Worst day ever today... heartbroken

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Me too tjp...
I keep thinking terrible scenarios... esp. with all the heartache and insanity she was personally going through. I just think of this man she was married to as some psychopath... who would harm her and her children and not feel bad about it...

Big time prayers and positive thoughts are being sent out to you right now 'Wantto...'

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I am no expert by any means....I am a mother of two daughters though. and yes I dated an Alcoholic for about four years. I did not do a good job of protecting me, but I did protect my girls.

Of all the abuse that I endured. He never crossed the line when it came to my girls. They were not around him alot, because I shielded them alot.

My counselor said, he knew that my girls were the one thing that he could never touch and that is why he was always good to them.

Your in an extremely bad place to do that in front of your kids. Do not put them back into that position. Find a safe place for you and them. My heart goes out to you.

Of all the postings that I have read about the awful things our A's have done...yours is by far the worst. It scares me. I am scared for you and your children. If he is doing this, he very well could physically harm yall the next time.

Dont be afraid to call the police. Get a restraining order. Next time you have to meet with him, have someone else with you. Have the police there everytime.

Think about your kids. How this must be affecting them. Do you want them to grow up traumatized by all of this?

Protect yourself and you your children.

Keep posting. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!!!!
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Please get a friend with a videocamera the next time you have to be in a pick up the girls situation. Tell the friend to lay low.. and if he is doing this type of thing again, get it on camera.

Eventually, even if he is found violent, he probably will have them again for visitation. So never pick up alone if you can get a friend to go.

Yes, call your attorney he will probably get you a restraining order and custody.

No kids should ever be locked in a car.
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Another bump. I have thought of her many times and think it's incredibly strange that she made this post and then vanished into thin air. I hope she is OK.
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