Favorite Childhood Summertime FUN

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Originally Posted by Lovestoomuch View Post
Oh heck yea!!!!!!!!!!! The Ice Cream Man.

Where have all the Ice Cream Men gone???

Everyday at 5 they are at my kids summer program.
Its $3 for an ice cream these days. (cant you get a box of fudgescicles for that)
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I remember hearing the music coming down the street running into the house as fast as I could and begging my mom to hurry up cause we were going to miss the ice cream man.

Then there were the days that she wouldnt have the $ and it seemed my world would end right there! Could u imagine having that bit of stress now a days!!!
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Geez $3 for an Ice Cream!!!

What happened to freezing Koolaid in Mom's Tupperware Freezer Pop Things????
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I loved those things do they still sell them. Of course there was always one the would get stuck and u would end up ripping the plastic thing out of it. Opening the freezer every 5 min to see if they were ready yet!
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I haven't seen anyone selling Tupperware in forever!!

But yeah - those were good -we used to have races to see who could suck all the koolaid out and leave the "white" ice - Brillant - I know - We could have just ate a cube of ice and drank a cup of koolaid, but hey where was the fun in that!!
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We did that too or let it melt and suck the juice out of the bottom like u said could have just poured a cup of kool aid! lol. How funny!
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Tell him that superman eats the ice cube pops!!! We didnt have a choice though not like kids today it was that or NOTHING! I loved my kool aid pops did anyone make each one a different flavor.

Oh one more thing

Lik and dips!!
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Fudgsicles frozen in dry ice. We would put our tongues on them and then pull them off. Ouch. Lost a few taste buds but what fun. Going out to eat breakfast after the 4th of July parade and ordering silver dollar pancakes. We were poor so that was quite a treat. Marle
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The ice cream truck. Every kid ran to the ice cream truck. Funny thing was he always came BEFORE dinner!
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Great topic! All the posts have brought back so many great memories. I recently bought a box of fudgsicles. That's what I always picked when the ice cream truck came by. Another great memory is riding my bike downtown to the old mom&pop candy store with all the giant barrels of penny candy.. now that was heaven. This summer, I have the opportunity to enjoy something that I haven't experienced since childhood -- the 17 year cicadas. I remember being scared of them when I was a kid, but I find them fascinating now. Fun!
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kick ball with all the neighborhood friends

everyone coming over and hanging out on the front porch just laughing

the beach and getting googly eyed over the dreamy lifeguard
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I remember walking downtown. We could do it alone because the world was still a safe place. We would go to Kresge's counter and order fries and cherry cokes. We felt so grown up. One day a Japanese gentlemen sat beside us and took our brown bags and made rowboats out of them. We thought he was so cool. Marle
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I've always been a city slicker so ....
going under the fire plug (hydrant)
we called it the kensington beach (kensington is a not so nice neighborhood)
good humor man aka ice cream dude
playing freedom
my vacations were in indiana cow country indiana (my mom was from there)
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swimming all day
riding my bike all day
planting my garden and eating homegrown corn....MMmmmmmmmmm

riding horses, playing with my cats and dog
trying to get lost in the woods
playing in the creek...looking for arrowheads

fishing.....never wearing shoes!!!!!
fireflies....stepping in cowpies???

I grew up in the country, i'm a citygirl now

What i like about summer now....
people all out and on the streets....
hearing my neighbor's rockabilly band practicing in the garage..

hearing the guy next door playing his saxaphone
music coming from people's cars..
goin to the beach!!! swimming all day

planting gardens

ridng my bike...
guess things haven't changed that much....
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Building forts, the girls against the guys One year the guys build a great one, & when they were gone we snuck up & put up curtains, a rug, cooler, flowers. They were sooo mad. There were 9 of us girls/guys that were inseperable from age 10 through graduation.

When we got older we used to all sleep on our porches & sneek out & go up on this hill & hang out. The guys used to rip off skippy's ice cream. They would show up on their bikes w/ like a case of lemon ice.

Fishing at grandpas cottage. Catching night crawlers for fishing.

My dad doing bbq's on the weekends. He and his friends would all compare watches & see who's would be off a second or so. I think they were Acutrons or someting like that. Then they would all show the art of building a perfect fire with charcol.

Playing football, popping wheely's on my bike. Haaa remember putting cards in the spokes for the cool noise?

Pool hopping. I remember one year we went in a Drs pool that had a bubble,, someone didn't close the door when we left... it deflated.

Thanks KJ, this brought a smile to my face... I miss the old gang, I still stay in touch with a few, but what fun it would be to all get together again. for old times sake.
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Oh Helpus, I remember going to the local golf course at night with my dad and sister to catch nightcrawlers for fishing. We would bring our flashlights and I can still hear my dad say, "There's one. get em." Fun. Marle
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Great thread and it's making me wish I was a kid again...

For me it was...

-playing with Barbies on a blanket under the willow tree

-catching fireflies in a jar at night

-going for a swim to cool off just before dark (we lived on a lake) then going home and sitting on the porch in our searsucker shorty pajamas watching for shooting stars

-going to the "haunted house" in the woods by the lake and scaring ourselves silly and running all the way home

-running through the hose

-selling lemonade and when nobody bought any, giving some away and drinking the rest ourselves.

-going to camp

Oh, stop me now, I could go on forever. What wonderful memories this brings back to me. I think I'll put my jammies on and sit on my back deck tonight, drinking soda and watching for shooting stars...just because I can.

Thanks again, this has been a great tour through nostalgia for me.

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Its fun over in this forum!

The homemade ice cream was fun. My dad used to make me sit on the top of the machine (the old kind without a motor that you had to turn manually) to hold the salt over the ice.

Drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.

Catching crawdads (sp?) in the creek by my house and pretending to run away was always fun..I was going to make a house in the woods!

When Id been outside for awhile barefoot, the bottoms of my feet would be black from the asphalt when I came in. Mom was never too thrilled about that
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Just thought of another one....
My older half-brother would come live with us for a month every summer, I always loved that and never wanted him to leave but his mom always convinced him that we didn't want him to live with us and he'd go back home...
It was always lots of fun while he lived with us.
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We played tackle foot ball at the park every sunday. No mercy was shown to poor little ole me. I'm greatful for it today though.
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