some insight please, id apprieate it

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Angry some insight please, id apprieate it

where to start.............. he was in treatment did fantastic then after his graduation ceremony , he toke of and we havnt seen him since. his parole officer called and told me he did not go back last night. hell go back to jail again now. what the f? can somone please please make sence of this to me?
ive rode the coaster for 10 years, hes been in jail the last year ans was getting out now,
i think hes actally insane mentally pruley insane
i hate him, and more i hate his pshco family that pressures me to stay with them to get info because im the only one he ever calls,
i dont want him to call me cause if he does im afraid to get sucked in, but i dont want him to call them, nothing matters
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I am so sorry, I know just how it feels, my husband did the very same thing. I can't explain it or why....makes no sense to me. My husband was looking at spending years in jail for robbery...all while drug induced. He got off with a 9 month house arrest and not to use illicit drugs, he walked out of the court house and used...had to celebrate! He did the same thing when he got out the door from rehab....I can't even begin to make sense out of it and I gave up trying. The only thing that makes sense to me is this is going to be his way of life, but it didn't have to be mine.

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Hi there sickofit: Sorry, I hear your pain. That's just how I felt tonight "sick of it" I have a AD and she went off the meth program a few months ago and now is using again. Tonight I am happy I can come to SR. It is a good support 24/7. I haven't started into a 12 Step Program but others here highly recommend it. Haven't tried the "chats" here either but there is a great deal of information that will be helpful for you. GOOD LUCK TO YOU Sending ((((HUGS))))
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Hi sickofit.
As a user i can only say this. Don't kill yourself trying to make sense of it. Because the user themselves usually can't either. That's why we addicts need help. I don't think there is an answer as to why. It's just how the drugs do to people. Consequence means nothing in the heat of the moment. I stopped trying to figure out why and started trying to figure out how. BUT I made that decision on my own. I am still on that path.

I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. I wish you the best.
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sorry to hear, i agree with chiynita, thats what addicts sometimes do. addiction is a very powerful force. i've done it myself, i'm a recovering addict too. my rah served 2yrs in prison, got out and when right back to using and now has 2 charging pending, same offense. its the power of addiction.

try to take the focus off him and what he's doing/gonna do and turn it to yourself. sorry but there is nothing that you can do for him anyway.
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