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Originally Posted by neferkamichael View Post
Wpainterw, yes, please stay strong, we are all rootin for ya.

I will do this thing...

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Hi wpainterw,

I'm out in San Diego this week. Ever been here? It's pretty nice, the weather is fantastic. The water's a bit chilly for a swim yet though, but I can't complain. How are they treating you in the hospital? It's nice that you've got a computer! If you have a phone or iPad type device that gets the internet and you have headphones, and you like history, maybe you can check out Dan Carlin's History podcast sometime.

His latest podcast is a couple hours long, it's on the subject of World War I. You can just click this link to listen:

It always helps me calm down, he's got a great voice and has really interesting topics.

Not much else happening here in out West - I went to a ball game yesterday at Petco Park. Saw the Padres play the Rockies. I went with a buddy, it was fun to attend the game where neither of us drank any beers. He actually asked me, after the game, if I'd still been sober since I quit. I told him yes, and he seemed to be supportive and positive about it. So that's good as well.

I'm heading back to Chicago tomorrow on the morning flight. I've got to drive out to return my rental car and they'll drop me at the airport. I hope you are feeling well, keep us updated on any news from Mass.

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Originally Posted by wpainterw View Post
Things going on pretty good. May be released from the cardiac rehab next week. Feeling a little fragile but it's getting better quickly. People doing all these tests on me to make sure I don't fall when I get home. Feeling like a little kid again being pushed around. Have become somewhat indifferent and passive. Just following orders. They've pushed and prodded this old body for two weeks, keep inspecting my privates, and now I just remain somewhat apathetic and sometimes make wisecracks. Tactless. Talk about "character defects"! I've been sober for over 25 years and still have lots of "character defects". Dry drunk? If they say so. I haven't thought of booze in all this two week struggle, only occasionally that they might give me something to make the pain stop. Just make it stop. Depressed, as you see.
Sounds like good news! I realize that's a ways off yet but you'll be out before you know it. It doesn't sound like you've been too bad a patient, and I imagine the medical staff understand it can be trying to be poked and prodded for two weeks. I wouldn't call it a "character flaw" to be a bit frayed around the edges from the struggle. It's just being human.

I feel a bit foolish saying "keep your chin up". At 44 I don't know what it's like to be 86. But I do what it's like to just feel beaten down and tired, and feeling like you can't go on any further. That's how I felt when I found this place.

But I don't think you're feeling existential weariness, Bill, just the normal kind of tired anyone would feel in your situation. In so many ways you sound like to me like you're 86 years young. You've got a lot of life left in you, much more than many younger people have. I have the sense that your story is not yet done.

So keep your chin up! Maybe you can phone your boys? Give your wife a call? Stay connected, and stay positive. I'll be pretty busy with finishing my school work and working on Easter (sadly I'm a chef!) but if you need someone to talk to PM me and I will give you my number.

In the mean time, there is a lot of fascinating stuff online! I still maintain you need to get a Kindle. Lots of stuff to read. You should also check into The Great Courses. Lots of amazing stuff! Poke around their website a bit. You can download stuff right to your laptop or even stream it online. I've got probably 45 courses from the over the last ten years and been consistently satisfied with the material.
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Another way to entertain yourself is to google something crazy.
For example a search into "really bad ideas" brought up the following list.
8 Hysterically Bad Ideas That Actually Worked Out Well | Reader's Digest
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Hi Bill,

How are you doing today?

I wondered if you ever looked at Google Books. There are lots of free books to read, classics, because the copyright has ended. You can read Jane Austen, the Brontes, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Dickens, etc for free. My favourite is Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff and Catherine fall in love and their relationship ruins the lives of those around them. I loved the deadly gloom of the Scottish moors.
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Thanks Anna. I'll fill you in more later. Had the first visit home with my family today. In two weeks absence. My little dog is confused. He doesn't know what is going on. He. Well I can't go on. I must get some rest. I'll get back to you.

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Ah, Bill, I'm thrilled you got a visit home. And, your dog is confused, of course, but he will figure things out quickly.
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Bill - you are an AMAZING inspiration to me and I just wanted to tell you that today.

I'm sober 1 year 7months and facing challenges as of this week that I can't even believe are actually happening. Funny, in my 5 year stint as an active alcoholic I held everything together and life was chugging along. Now, life has hit me with things that will require tenacity, focus and patience and faith. I admit I was having a but of a pity party these last few days but haven't drank and will not.

Your commitment to sobriety and honesty about your challenges inspire me to knock off the poor me and focus on the positive.

I'm happy you were able to visit home - baby steps but they are in the right direction. Thank you for helping this alcoholic today and days past and days in the future
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Hi Bill

I just wanted to say hello and I hope that you are getting some good rest. I visited Cape Code way back when I was in college in Boston and I found the place to be absolutely gorgeous. Here in Seattle, it is raining as usual.
Your poor puppy must miss you as much as you miss him Hopefully you guys will be reunited very soon.
If you have an android phone, you absolutely got to have that live wallpaper:
It s a puppy licking the screen and a must have for any dog lover.
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Wishing you a Happy Easter from Australia Bill - hoping this week might be the week you get to go home

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Happy Easter wpainterw! Hope you are ok! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Stay Strong and Well ! Bobby
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Hope you get better soon xx

Happy Easter from Ireland!
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Hi William!

I am so glad you had a visit home. It wont be long now, friend. Your dog will be fine, too. They are smarter than we know. perhaps he was worried about you, and you need to get well soon, so you can be reunited with him... and your dear wife!

love and hugs
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This always cheers me up Bill.
There are some jokes in the beginning about drugs and alcohol so skip to 18:02 if you don't want to hear those.
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One of my FB friends posted it on his wall LOL
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Happy Easter, Bill! I'm glad you got to pop home for a visit. I hope everything is well there. How is your wife holding up? I hope you're home soon with her and your pup!

Be well. Sending you my best wishes! Hang tough while they get you fixed up and back to the ones you love.
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Happy Easter Bill, hope you are feeling well today.
Remember, don't put all your eggs in one basket.
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Thinking of you Bill - praying that each day finds you a bit better. I hope it's a good Easter in spite of all you're going through.
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Happy Easter!
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Good morning Bill. I hope you are feeling OK today and that the nurses let you eat some chocolate. I have a fairly busy day ahead, like my boss always say: Homelessness does not take holidays but I wanted to stop by and wish you a Hoppy Easter
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