The other shoe drops.

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God is in charge and He is Faithful.

So happy for you and your sisters wonderfully good news today.
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Oh, such good news!

EndGame, if it is appropriate, please let Mary Ann know there is a whole world of people happy to hear that the treatment has worked so effectively. I'm thankful that she was in good hands, medically, and that you were there to be such a champion for her.

Maybe Mary Ann should celebrate with a trip to Paris. And take her brother with her for a much-deserved vacation.

All the best to you and your family.
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EndGame, I am so happy to hear the good news!

That is really wonderful. So glad for you and for her!
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what good news! . guarded optimism be damned when there are moments like this to relish. i'm very happy to hear the news and that i happened to get to this thread today to read.
hug to you for relishing moments
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Its a cold and its a broken hallelujah.
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Oh goodness, I'm so glad to hear this my friend !! And I'm so proud of you for being the best brother. Ever.

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Dear EndGame, I for one have been patiently hoping to see one of your updates; this one is really quite remarkable. I'm so pleased for Maryanne and for you.

I noted your remark 'why would I tell her that this is wearing on me? That is between my therapist and me'. This, while she had told you she'd noticed your tiredness. Sibling relationships, eh?! Often just as full of undertows and so forth as any others. Hard to navigate even in good times, let alone the really hard times.

I only mention it because, in the months soon after my sister died - and I was finding it difficult to connect with our eldest sister on much of a level at all - I read dear old Dorothy Rowe on siblings (from the library, so I don't have it to hand).

Probably that's a non sequitur in this context....

Still, I believe you'll take it as in good faith, and with great concern for you. You're an excellent chap.
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Wow, that is incredibly great news!

Thanks for updating us. I think ice cream. Yes, maybe butter pecan. Celebrate
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Awesome , just awesome. You two are quite the siblings.
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Happy to hear about the good news, EndGame.
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EndGame I am so happy for your sister and yourself. I hope she continues to gain her health.
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What a miracle! God is good! So happy for her!!! And you! :-) :-) :-)
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Adventures In SpaceTime
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Thumbs up

This is such good news EndGame!! I was hoping to hear Mary Anne's therapy would continue to be successful. I can certainly appreciate her relief, as you can imagine.

I too don't sign on for guarded optimism. Absolutely enjoy the success!! Totally!! I'm very encouraged to hear they are able to now reduce the toxicity of her chemotherapies. Awesomely amazing.

I don't know what else to say either, my friend. I'm grateful you are here with us on SR. I'm grateful Mary Ann is doing well, and is enjoying relief from her original prognosis. Amen. I'm also very grateful to share a friendship with you, goes without saying.

Originally Posted by EndGameNYC View Post
My sister went to see her medical oncologist today, the guy who coordinates with her neurologist and all other staff working on her case. On her last visit, she was told that nothing had changed, and that was a good thing. Today, he basically told her that the cancer in her lung has all but cleared, that the tumor on her adrenal glands has shrunk dramatically, and that there are no longer signs of cancer in her brain. She texted me earlier today to let me know, but I came out to see her and she's ecstatic. I don't go for guarded optimism, nor do I expect the worst in order to avoid feeling let down. I'd rather relish the moment. Disappointment is disappointment, so I'm ecstatic too.

She said she intentionally wore no makeup today...that either good news or bad news would make her cry. Her doctor started out by saying, "Before we start...," and then she burst into tears. He couldn't contain his feelings, and his broad smile told her everything she needed to know. She said she was crying on and off for about four hours today. You can only imagine her relief. She hadn't told me or anyone else prior to today, but she was told in the beginning of her treatment that the most optimistic prognosis was for her to live another twelve months. That would have meant some time next March if everything went well.

She was told today, for the first time, that the toxicity of her chemotherapy most certainly would have started breaking her down and affecting her internal organs at some point. To date, the only problem she has following chemo is being very tired. Her doctor told her that she has an extremely powerful immune system, and that all internal organs are in perfect working order, one of the reasons why treatment is working so well. They've now decreased her treatment sessions, and have eliminated the more aggressive, more toxic chemotherapy.

My sister's been telling me lately that I've been looking very tired a lot of the time. Why would I tell her that this is wearing on me? That's between my therapist and me. So my relief is exquisite as well. And not even a single thought of drinking along the way. Mary Ann described for me today what it's like knowing you're going to die in about a year, every single day, and then being told that she's headed in the right direction, and that all her doctors are startled by her progress. Of course I didn't tell her that there was a time when I wished and hoped for the anticipated release from my suffering that death would bring.

I don't know what else to say, or that there is anything else to say. As is true of so many others here, I've genuinely benefited from the tremendous support here on SR, both giving and receiving. And I can never thank you all enough for that.
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I am so happy to hear this!!! Rejoice in the day!!!
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Do your best
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Congrats on the good news EndGame
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Wonderful news, endgame.
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Sober Soldier
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Awesome, uplifting, and inspiring news EndGame. I am very happy for you and your sister.
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