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We all fall down!

Made it to 18 days and now i've failed.

"Had a ****** week at work" "My partner isn't supportive enough" "Im weak"

No excuses really.

Was trying really hard but met a friend at a bar after work tonight and after managing to not have a drink at the bar last week I thought I could do it.

Not so. They were running late. I ordered a wine after battling inside my mind all day about whether or not I should have a drink tonight.

2 glasses of wine at the bar. Picked up a bottle on the way home and now just got back from the shop with my second bottle.

What is wrong with me?!

I am going to regret this tomorrow but I can't stop!

I want my life back!!!
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Hi aajajen ,
I'm sorry you ended up drinking . It's when life gets difficult that the going with sobriety gets difficult . You haven't lost those 18 days of experience and can still build on it .

There are better ways of handling it than getting drunk … Maybe it'd be good to try and post try and reach out before the drink next time ?

Sobriety is a long and wide road , you might have slipped up but thats no reason not to get back with it .. don't let your relapse last any longer .. get some water and get some sleep .. you can get straight back to it .

Make your next decision the right one ,

Take care , m
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Originally Posted by aajajen View Post
Was trying really hard but met a friend at a bar after work tonight and after managing to not have a drink at the bar last week I thought I could do it.
Truth be told. Most new to sobriety don't hang out in bars. You may wish to re-examine your sober tool belt. If you have bars hanging there I would remove them ? At least for now, since that proved not to work.

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Welcome back Jen, maybe you can dump out that second bottle? It will make things worse rather than better.

I'd have to agree with bob, hanging out in a bar is probably one of the last places you want to be when you are newly sober. You ask what is wrong with you, my guess is that you are an alcoholic. So are we, so we get it. First things first you have to get rid of whatever alcohol you have, then tomorrow re-tool and start again. You made it 18 days, that's proof that you can do this.
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I'm sorry that you decided to drink, but glad you are back today.

I had to stay away from alcohol and people who were drinking for many months before I was able to cope.
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I'm glad you're back aajajen

I think going to bars is particularly dangerous in early recovery. You're wrong footed before you even get through the door.

I had to make some lifechanges. Some of them bit hard at the time, but I'm glad I did them now

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Yeah.... Bars are not good places to be, 18 days sober. I'm over a year and I still prefer to stay away from bars.
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At around 6 months I went to a sports bar with one friend to watch a football game that I could not get at the house. It was the first time I ventured into any establishment that even resembled a pub.

At close to a year, I will go to restaurants but not to taverns - period.
Tonight I went to an open air music venue for a couple hours. Met up with some other sober friends and had a great time. Many folks around were drinking - it was fine.

I left myself an exit strategy in the unlikely event I need to split in a hurry.........

The point is, for me if I was going to succeed I had to make whatever changes necessary to remove myself from potential problem situations. I became willing to do whatever it took for me to stop. Nothing is too drastic initially,

Slowly I am gaining some confidence in my sobriety. I have tools in place when needed. But I am still careful!!

You'll get there, keep coming back!!
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Welcome back Jen!!

Go at things again, but change a few things up in your lifestyle to make Sobriety work.

You can do this!!
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Thanks for all the advice and support. I am dusting myself off and starting over again. Although I am disappointed in myself for giving in and drinking, I am proud of myself for making it to 18 days and I am determined to do better this time. I am not letting my slip break my resolve and I am soldiering on!
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Hello again aajajen ,
Good to see you back

For me i had to use a two pronged attack , giving up drink was the first bit , learning how to deal with life sober was the second part as my old way of dealing with bad emotions or frustration was to drink .

keep on

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