Fear and anxiety

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Fear and anxiety

Hi guys,
I have suffered with alcoholism for years lost job after job from going awol.i am 36 Irish and have gone thru at least 7 jobs and two relationships from my 4 to five day binges. Usually I slip when everything is going great I recently started a good job and got a nice new apartment with partner. Anyway last Friday 29th may after one week on my new job I found myself in a bar with a pint in my hand I went on the lash from there drank a litre of vodka and several cans a day I have no recollection of the days of my binge only that I never called in sick to work until the weds when I was going thru withdrawals in the bed soaked from sweat I couldn't even shower or shave full of fear and anxiety I called boss and got blasted on the phone saying I was about to have the contract terminated I went to the doc Thursday told him what happened as I needed a sick note anyway he gave me Xanax and zoldem he said if I continue to binge heavy I will be dead soon as I am also on 300mg of Effexor daily and drinking with that is no fun so now it's sat 7th may and I m still sweating profusely and afraid of my own shadow or the phone ringing to see what I done.I am eating and drinking water am full of fear and dreading walking into the office on Monday morning. It's been said on here it gets worse and worse and it does have been in rehab mental wards Garda barracks from all this drinking c**p same thing happens over and over especially when I dry up and get my life back on track. Powerless comes to mind. Wish all you guys well with ur battle
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Welcome to the forum, Shanman007. You may want to post your story on the Newcomers forum, there's more traffic there: Newcomers to Recovery - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

There's also a weekender thread with a lot of people to offer support over the weekend: You can jump in anytime.

The good news is that you don't have to feel this way ever again if you stop drinking and stick with it. Please hang in there.
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Hello Shanman,
Your drinking behaviors sound exactly like mine by the time I got to 'the end'. I drank for 40 years. Your drinking behaviors, and especially the fears and anxiety, is described exactly as you describe it in the book Alcoholics Anonymous.

Please note - it is very easy to dismiss the Book and the Program of AA for many, many, reasons - which if your drinking behavior matches mine and as described in the book - My many 'reasons' were only excuses and self-justification to remain in my self-justified drinking state of mental insanity. Problem is, as you well state ... it continues to GET WORSE.

Good News! The Book, and the Program HAVE THE SOLUTION ... but it takes WORKING THE 12 STEPS thoroughly. I am now FREE from the obsession and craving cycles of drinking, which for me is an absolute MIRACLE. The fears and anxiety are most likely only symptons from the effects of alcohol abuse by a person with the 'condition' of being Alcoholic. Much like the symptoms a person with Diabetes suffers if they don't regulate their sugar and insulin levels.

So, again, the GREAT NEWS. The AA Program works, but you have to Work it thoroughly. The book has Promises throughout it, that absolutely come true.

My suggestions - and it takes DOING THEM:
+ Do an online search for Recovery Speakers - there are many, and most are free. I suggest finding messages based on the 12 Steps, and listen to many of them, starting with Step 1 and go thru Step 12.
+ Get the book Alcoholics Anonymous and read it daily, starting with The Doctors Opinion.
+ Get involved with local AA Groups. Especially try to find Book Study meetings. When you attend, ask the Chair Person to introduce you to some of the people who have worked the steps. If AA meetings aren't a good option, or if there are not enough 'good' meetings available, do an online search for online Step Studies.
+ Check with a Doc that is an Addiction Specialist, or that has a very good background and knowledge of Addiction, especially Alcoholism. MANY times the psycho-meds just mask the symptoms, and create additional levels of Addictions. When I finally got FREE from the Alcohol and Addiction problems, the program also helped me get FREE from the Fears and Anxieties. It is wonderful to finally be FREE from all the stuff.
+ Continue to be involved with this website.

RDBplus3 ... Happy, Joyous and FREE ... after years of struggling and trying many ways to 'moderate' and to stop altogether.
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