Day 27 - Feeling Great!

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Day 27 - Feeling Great!

Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that today is Day 27 of my new, incredible sober life! Everything is really going well for me so far (touch wood).

I was a bit nervous about this past Saturday night (I took my wife out for an early Valentine's Day dinner). I did think a couple times when we first sat down how, in my old life, I would be ordering a cocktail immediately...followed by another, and another, etc, etc. Anyways, that thought passed quickly and my wife and I had a wonderful evening!

I've said it a thousand times before but my favorite part of the day is waking up sober. It is such a refreshing feeling and I feel free of my old chains.

In short, the cravings still come now and again but my new life is quickly pushing those cravings to the side as I know where that path leads.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday and here's to the sober life!!

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I'm so glad to hear how well you're doing. It is a message of hope to the newcomers. Thank you for posting your progress!
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You are a true example of how this stuff is supposed to work!
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Thanks for the update Racer!

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Well done Racer. Is it day 27 already??!!!!.

I love the hangover and guilt and shame free mornings. It makes me wonder why I ever drank in the first place.
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Excellent! It's great to see you not only had a nice Valentine's dinner, but you also had a great morning waking up knowing you were sober.
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Awesome, Racer - congrats!!!!
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Congratulations Racer X! I love what you said here: "My favorite part of the day is waking up sober". Ain't it the truth!! I'm going to remind myself of that when I wake up tomorrow morning.

Congratulations on going out and staying on your new course!
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Hi Racer
Thanks for the update!! it's encouraging for us newcomers to hear. I too was worried about valentine's day night dinner...right before our meals came my bf said he was going to get a drink...even tho we already had iced tea. a few mins later he asked if I wanted a glass of wine. I never really answered and then in the end with me just brushing that off neither of us drank..imagine that....
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Thanks for the inspiring post Racer. I would definitely like to second the beauty of "waking up sober". I don't think this feeling will ever fade as long as we stay sober. As someone who is still early on in their recovery as well, this is encouraging news to read. Yeah, I suppose some of the cravings are still there for me too, but they're beginning to pale in comparison to a sense of growing self-confidence that comes with each day that I don't use. Anyway, thanks for the post and keep it up!
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