I was laid off today

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I was laid off today

As if it's not enough that my H lies to me, that my marriage is over, that I am a walking wreck, I was told today that DESPITE claims to the contrary by my Superintendent since I was hired, my job has been cut from the budget for next year.

When I was hired 2 years ago I was offered 2 positions. The one I intended to take and initially accepted was a school district position. The other, and the one that my Superintendent talked me into taking (but obviously it was my choice in the long run) was partially grant funded and I asked at the time whether that was stable. I said clearly that I had a young family and needed to know that this wasn't going to go up in smoke. He assured me that this was his personal pet project and that because the grant was funding a federally mandated special ed issue, there was no way it was going to be cut. In Dec he told me that the position was safe.

Today, my supervisor, not even the Superintendent himself, told me that the Superintendent cut my position and has decided to allocate the grant funds elsewhere.

It's sort of feeling like the theme of my life is that I trust what I am told and get screwed as a result.

I am panicked about what I am going to do. I have a master's degree and quite a few years of teaching experience and the way it works in terms of hiring is that the more years you have, the higher you have to be paid per union rules so it's an unspoken rule that once you have 15+ yrs you'd better be damn sure you don't lose your job bc you won't find another. Every district in my state is laying people off like mad thanks to the Governor reducing State aid to schools by millions this year. So, I have no other skills, no other experience, I have 2 kids, I can't afford to live on my own if I am unemployed (oh and I can't collect unemployment since I was paid from a grant I was told)...

I am overwhelmed, feeling trapped, and in a state of shock and not sure what to do and not sure who to talk to or where to turn so I am talking here....

Thanks for listening..
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((((hugs)))) I'm so sorry. I feel your pain. Not fair, not at all. Is there anything in private schools you could look into? I wish I could say something to cheer you up, but I am at a loss for words. Give your kids a hug and just know somehow you will get through this.
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wantto I am so sorry. Right now eduction is being slashed everywhere. Where I live the governor just said that no one could be involved in collective bargaining anymore. He made unions (for government employees) go away.

Can you use your education training in another way?? I know it is not probably the most appealing thing--depends--but prisons are often looking for teachers as are juvenile detention facilities. Is there a technical college near you--you don't need a PhD to teach at a technical college--a masters is fine. If you can, find a headhunter and see if they can find something for you.

You are an educated and intelligent person with years of experience. Yes, right now things are bad for education--no doubt about it. Sometimes when we have been doing something for so long we get blinders on. I started to apply for ANY job I thought I might be able to do. Someone took a chance 3 months ago and I got a new job--different--but I love it.

Feel bad for awhile--but then take that strength and power you have and channel it into you. I figured out no one would care if I lost my job. I was the only one who could respond to it and decided to respond as someone who would figure it out.

Again, I am so sorry this happened. This stuff always seems to happen at a time when you really don't need it.

I am brainstorming here--maybe others can help. You could be a trainer for a company. You could be a trainer for a company that provides education to professionals who need credits to maintain their certifications like attorneys and accountants. You could be the person who sets up the training for large conferences.

Anyone else? If you want to then you can, right?
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If you were a w-2 employee, I think you can file for unemployment. Can't hurt to try
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I work in one of the most secure jobs there is, and a quarter of my coworkers just got layoff notices. Chances are that the Superintendent told you the truth as far as he/she knew it when you were hired--things have just gone mad in the public sector.

I agree that you should be able to collect unemployment--I wouldn't assume that you can't. Ask, find out.

And brainstorming job possibilities is also a great idea. Think outside the box.

I'm sorry this has happened to you--unfortunately, it is happening to a lot of good, qualified, hard-working people right now. Hugs,
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Sorry! I'm certain you can get unemployment- but I could be wrong. Hang in there!
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Oh my! That is bad news.

Be gentle with yourself. You have experienced a major loss. Please give yourself time to grieve this loss.

Allowing myself to grieve my losses has given me the clarity to move forward and embrace my future.

Sending you hugs and encouragement!
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I am so sorry Iwanttobehealthy!

I was laid off last year. I was really scared and upset. One year later, I consider it to be a blessing since I have found something that makes me so happy!

Maybe there is a window opening, with this closing door?

I am sending lots of Prayers for you!!!
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I am in a similar situation to you and I am in the process of leaving my recovering AH. We are trying to reconcile, but it just doesn't seem like that's in the cards because every time I spend five minutes with him he makes me angry and shows me he is still a mess even though he's not drinking. I quit a lucrative IT job almost two years ago to stay home with my kids and my AH immediately started to go downhill. I have laid awake many nights wondering what I am going to do and how in the world will I ever be employed again, since I kind of seem over-qualified or under-qualified for everything.

But, the other day I forced myself to play out my worst case scenario. What if our nice house goes into foreclosure and I have to move in to a little trailer or with relatives? What if I have to go on foodstamps or get welfare? Well, I am just going to have to deal with it when and if it happens, people have been in similar predicaments before and made it through. My kids are not going to starve. I am not that materialistic, I am amazing at stretching a dollar and I don't care much about stuff. I don't need cable or a fancy cell phone. I have a decent working car that should get me through another five years or so. I will work anywhere I can get a job. We will make it. It may not be easy and I might not get everything I want, but we will make it.

And to be honest, I think my sanity is worth the sacrifices.
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that flat-out stinks. Do you live in a state that gives spousal support? If you are unemployed that could be grounds. You must go and speak to an attorney at once. Don't tell your husband about it yet - he will just figure out that you need him and work that much harder to lure you back into his snare.

seriously, talk to an attorny asap - this is significant from a divorce standpoint and he/she will be able to advise.
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Oh suckola! I am a fellow grant-funded employee and it is tough these days. But keep in mind your HP, and that usually when one door closes, another opens. Someone here already said that - sorry someone - I copied!

WTBH - my prayers are with you today.
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get busy!

file right now for unemployment - and
find out about other programs that have been
started up in the past year
to help those without their jobs.

You'll be amazed at what has been created.

Unemployment has been expanded
there's no telling what you qualify for.

Hang in hang on ... it's just change.

Big ass change - granted - but it's change just the same.

Let yourself flop AFTER youv'e filed and found out what you're due.
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