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Good luck, Carine. hugs to you.
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So sorry to hear that this is going on with Rain. I hope you're doing OK... Hugs
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Just sending support and love out to you, sweetie.
Stay strong and do what feels right for you.
Sending prayers up for you both tonight.
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thanks again all for being here for me!

Now i know you can't wait to have my lit' update hum?

Rain came to mine last night, as planned. I was glad to see he looked clean so at least we could have decent conversation.
It seems the past year we've tried everything to "make it": I kicked him out, he seeked help, went to rehab, went to meetings, he relapsed, he went to doctor, he re-relapsed, went to another doctor, he re-re-relapsed, he did cold turkey, he re-re-re-relasped, took chinese herbal medicine and know the rest.... So it's very difficult right now for both of us to know what to do next. I'd like it to be that easy that i just come to the point that i say: enough is enough and kick him out. But i did it last year already! And i'm afraid i'm not ready to do it again
Anyway, he told me about his struggles, about his desire to really quit, told me how much he hates heroin now, but that he has this compulsion etc etc etc...Told me he doesn't know what to do next except for the coming days he will check in to the methadon clinic and get clean as fast as he can (he only used for 3 days so he said should be faster)
So I told him that i was ok to bear with him for 2 more weeks until he gets clean but afterwards i want him out, i want him to come up with a plan for his health within 2 weeks.

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i hope youre doing ok!!
youre in my prayers
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grateful rca
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glad to hear that you two got a chance to have a decent conversation. your decision sounds generous, rain is so lucky to have you in his life, hope that this time will be his time. keeping you and him in my prayers. i think that you are doing good, at least you know what to expect and you have set boundaries. remember, if it comes to you kicking him out, something in me, just don't believe that it will have to be forever. losing you don't seems to be one consequence that he don't want to play around with.
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I am glad you came up with a plan. Rain is lucky you are in his life, I will pray that he does what he has to this time. Please take care of you, I know you are in pain, but you still have to take care of the most important person YOU!!!
Good luck, and know we are praying for you and Rain
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Hey Funky,
You should definitely do what you feel comfortable with and base your decisions on what you feel is right for you....(yes there is a but)....but I feel like you are going in circles. You have all of these great recovery tools and I believe you use them but an unfortunate hazard of being with an addict is that they run on this track and it's so well worn from all the circling around we can't help but follow in that same track. We end up doing this and we don't realize we are doing this until we've gotten so tired of this lifestyle that we stop and say to ourselves..."why am I doing this?" I hope I'm making some sense. I'm not trying to convince you to leave him...I'm just saying be aware of this. You are always in my thoughts Funky.
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