Somethings gotta give

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Somethings gotta give

My name is Karen. I used to come to this forum back in 2007. It helped alot, I should have kept coming. I stopped coming here because the past two years have been very stressful for me and I pretty much fell in the bottle and stayed. I've tried to stop drinking repeatedly over the past 10 years. Nothing seemed to help. Not a DUI, nothing. I tried AA and didn't like it.
The past two months though my drinking has worsened. I lost my job with the company I worked for and started working for a different one. I'm trying to get my degree so much is going on in my life. I start drinking when I hit the door after work and don't stop until I pass out. Get up go to work and do it again. I have no rules anymore on the weeekends, just drink all day.
My relationship with my family is suffering and I'm just so tired and sad all of the time. I have so much to be greatful, but it seems the booze doesnt allow me to see it anymore. I feel desperate to stop drinking and improve my life. I need the tools to keep me sober and I'm hoping to find them here. I need to stop for good, not just a few weeks or months.
Any advice and support I can get will be very helpful.
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Hi Karen,

If you want to stop drinking for good, you can do that. For me, I had to change everything in my life. I had to see myself for who I really was, and make peace with that. I had to accept that I wasn't the person I had pretended to be. The change has to come from the inside out, I believe.

My advice is to change your routines. Plan something for the weekends that will help to distract you from drinking. Try to begin to like and love yourself. I don't believe that we can continue to poison ourselves if we love ourselves. Know that you can do this!
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Hi kma

I remember living like that too. It's a very soul destroying way to live.

I came here to SR in 2007 too - I'd had enough and I found the tools I needed to stay sober....sometimes I didn't like what I had to do, but I'm glad I've had the last three years free from hell.

I know you'll find the tools you need here too.

You'll find a lot of support and encouragement here - Welcome
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There are recovery programs out there besides AA. And a lot of people on this site have quit just using SR. I go to meetings sometimes, I come here a lot, and I see an addiction counselor once a week. Together they help me stay sober.

I would also advise you to see your doctor before quitting. Withdrawals can be a b!tch, depending on how much and how long you've been drinking.

We are here to support you and give you information to help you support your own recovery. It IS possible to stop drinking and stay sober. It takes some effort but is worth the effort. I love waking up sober. So nice to not always feel so sick.

Welcome to SR! I'm glad you found us.:ghug3
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Welcome back to SR, hope you stick around, drinking or not. Sobriety is not a requirement for getting help on this site!! Take care.
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Glad you came back....

Yes you too can win over alcohol
Many of us are doing just that.
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