I Am Afraid of the Weekend

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I Am Afraid of the Weekend

Well... Here we go... I am on my 10th day sober thanks to the support that I have received at SR. And I have felt really good lately. However, the weekend is almost here, I am sitting here at work just thinking about how nice it would be to go home tonight and drink a few beers. I hear that evil voice inside my head telling me that it's ok to go home and drink tonight because I have endured a very long boring week at work. After all, it's Friday night right??? That evil voice also tells me things like, "go ahead and drink tonight. you have been doing really well lately, so you have earned it..." I know it is normal to have these types of feelings during the early sobriety period, but I really wish they would just go away. Because when it comes down to it, I really DO NOT want to drink tonight. I am looking forward to going through my second straight weekend sober. I am sitting at my desk right now at work, drinking a cup of coffee. But I will be heading home in about 30 minutes. Up until 10 days ago, my normal Friday night routine was to stop at the store on the way home from work and pick up a case of beer and a pack of cigarettes. I really do not want to do that tonight. Any words of encouragement would be helpful. I will definitely be on SR tonight to try to get through this. Thanks.
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yoooo Jes... Its not always easy and we all know that . Hows bout doing something differant ... Maybe rent a movie , or going out for a bite to eat , askin a friend that supports your choice on recovery to join yah . or a AA meeting if your into that , after all your not the only one thinkin friday means FRYday .
do a lil something for yourself besides takin on the drink . Im sure you can find things around your place that have been needing attention . cleaning something or putting a coaat of paint on something . Ive always made lists of things that Id like to get done and when I get bored and antsy , I pull out my list and do something , Not only does it help feeling as tho you have accomplished something it also uses up time .
When I was in classes we watched some flicks , there was one with Richard Pryor .. now of corse this was stand up comidy but ooh how it made sence , was one of them aha moments for me .. you know how we work sooo hard 5 days a week to have off time and RR but to only go out and get shizt faced and play sick all the next 2 days off just cuz it was fri and we deserved a nite out .. was it worth it ?? heck no it wasnt .. Friday is just another day that ends in Y ... If nuttin Jes come hang out with us in chat .. you know where we are , dont know if this helped or not , but there a zillion reasons to stay sober tonite .. and I cant think of one reason why you need to stop and get a drink ..
Huggles Endzy
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Well, I just joined this forum and caught your post right off the bat. I'll be glad to share a little experience, strength and hope with you. First of all, I know what you are going through. I've been there. It's no fun and it seems like forever, but it really is a very normal thing you are going through for someone new to sobriety.

Before I go any further let me congratulate you on your 10 days sober. That's a great start. I agree with you when you said that you really do not want to drink; if you did you would not have posted on the forum for help. You have made a smart move by asking for help.

It's been many years since I've been through what you described but I do recall how scary and uncertain those days were. Now, let me share some helpful words for you.

1) You can stay sober tonight. You have the power to choose if you take that first drink. Granted, if you are an alcoholic you will not have power over the second one, but you do have the power to say no to the first one. Don't forget that.

2) When you think of drinking, think it through to its conclusion. For example, don't just think about how good a beer would taste or how relaxed a few drinks would make you, or how much fun you once had drinking, but think of all the trouble that would follow. Reflect on what brought you to sobriety in the first place. Think of the hell you have already been through that will come back with the drinking. Think of all of that when you think of drinking. It does help, I've done that many a time.

3) You may want to go to an AA meeting tonight. They are very important for newcomers. Get some phone numbers of people in the group. Call them if you need to, and talk about what is bothering you, and if you are feeling this way I know something is bothering you.

Do whatever you have to do to stay sober. Have a nice weekend.
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Stay busy and come up with a plan now.

I'm not sure if you are an AA'er, but maybe try a meeting either way.

I know for this Alcoholic, I've got to stay busy and I'm only on week 2 this time. AA is great for me b/c everyday I get to talk and listen in 3-d to other people just like me. I also use SR too and find both helpful.

Just my 2 cents on what works for me.
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As Endzoner says Friday is just another Y day. Granted some of us treated it like it was somekind of licence to party but we can UNcondition ourselves from that in time - stay on here and shoot the breeze
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It looks like you have received some really good advice here and I just wanted to add my support too. You can do it! You just need to look at rewarding yourself differently. Maybe you would like to get a really good book from the store and start that or go to a movie. You are free to move about and not be consumed by those thoughts of getting high. The weekends, as the holidays, have definitely taken on a new meaning and you will like them again. Believe me. It takes time is all and 10 days is a great start. Congratulations!!
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Hi Jester - Friday was always my day to cut loose too...I'd never think of Monday morning...until Monday morning.

Play the tape through, as they say - you know what happens when you drink - if you're like me, you probably have thousands of failed experiments of 'trying to drink differently this time'. Experiment #1001 is the same as #1.

Vary your routine tonight Jes. Take a different route home, do something different, take a walk or something. Stick close to us.

You have nothing to fear.

You have the right of veto over that 'evil voice' of yours - your thoughts can't get to the liquor store without you - do all the right things - starve them out

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I'm right there with ya. I'm having the same feelings today. I'm only on my
4th day. Your old routine sounds so incredibly familiar. Maybe stay online here tonight. I think that will help me get through tonight too. I'm afraid of getting through the weekend but I just keep making lists of things I can do.
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Wow, it's amazing to see how many of us are in the same boat (I'm on day 13). I was thinking, on the way home from work, how "nice" it would be to stop in for "Happy Hour"... but I didn't. I took another way home to avoid the temptation. I know I really wouldn't end up so "happy", and it would not just last an hour. Now I'm gonna go work on a project in the shop to keep busy.

Hang in there Jester.
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Hang in there everybody. It is great to see everyone being so "self-aware" to identify "that little evil voice".

Believe me, it does get better and easier. Lots of good advice here.

Do something different, go to a meeting, or go into SR chat for a couple of hours... you might help another alcoholic stay sober tonight and wake up feeling double good.
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Friday was also my party day: for 25 years. Then for the last 10 years when my drinking became chronic, Friday was the start of a weekend long binge that usually lasted until Monday or Tuesday, if I was lucky I could stop it there. I wasn't always lucky!
Now I go to a meeting every Friday night.
You don't have to go to a meeting but why not have some new activity on Friday nights that you've never had before?
Gym, a run, a walk, a movie with friends, eat out at a restaurant that doesn't serve alcohol, etc, etc.
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jester. you are doing the next right things by reaching out. I purposely made my homegroup in AA the Friday night meeting. It keeps me grounded!!!! Big time. Then i surround myself all weekend with those annoying people. Its gets better. To this day, I am so grateful that a wise person in NA taught me that little trick.
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