Favorite Childhood Summertime FUN

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Favorite Childhood Summertime FUN

I know for me sometimes life takes a hold of me and I forget to take time to smell the roses like I did when I was a kid. There was a thread here before about this and I think it will help bring some of us happy memories and maybe bring back some fond memories for some of us.

My favorite summertime fun.

Waiting til dusk and every kid in the neighborhood playing hide & seek....

Ice cube popsicles.

The Drive-in

alright take it away add your childhood fun maybe we can pass it along and do it with our kids.........
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What a great topic! Thanks kj!

Swimming all day long until our toes looked like prunes.

Watching afternoon TV when it was too hot to be outside. Gilligan's Island, Hogans Heroes, McHales Navy, F-Troop, Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, Lost In Space, I Love Lucy, etc. etc.

Mom BBQ'ing up something yummy for dinner.

Otter Pops.
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playing in the rain, whether your dancing or singing, or crying.

making sandcastles

water ballon fights

blowing bubbles
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our family vacations down the shore, jumping the waves all day, walking the boards at night, riding the rides with my little bro, eating cotton candy and ice cream cones. boy i wish i was 10 again!
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The beach..................from early morning till night..........waiting to catch some waves. (in Florida you sat around on your surfboard more than anything lol).....but it was still fun.
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fireworks, cranking the homemade ice cream machine, BAREFOOTING!
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chasing fireflys, eating snow cones, going barefoot, new summer clothes for Vacation Bible School
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my childhood was MANY yrs.ago.what i remember is all the neighborhood children getting together late evening, early nights playing red rover,stop light,tug of war,&soft ball. it was a real treat to go to the pool or lake swimming.there were no ice conditioners. onlt the well off had a car & t.v was for the rich. i remember homemade pully candy afer school.(taffy).i can remember homemade ice cream & boiledpeanuts.i remember going to get fresh peaches from the famers market & my mama cutting them up & freezing them.we would take them out & half way thaw them & put sugar on them & eating them to cool us down after playing hopscotch or jump rope. i have alot of memories from back then when drugs were not heard of & alcohol if it was drank was kept a secret from children. i was blessed to have a great childhood & a great father & step mom.thank for taking me back to the good ole days.
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Playing an endless game of Monopoly of the front porch with Neighbor kids and my Brother and me swapping in and out.

Going to the library on my Bike to get books to read. I read the whole section on Horses, Native Americans (Indians back then), western history and cattle ranching; fiction and non fiction one summer in 4th grade.

Fishing with my Dad.

Hiking and camping in the Adirondacks.

Catching fireflies in a jar for a night light.

After we moved out of Albany, riding my horse endless miles on dusty roads.
Riding my horse down to the river on really hot days and spending the day swimming with him in the river (he loved it as much as I did and I rode him with no saddle or bridle along the main hiway to get there!).

Running my horse across freshly harvested hay fields trying to catch the cloud shadows on cool days with a northwest breeze.

My horse knew everything.
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I almost forgot something:

4 wheeling and 3 wheeling through orange groves and on teh woods on old horse paths.

Running through my aunts back pasture with my cousin, having an ellusive yearling stallion chase us.

Catching tadpoles in the drainage ditches and after a strong summer rain using pieces of plywood as skim boards
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I forgot.....

Jumping into the creek off a tree vine.

Being carefree

Riding bikes for miles for penny candy with our allowance.

climbing the apple trees

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Sleeping in
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I forgot one too. we played 'Lost in Space' in the front yard. Everyone was a certain character. I laugh now just thinking about it.
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I was never an outdoorsy kid, still am not! I spent my summers reading and reading some more in our big lazy boy chair.

Eating the orange juice pops my Mom made.

Eating frozen grapes...the best summer snack EVER.

Playing in my kiddie pool or on the slip and slide (even though it was all rocky underneath).

Playing dress up in all my dance costumes

Spending extra time with my Mom since she had the summers off (teacher.)

Every Sunday at my Grandparent's house and the smell of their garden in back and fresh vegtables at sunday dinner.
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Oh how could I forget the ice cream man.......

Candy apples

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Driving to the "R/C fun fly" every summer to watch my grandpa fly his planes.
Spending a week out at the lake with my family.
Running outside in the hailstorms, ice cream pail on head, trying to catch more hail then my brother.
Swimming in the lake.
Taking the peddle boat as far out into the lake as we could peddle to try to catch "moberly dick" with my cousin, abandoning ship to swim for shore and making him peddle the rest of the way back alone
The "Fall Fair" every August.
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Great topic. Paying 5 cents to swim all afternoon at the local outdoor pool. Going home full of chlorine and eating grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My dad taking us fishing. He would spend all day baiting our hooks so he never had time to fish. My mom having to pee and doing it on a slope and then slipping and falling in it. We kids just laughed and laughed. The cherry sundaes from the ice cream truck. Listening to the 1968 World Series Champion Tigers with my dad on the radio. Outdoor theaters and playing with my brother and sister on the swingset and monkeybars before the movie. Going to Grandma and Grandpas cottage while my parents had a mini-vacation by themselves. Oh so many good memories. I hope that when I die I can go back to the place where I was the happiest and spend it with the people that I loved most. Marle
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Saturday morning cartoons
Fishing for flounder in Staten Island
Action Park (Water Park)
Catching fireflies
Dodge ball
Johnny on the Pony
Water Balloon fights
Man Hunt
Sleeping in
Stress consisted of parents not letting me out to play or having to go in early while the other kids were still outside
Horseback riding and volunteering at the stables to get free rides
Walking barefoot in the rain (never thought of fungus and bacteria as a kid)
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Originally Posted by tracee1010 View Post
The Ice Cream Man!!! (ok maybe thats 4 words)

Oh heck yea!!!!!!!!!!! The Ice Cream Man.

Where have all the Ice Cream Men gone???
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Sitting on the front porch of my grandparents house shelling field peas with my cousins listening to my Grandmother tell stories about how much trouble she & her sisters got into when they were teen-agers.

Eating Watermelon & having a seed spitting contest with my cousins

My older brother taking me to see the new hit movie - like Saturday Night Fever.
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