Just a quick update

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Glad you are ok and taking care of yourself. Xx
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A simple guy making his way
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Always love your wolf style on the weekender! Be well and continue to take every step you need to feel better! Right here to support you!
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Glad that all is well with you soberwolf.
Also, glad to hear that the misses soberwolf is getting more of your time,
a happy Queen makes for a happy King.
In sobriety it don't get no better than that.
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Good to hear from you Soberwolf! Certainly hard not to notice that you are not around as much! I'm glad to hear all is well.
You are doing the best thing for yourself adressing depression. Wishing you the best with therapy.
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Take care Soberwolf, and glad you are making time for your own self care. You are always so thoughtful about popping in and offering support to us.
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Hi SW,

I'm glad you're doing okay. It's great that you are making more time for MrsSW and enjoying some good tv programs. I think depression is something that takes time to deal with and I'm glad you're working on it. I look forward to hearing from you whenever you have a few moments to stop by.
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G'night, Wolfie & sweet dreams! No need to feel embarrassed about the depression. Hope you get your psychotherapy stuff squared away. Take care

Oh, and just wanted you to know I ate a big cheeseburger recently and couldn't help but think: "McWolfie" burger Haha!
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Missed ya'. So happy to hear from you, soberwolf
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One Day At A Time
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So glad you checked in, SW- I was typing a PM tonight if you weren't around. Great that you are sober- and good for you seeking that little extra support. Enjoy your time with Mrs. SW!!!!
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Thanks for updating, Soberwolf Good to know you are maintaining sobriety and pursuing it further. Your words of encouragement have meant so much to me and others here on SR. Enjoy "Lost"!
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Thanks for the update, SW! I had deep depressions long before I started drinking and it was miserable. After psychotherapy and meds, I now only rarely have recurrences and those I do have are mild. It took a good while to get there but the time and effort have been well worthwhile. Good luck to you in working your way through.
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Hi, Wolfie -- Glad you checked in, dear fellow.

You are a good friend to the SR community and we care about you very much. Take good care of yourself.

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Pressure makes diamonds
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Wishing you the best SoberWolf! I was wondering where you were you are always so supportive of everyone else, I'm glad you are focusing on you.
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Glad you're OK SW...

...but my guess is, when they deliver that "KingSize PlayPen" you and Mrs. SW will be missing for day's at a time !

What a great "Depression Reliever" !

Just check in when you get a chance. We'll be here.

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Community Greeter
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We love you Wolfie.
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Glad to hear you are taking care of yourself. You are so helpful and an important part of the SR community.
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Be well! Thanks for the update. It helps me seeing people saying that they are taking care of things that come up. See you roof top!
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Glad you are taking care of yourself Soberwolf and also pleased that you are spending time with Mrs SW. Be well
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pray for strength
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The next question I have comforter or two for your mega bed?

Take it easy Wolfie. Hope your week goes well and your ear has healed. See you soon.
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I'm glad things are going okay, soberwolf!
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