Glass of wine placed in my hand last night

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Proximity to alcohol can not be a factor for quitting, alcohol is readily available in the world.
I can't think of anything more boring and annoying then spending time with people while they are getting intoxicated , especially if the reason for gathering is solely to get intoxicated.
I've seen hundreds of posts where people claim they plan on not drinking and then lament the fact they decided to get more drinks and blame it on 'being in a slippery' place.
Where ever they were isn't the problem they need to fix , more drinks are, blaming more drinks on proximity only means you plan on more drinks when in proximity.
The sooner one faces this truism , the shorter their 'early sobriety' will be.
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Alcohol is a good for nothing POS, but when its hooks have you...
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Originally Posted by Stayingsassy View Post
They didnít know. I was drinking the last time I saw them. Iím only seven weeks sober and itís just not really ďoutĒ that Iím not drinking. It will be. It wasnít the venue to get into it. I actually lounged around at home before showing up because I wanted to get there closer to his playing time (instead of hanging out in a bar all night) and he was there early...actually told a couple people Iíd quit drinking and didnít want to be there all night, but this woman wasnít in on the info I guess.
And I wasnít really commenting on your event, but more generally that people feel itís ok to push booze but not any of the other cr@p that goes into our mouths. Thatís all.
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Originally Posted by Shitzupuppy View Post
And I wasnít really commenting on your event, but more generally that people feel itís ok to push booze but not any of the other cr@p that goes into our mouths. Thatís all.
I know that. Plus the event is over, I enjoyed it and Iím fine.

Although I have to say that food pushers have always been a super huge problem for me....really difficult to turn down food all the time, I started just saying thank you and accepting food, which was probably the mindset i had with the wine. I also used to just take food and not eat it; give it to some else or throw it away quietly, to manage my food addictions.
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You made the right decision ss. Just keep staying sober. All this drinking events will be nothing but a joke for you later on. It will get real easy to tell your friends, no thanks, I don't drink but you enjoy yourself.
It's poison for us. Don't let any social setting put you in jeopardy. Especially this early in your sobriety. It's your life at stake here. You call the shots. Like most of us, your going to find out who your real friends are when you stay sober. It's natural. My suggestion is don't let anyone put a glass of wine in your hands. If there offended, so be it. Only you have the responsibility of maintaining your sobriety.
One last thing, if my spouse knew I was an alcoholic and knew the ramifications of the disease and yet still encourage me to gone the next day. I hope I interpreted your OP wrong. Surely your husband wants you to stay sober.
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