Just been to my first AA

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Just been to my first AA

I found it a bit depressing ( sorry about the spelling ), did I just pick a bad group?
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Hi again....

It could be the group or because of the meds and your
very early could be you were having a
bit of down time.

I strongly suggest you try another group or just go
back to that one for awhile.
Did anyone talk with you?

I am so pleased you were brave and did go
That's realy super
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I'm not going to give up, I'm still going to keep going to meetings.
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Hi Walken,

First, thanks so much for posting your experience with your first meeting. I'm not sure if this will help but I had about the same experience at my first meeting as well and wondered if I had made a huge mistake, picked the wrong group, etc, etc.

Here's the most important thing for me - I didn't have a great experience that first meeting but it DID keep me sober....and that was the most crucial point for me. I ended up staying with that group and now I am very, very thankful that I did. I found some other people in the group that are of my same 'ilk' (for lack of a better word).

There are people in my home group that I love, some I tolerate, and some that I want to strangle. However, I try to hold on to the words that were given to me - take what sticks with you and forget the rest. Remember that, at the end of the day, you're there for one reason and one reason only - to stay sober. And that is the one thing that we ALL have in common.

If you keep going and simply can not find others that you can relate to, then I would recommend finding another group. Heck, start trying out other groups now if you like until you find one that really hits home. The important thing is to keep going to meetings as they can and will be a crucial part of your ongoing recovery.

I hope this helps and wish you all the best!

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Do what you did when you went out drinking and didn't like the tavern or the people you were drinking with, Walken. Sooner or later, you'll find a place where you fit and friends to help you through.
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I have found that recovery can be infectious and when one person shares the solution and happiness, others tend to follow. But when one person shares their tales of woe for the week, others tend to follow.

Keep coming back. Even the same meeting with the same people can change from meeting to meeting.
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My question would be, what did you find depressing about it? Granted there may be some things that don't click with you right away. Just wondering if there is anything we can talk you through to make it more enjoyable for you. Obviously if everyone found it depressing, people wouldn't keep going.
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I was the only one without a smile on my face the first meeting I went to. That's all I needed to keep going. i wanted what they had. The laughter had left my life !!
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Yep my first meeting i wondered what the hell they were all laughing about, to be honest i hated everyone and everything when i went to AA, especially myself...there was one little guy with a funny beard who talked with a funny accent and seemed ok...he was my sponsor 2 days later and for a while i hung off didn't matter what the rest were like anymore he was the one for me, he was perfect and everything he said was gospel to me, threw all my eggs in one last basket and it worked out very nicely indeed...then i grew to kind of like the rest of them hehe...just keep going back you are definitely in the right place to help yourself out, that's an absolute fact:-)
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Walken was every one depressed or just you?

I am not asking that to be mean in any way. In real early sobriety I became depressed because I felt as though I was the only one that felt like CRAP!!!! I would on occasion just sit there and despise those people for laughing and smiling..... How in the hell could they do that knowing I was miserable!!!

Now I will say I have found there to be 2 types of meetings, those that are about living in the solution & a few that are about living in the problem.

If you attend a meeting and every person there seems to be sitting on a pity pot crying the blues about how life is so unfair & no one offers a solution then I would say to look for another meeting.

However if you find a meeting where some one is struggling with some thing and other people are sharing the SOLUTION they have found that worked for them, then keep going back.
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I hope that you continue to seek recovery, and that you find something that works for you.

And, don't forget there is always support here.
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I agree with Taz;

However if you find a meeting where some one is struggling with some thing and other people are sharing the SOLUTION they have found that worked for them, then keep going back.
Each meeting is different. Try different meetings until you find the one(s) you are comfortable with.
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