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Quitting alcohol has allowed for me to lose 60lbs. I wore a full beard for 7 years and was too self conscious to shave it because then everyone could see my naked puffy face. 4 months of sobriety and I finally built up the confidence to shave it and quit "hiding" behind my beard. People don't recognize me. It's an amazing feeling when someone you know walks by you and you stop to say hello and they have this blank stare on their face. Then you can slowly see their facial expression change to genuine surprise and amazement once they start to recognize who you are. The other day during conversation, a co-workers wife said her son is the same age as me. When I asked how old her son is it turned out I'm 10 years older than him! That was an awesome feeling and further solidified my desire to never drink again
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So am I , beats the alternative!
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The bloat is gone so my "skinny clothes" fit me with extra room. Seems like most of my bloat was in my hips, thighs and abs. Bloat and red face is gone. Hair is shinier and not dull, skin doesn't have that "ruddy look". Hair and nails are growing again (downside is thatIhave to color more often. Lol)

Not shakey anymore so I can sign my name or write legibly now.
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When I checked into treatment, my skin was ashen.

Ever since I sobered up, it has been very soft.

My hair was stiff, but it became nicely textured and full.

My eyes are no longer constantly red and sunken into the sockets.

I no longer have gout or psoriasis.

I have been blessed with great health since I got sober.

I didn't exactly look like a gangster when I drank, but I was usually unkempt.
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My eyes are clearer and brighter, there's life in them now and I smile more. I look alert and alive, lol

But I swear I have gained weight! I've been eating more and drinking other nummy things like apple cider and root beer and peppermint hot cocoa lol... So the return in appetite is great, I am probably getting more nutrients, I just haven't cut calories, I need to eat better, drink more water and get back on the treadmill.
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