Do they treat the next girl better?

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Its not how they treat others
but how we treat ourselves

I saw XABF today.. the SAME guy someone totally different than the guy I remember (the pretend guy!)

So is it really worth the energy to wonder about them..? even if I knew about something wonderful "they" did together I would think "and later when they were alone and he was drunk as hell, what happened?" because yes to the outside we were perfect and in love and when doors closed it was a hellish nightmare it has taken years to heal. Hostage situation, very different from what I would consider joy and love and romance which is freedom and trust and respect and nice details and laughter.

Leave the magic for Cris Angel and let's continue living here on Earth (and seeing what we can enjoy in our day) shall we
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Originally Posted by blwninthewind View Post
I have issues with the fact that I LET this happen to me.I knowingly brought children into the world w/ this man. Yes it was because I love him...but I sure wish I had known then what I know now...

and wish I had the courage to make the change I needed to make rather than keep trying to make it better.

Now...19 yrs later. I do still love him. He's in recovery but still treats me the same. Basically I didn't realize it wasn't the booze that was making him an A$$hole...that's just naturally how he is.

I wish I had walked away. I wish I had seen what my future would become and run the other way. I wish I had the courage to leave NOW...but I don't yet.

I almost wish my RAH would find himself a nice codie gf to get him the h3ll outta here and then I wouldn't have to make these decisions at all.

Re the bolded--Girlfriend, get on line. I've been divorced for ten years and I'm still cringing that I LET it all happen.

I used to wish mine would find another woman, too. He didn't. Nor would he eat the poison mushrooms. I got a divorce.
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