I think a blog helped

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I think a blog helped

I have bad cravings today so used the blog function here. Mostly just for me to vent to myself. I found it calming.

Perhaps others can benefit by doing the same?

Although not certain the difference between just posting a new thread and doing a blog.

I started weak today but am getting stronger by the minute.

Good luck to all today.
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Originally Posted by aboveangel1967 View Post
Although not certain the difference between just posting a new thread and doing a blog.
New threads get views and comments. So do blogs, but not as much. Your blog is locked, and thus can't be viewed, nor comments made.

But if it helps to write it, it helps.
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Good job AboveAngel,

I know it was hard for me early on to open up and admit feelings. Write a blog, write a post in the forum, yell out your back window, or whatever it is so you don't drink is much healthier coping skill than picking up a drink. Great on you using your resources to surf that craving.

Good luck
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Great job! You reached out, shared and made it through the day!! Kudos to you!! We have members all over the globe so 99.9% of the time someone is around for support!!

Great post!! I hope you have a great week!!
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You can make your blog 'public' to invite comments, but it's true the most traffic is in the forums.

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Journaling is a great outlet, I do so daily. You don't have to make it public, and can just use your phone or hand write what is on your mind every day, it does for sure help with bad thoughts and mind improvement in general.
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I have been doing a thread on here. It has helped a lot. Sometimes just to get things out of my head and be able to look at them objectively. Sometimes to sort and put into order thoughts, bits of ideas that are jumbled in my head. Sometimes to diffuse strong emotions
Sometimes just for fun and a bit of light relief.

I like doing it on a thread instead of a blog, because sometimes people chime in with really good ideas, or things they have found to help, or give a lift when I am down.

I find it totally therapeutic and a cure for boredom when I am at a loose end
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blogs and journalling in general are good.

Dont be afraid to post and ask for help too tho. for example I crapped myself in my drunk stupor and slept in my own vomit more times then i can count. There aint no shame in my game lol.

we've all been there it sucks and everyone here will want to see you sucede in sobriety.

sometimes in early sobriety all i had to cling to was the fact that i didnt drink... yet.. that day. Or i'd ask myself what will it benefit me to drink I could never come up with a good answer unless i wanted to ******** myself. Or i'd think well i got these problems this horrible anxious feeling. if i drink i'm only going to make things worse i'm not going to add any value to my life so this crap i got going on now that i'm not happy with while it might suck its better then the alternative so i kept moving forward.
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