So much pain

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Now, I not a medical doctor, but I does believe when you total emotional, mental and physical exhausted, that sleeping pretty normal.

No sabotage you self care, Stormi.
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Originally Posted by StormiNormi View Post
I just keep falling asleep.
I slept 12 hours last night and have had 2 three hour naps today.
It does feel wonderful, but seriously; is this normal?
Or am i just finding another route of escape?
ive had times I allowed myself to be used by others-practicing my codependant/enabling ways. sheeeeweeee did I get all jacked up!
when I would finally accept that what I was doing wasn't working for me and put my foot down and said,"NO"....I felt a lot better, but was extremely exhausted. mentally exhausted. all the insanity wore me out more than I noticed. and id sleep a lot.
it eventually evened out.
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