Substitues for alcoholic drinks?

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I like whoever said standing in a church doesn't make you a christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a mechanic. Or like I say, standing on ice with a hole in it doesn't make you a ice fisher.
In anycase, my point. I go to bars and parties and choose not to drink. I figured when I quit that I would have to accept that alcohol would still be all around me. My friends drink, my boyfriend drinks, there is alcohol in my house. If I go out to eat there is usually a bar or drink menu. Instead of trying to defeat the demon I join it knowing it won't just go away because I choose to live a different lifestyle.
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I read this whole thread and have gotten really thirsty!!! There are so many good non-alcoholic drinks, and I think I really forgot that while I was a wineaholic.

My personal favorites: cranberry on the rocks (sans vodka, and people think you're drinking a cocktail), bottled water with lemon or lime, diet coke with lemon YUM!!!
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Hi All,

I went to my local gourmet shop and purchased some very fancy cordials, lots of limes and lemons and Pellegrino (sp?) and plain soda water - I have had fun the last few nights mixing them up (blackberry and vanilla cordial was very nice) plus at the pub (my family always has meals at the pub) good old lemon lime and bitters (I know bitters is alcoholic but if kids drink it I'm sure I'm not about to go on a bender with it - plus it is so sweet I only have 1 - then my teeth hurt haha)

My biggest issue has been alcohol in cooking - I LOVE to cook especially french and itallian and they both use alot of wine, anyway, I have found verjuice is the perfect substitue for white wine and sanguvese (sp?) verjuice for red wine - it is basically the wine before fermentation therefore no alcohol (and you wouldn't want to drink it anyway - too sour!). In australia the Maggie Beer variety is available in supermarkets now but I'm not sure about the states or the UK - oh and apparently ginger ale can be used instead of beer but I have not tried that one!

hope this helps all you fellow foodies!
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In my humble opinion, don't romance the drink ever again if you can help it. First of all, if you are new to sobriety, you should stay way away from bars unless you must be there and your intentions are good. But, until your obsession for alcohol has been removed, I feel you should stay out. Remember, you must be willing to go to any length necessary to stay sober because to drink is to die. I used to read that in the book and think it was over the top but after being around AA long enough I now know how true that is. When I am in a place that serves booze, I just order a coke and don't try to make it look like a alcoholic drink. I make it clear that I am not drinking. If anyone asks, I tell them I am trying to stay away from vices like Cigs, Alcohol, fast foods, etc. Trust me, most people aren't paying as close attention to you as you think. I rarely have to field that question but I rarely go to bars either. I don't have the desire to be there anymore.
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Wow guys! Thank you for so many great suggestions... my test buds can't wait to try it I am going shopping in a minute, so will report on my 'drinks' purchases

Regarding going to bars, etc. I agree, that the best option is to stay out of them - especially in the early days of sobriety! But, as mananagirl mentioned above, that's not always an option. In a few weeks I am going on holiday with my friend who is (well, at least a binge drinker), all was booked before I decided to quit, so I don't have any way out. I know we will go to a club so it's safer for me to go with some drink-alternatives on my mind, then to stand there and wonder what should I have to drink.

I don't know anyone who doesn't drink actually, might have to make some new friends & will pop into AA meeting. One step at the time
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I don't think I know anyone who doesn't drink (Obviously outside of AA), especially at 24. Most people in UK will at least drink alcohol occassionally, however most people aren't alcoholics. That is what managed to keep me sober without just feeling like I am missing out and feeling totally p*ssed off.

Absolute certainty that there is no such thing as just a 'few' drinks. Maybe there would be if I had to force myself to leave but the seed would be planted again and I would likely be going out to get smashed the next weekend and back to square one again.

I still find it quite difficult at times as the people who I instantly warm towards and have stuff in common with, especially music wise, are ususually bang into drinking/partying.

Like you say though One day at a time though. Each to their own and if you keep gratefully sober than whatever you're doing is working! I still have no desire to go to clubs as music is still so closely related to drinking/drugs.

All The Best to you. AA is free so check a meeting out. Should help you keep sober.
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what is a mananagirl Ella? I considered getting some Shloer or alcohol-free beer in the house, but I remembered when giving up smoking I tried that inhalator - it made me worse because I was still 'smoking', and I think I had a lot of habits to break - the hand to mouth satisfaction thing you know?

So I swig a load of water if thirsty and actually avoid having a drink of anything, at home (apart from hot choc, yum). I went for a meal with friends the other day and had a pineapple juice, that was lovely!
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Neo, good point, even if you force yourself to have 'just a few' the point is, you had a taste of blood and the hunger just gets stronger. It's the same with cigarettes for me. Some time ago I've quit for about 3 months, then I just had one... it was disgusting... but then I had next... and now I am back to 20 cigs a day minimum.. (but lets focus on quitting drinking first!). I feel the same about clubs, no need to go there... but might join some dancing classes cause I love to shake my booty ;-)

Daisy... mananagirl is the name of the person that commented earlier on this post - not a drink

I agree having an alc-free beer would be like having sex through the glass for a nymphomaniac... too dangerous!
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