What are you doing today to stay sober?

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I will take a walk this morning and again tonight. Do progressive relaxation and visualization. Visit sr throughout the day and finally watch my daughter smiling while playing here 1st varsity volleyball game.
forgot that I will also take my meds as prescribed.
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I will read something I have always wanted to read but never got around to. (War & Peace at the moment) I will get some exercise. I will talk to somebody and try to offer them something positive, even if it is only just a smile. I will challenge my self to get out of my comfort zone and try and be useful to those around me. I will try to learn and grow with every experience that I have today. I will leave the past in the past and concentrate on what I can do right now to improve my life.
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I'm learning to relax, properly relax not just knock myself out with booze...

Even when i'm at work i feel so much more relaxed and calm...already after only 5 days. I feel like for the first time in years and years i'm getting my focus back
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Every day I remind myself of where I was and how easily I could go back to that awful place if I drank. Each day I remind myself of how much I want to stay sober.
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All I really need to do is to look into the clear blue eyes of my 3 beautiful children and silently swear that I will NEVER put them through what I have put them through in the past again.

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I started my day in prayer
I'll be attending an AA meeting
I will be here shareing with SR members
Before sleep ... I will do my nightly inventory
and pray for forgiveness and serenity,

...Interesting topic...Thanks!
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Today I'm focused on day 3 of my fast to clear my mind and get some of this pudge off. Ice cream was my best friend for 30 days but now it has got to go for awhile. Ice Cream will always be a special part of my life (don't worry Haagan Das - I still love you). I have a busy evening out with girlfriends (no booze) just lots of gold canyon candles and am looking forward to a disneyland trip coming up in a month with my nieces. No hangovers at Disneyland. That would just ruin the whole "happiest place on earth" theme.
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I am starting a cleaning business with a friend and am too busy today trying to solicit business for it to ruin the energy by drinking. I drink and the business fails and I let myself down and my friend. Not going to happen. Getting very involved in life and that's keeping me sober.
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I have been out walking this morning, which was great.

I am listening to good music and I have a wonderful book to read.

And, of course, SR.
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reading some posts on here and trying to not feel like complete crap.
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Hi I keep to my glutenfree diet (gluten is a wheat /bread/ ingredient that has a capability in some people to enhance opiates). That diminishes my cravings considerably. And I go to a Shabbat service to sing, I love that. My children are chatting in the other room.
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Originally Posted by CarolD View Post
I started my day in prayer
I'll be attending an AA meeting
I will be here shareing with SR members
Before sleep ... I will do my nightly inventory
and pray for forgiveness and serenity,

Wonderful Carol....I can relate to this...unfortunately for me, however much I loved the people in my life, however much I regretted my behaviour, howeve much I tried exercise, healthy eating, however much I swore I would never do it again...none of this kept me sober...what you described did...and has.

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I've been busy engaging myself with all the things I'd been putting off by withdrawing into a bottle of something. I've got a lot of catching up to do!

Also changing my diet and starting to exercise. Another thing that has actually worked well for me is to change into pajamas when I get home from work. The laziness of having to change my clothes has been enough to keep me from "going out for 'a soda' or *something*" when I start to get restless.

On the negative, I'm also convinced that this acute anxiety I've had for the last two weeks is due to too much alcohol abuse, and that the only way I can get rid of it is too ride it out until my body recovers. The constant fear acts as a constant reminder that drinking has messed me up good.
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What I'm Doing to Stay Sober Good Ques? Well I tell you, I Still haven't made it
trough the Rooms, But I Sign My Self up for Some Classes, I sign my self
for Anger Manage. and for Parenting Skills, and I took my Placement Test
at Hostos Community College, last wed, and I'm waiting for the results
of my tests, to see what Level of Grade I'm in so I could Take My G.E.D.

and I sign My Self for Yogaso Yeah that's What I'm Doing to Stay Clean
and Taking my Meds of course and next week I will Be Signing my Self for
a Bible Institute to Become a Minister....

I just Got to Plan out My Schedules so I could have time in Between
for every class so that's it, sorry it was so long
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Today I am spending lots of time on this site. I will dye the grey out of my roots and feel pretty. I will see my kids and promise myself again that I can't drink anymore.
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You Go Girl! I'm so proud of you Dance your way,to recovery if you have to
But Don't Ever Stop the Music that makes you Dance,,

__________________________________________________ ________________
"Dance As If No One Is Watching, Love As If You've Never Been Hurt"
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I will go to my AA meeting at 7pm and get my 4 month chip. I will spend time with my husband and son tonight, and look forwarded to beginning to paint my kitchen tomorrow (it's amazing how many things you find time for when you don't spend all of it drinking!)
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I put my sneakers on and am cleaning house like a crazed animal. I always clean better with my shoes on for some reason. I then need to take one of my teenagers to get some extra school supplies after school and then tonite the whole family is going to the first high school football game of the year--major rival schools and chocolate! Its starting to feel like fall. I love that feeling.
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Coming on here and going to my meetings.
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I'm just hanging out around the house, doing laundry, baking banana bread...
Beats the he!! out of drinking.
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