Need Some Advice/Support

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Need Some Advice/Support


I'm new to these forums and looking for a little support with a problem of mine since I have no one else to turn to about this subject.

I'm 19 years old and for the past four years have started having a more and more serious drug and alcohol problem and I do not want to allow it to escalate any more. It started with heavy pot smoking at 15 then moved to heavy drinking which then turned into the abuse of more and more drugs. Now I am unable to go a day without drinking or the abuse of drugs.

Eventually I started abusing oxycontin which seemed like the miracle drug. I could still function in my everyday life except be high and not worry about anything in my life. But now after about a year of using, and spending around 1000 dollars last month alone of the drug, I realized it's time to stop. However, the past few days of not using have been extremely painful and difficult for me. Not only are the physical and mental withdraws worse then I imagined, but many of my friends around me use and having people around me doing the drug makes it torture to stay clean.

I need a little advice and support since none of my friends who do not abuse drugs know the extent of my problem, and I definitely can not turn to my parents at this point.. The main problem is I live in a house with people who use, so everyday is a constant torture. Anyone have any strategies for getting over this painful hump?

Also my brother used to be addicted to oxycontin as well and it absolutely broke my parents heart to find out about it which makes it even more difficult to turn to my parents about this problem. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
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Get out of that house ASAP. If you are no longer spending $1k per month on drugs that should be easy to do.

My DOC was alcohol, and I had to change my playground and playmates to stay sober.
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I'm trying not to spend any money on any sort of substance what so ever after finding out how much I was blowing on drugs and alcohol last month. If anyone with experience with opiates, does weaning help at all or does it set you back completely?

And actually I should be moving out of my living situation within the next two weeks and I know that will help greatly..
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Hi Horror
Welcome to SR

I really think your doctor is the one you should be speaking with about tapering etc.
And a change of address would help a lot too.

Have you considered face to face support like NA or some kind of counselling? an outpatient programme?

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Living in sobriety
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I agree with DEE, Doctor and a change of address to start off. perhaps some addiction groups also.

Im an alcoholic and could not stayed stopped on my own I eventually joined AA. I am 11 years sober now.

all the best to you. Keep posting here also for support
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I'm really glad you found SR - there are a lot of insightful caring people here.

Detox from anything c/t can be dangerous so you really should get some advice if you want to do that.
Tapering worked for me but I don't want to speculate on what might work for you. It really is dependant on what/how much you're doing and your own physical health.

Whatever you decide to do keep reading and posting, the folks here will gladly share their own personal knowledge with you as you go.

Good luck!!
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Orrite Bro! get one thing straight in your head - you gotta stop NO matter WHAT. It has to be a solemn promise, a firm conviction, not to God, not to Ma or Pa, but to yourself.

Recovery begins in the mind and the first month is very critical. If you get past that minefield, you'll gain confidence and resolve. Here's what I did. I watched a lot of videos on youtube. Whenever I would feel the cravings, I'd watch something....mostly military or patriotic videos. It would pump me up and take my mind off booze. I'd also eat a lot of chocolate!

This is a fight. A fight against yourself. Your brain will play terrible tricks on you. Make you feel like ****, give you excuses to take "just one last shot" etc. But you'll have to fight back. The brain is like a monkey. Sure it'll bounces here an there, but if you are firm, it'll learn and sooner than you know, you will recover completely and live a normal healthy life!

Listen. You are not alone. Each one of us here, respects your decision to quit and we are here to support you in this struggle every day.

"Their's Strong, Then their's Army Strong. But finally, their's Recovered Addict Strong!!"
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I am really glad to hear that you are moving out. I think it will be such a big help for your situation if you are away from that environment.

Do talk to your dr, and know that you can get through this.

There is lots of support here.
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I am glad you are moving out too!!

You will find a lot of support and information on the Substance Abuse boards too, specifically about opiates and folks who've beat the monster. I have been clean from alcohol, opiates and about anything/everything else i could get my hands on for a little over a year now and it was the hardest, but best thing I have ever done in my life.

Your doctor is best to chat with about a specific detox plan, but if you've been clean for a few days, that's a wonderful thing!

I also had to change who I thought were my 'friends' and most everything else in my life to get and stay sober.. it's a new and wonderful life, and it sounds like that's your direction too, if you choose!!
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Welcome! And I'm with Dee... some things need to be discussed with your dr.

I hope you can get away, because I'm sure that will be the difference in your ability to get sober...
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