Going to court tomorow

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It so hurts and it is so necessary. The process helps to being closure, maybe that's the wrong word. Maybe the word is clarity. It brings clarity. In the light of day it feels differently. I think you actualy leave court feeling lighter. It's nice to have a decree that says you aren't associated with any more os that "stuff".
You know how they say, "if I had only known then what I know now". Well, you lived through a tremendous growth experience and came out wiser.
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Kermie---for me I was soooo happy it was over--I had a party with my closests friends--then I pawned my wedding ring and bought a bottle of wine ( i am not an alcoholic)---for the party---and we burned my wedding dress in a barell in the backyard--I just had to have some kind of ceremony.....But I understand it is alot more difficult for most---my EXAH was one mean abusive man--I was happy to be away from him-not sad--a new door was opening up for me--I could finally have a 'normal''life without all the melodrama---I remember it landed on the 13 th of a month so 13 has always been my luckey number..........Sorry for your pain though and I hope you can turn it around and see that yes it is time for YOU now....
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Kermitt, Caring, understanding hugs
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Didn't mean to thank you either - just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. Be strong.

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Thinking of you today (((Kermit)))!
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Sending thoughts & prayers Kermit that you feel all of us with you & especially that you feel the love & strength of your HP as you walk in the Court Room today.

Peace to you,
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Practicing the lion's roar
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I'm thinking of you too, (((kermit))). How are you doing today?
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Oh, Kermit, I'm thinking of you too! Let us know how you are.
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I'm a wreck! My daughter is going with me, I'm on my way I'll let you all know the outcome when I get home.

Love ya
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I am thinking of you today.

Sometimes, no matter whether a divorce was something we wanted or not, there are so many questions and feelings to deal with. I know it is not easy, none of it.

Take care of you...

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It is always like that for me....

When something ends there is grief. Does not matter if the ending is for the good or not I still have to work through the emotion.

Thinking about you hon
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Done. I arrived at 8:30 was out by 9:45, got everything I wanted he owes me around 60k, like I will ever see it. Came home and took a long nap. Thanks everyone.. I'm going to be okay
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Originally Posted by kermit View Post
I'm going to be okay
Yes you are!
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You will be okay, kermit. Glad it went your way. Isn't it funny, I spent so much time being told by AH I was unreasonable (and believing it as I became yet another pretzel shape), yet every time we've been in court, the judge sees it my way.

Go figure.
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i'm sorry kermit, i'm glad it's over though - time for a new beginning!
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Congrats and rest well! You may see the money because court does keep track that a court order is kept. Once the Judge orders it, he becomes accountable to the court. I think as much as the money is important, doesn't it feel good to have a sane Judge state that you are owed something? It feels very validating.
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I'm glad things turned out good for you. I'm hoping you will see that $ too- maybe it can be garnished from his wages?
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So glad things went well for you today. You will be o.k.

P.S. I found an in with the money fairy, she's assured me that you will see that money. So don't you worry about that.

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kermit - I have a suggestion tooo...when you ex comes into more real estate and if at that time he still owes you any money at all....throw a nice big fat lien on it that way he cant refinace or sell it without paying you off...this is what I am doing with my ex who still owes me arrearage on his spousal...once you have a court order like we do its easy once they have something tangible for you to attach to.

I'm glad its over for you and I know how hard it was for you to do it...hugs going out to you hun.
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full of hope
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So glad it's over, Kermit! I'm praying when you wake up you'll feel refreshed and alive and ready to start that first day of the rest of your life!!

Much love, Cheryl
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