a nice day tomorrow guys & spk soon
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You will be in my thoughts and prayers, SW.
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...holds the key
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We'll be with you in spirit tomorrow at your appt, wolfie.
Let us know how it goes!
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Take care of yourself. That's the important thing!
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You can do this SW

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Best of luck with your appointments, SW.
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Do your best
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Thanks guys
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Adventures In SpaceTime
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Thumbs up

Hey Wolfie. All the best for tomorrow and later. Really good to hear your moving along and progressing. You're a great guy and friend! Glad you and mrs sw are enjoying each others company
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You got this, SoberWolf!
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Good luck mate. You got this.

I'll send positive vibes your way ;-)
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Hi SW -- good to hear you're taking new steps -- it sounds like you've waited until you're ready, and now you are! More stuff on my plate is always stressful to me, but with the forum and Mrs SW and your own good sense, you'll be ok & even better.
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I hope you are well.

Best wishes,

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