About 48 hours since my last drink

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About 48 hours since my last drink

Not sure where to start....just need to get it out...
A little over 48 hours ago I stumbled into the ER after spending most of the day guzzling the better part of a 40 of vodka. Now I know all of the nurses that were there. Pretty embarrassing I don't really recall why but I wanted help and now. My roommate was just getting home as I was getting in a taxi. He showed up at the ER shortly after. I barely remember talking to the doctor. I do remember pleading with him for help and him trying to explain I was far to drunk and to come back sober. He sent me home with a prescription for lorazepam and vit b. So once we got home he asked if I had a stash of booze. I told him no. I went to bed and finished that bottle. I woke up the next morning showered kept myself busy around the house. I spent most of the day sweating or chills. Couldn't eat. Found an AA meeting to go to. I went that night and no one was there! I went to bed that night exhausted, drained. Could not sleep. Everytime I closed my eyes it was the most random images, jumping from one to the other. The next morning I still felt exhausted but not bad. Still sweating and chills. A little off. But no shakes. So I decided to go to work. That brings us to now. Still not sleeping. Ashamed of what I did. I don't know what would possess me to go to the er so drunk but glad cause hopefully now I can make a change. I'm scared that the withdrawal will get worse.

Anyway. Wow that was a lot. That's for reading I had to share that. Sorry if I makes no sense I'm so tired.
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Sober date 5/1/13
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Hi roany, welcome to SR.

Sorry no one was at the meeting you went to are there other meetings?
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There is others. Unfortunately I'm working nights and can't get to one til Friday.
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Stay with us here through the week then...

For all of us, the day we quit drinking started like other days, but this time - that was it! For whatever reason, that is the day that circumstance slams you onto the road of sobriety. And somehow you have enough strength & enough help to get through those first days, then the first weeks, and then you're already deep into the journey...

Welcome! This marks one of the best decisions you've made in your entire life!

Just don't take a drink, no matter what happens. All the rest can just whirl around you - just don't take a drink. No matter what.
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You're not alone, my friend.
I used to drink like that, too. Just get insanely drunk for no apparent reason.
It led me to coming out of blackouts, in public, with no idea how I got there or what I did. Scary.
It didn't stop me from going back to the bottle, though.
Imagine this going on for twenty years and you've discovered my drinking problem. Yeah, I was a bad drunk.

The only answer for me was seeking help and total abstinence. I hope you can do it too.
No, I KNOW you can do it too. You just have to have an open mind and be willing.
Thanks for sharing your story. It brought back some memories of my drinking, which will help me stay sober today.
Best to you.
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Be very careful during this time... and make sure you have someone watching over you... in case the withdrawals get too bad. rest well... =)
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Thanks everyone. The withdrawals have been pretty mild. Which surprises me. I was/am? a daily drinker. Average of half a 26 a night. More on days off. I haven't had any craving til tonight. Fortunately I'm at work. But my brain is planning for tomorrow. Must stay strong.
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Cause no harm
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You're moving forward, don't look back. Monitor your withdrawals and seek medical attention if things start going south on you.
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Withdrawls are very much an individual thing. I was drinking nearly a gallon of vodka a day during my binges, and never went to the hospital to withdrawl, but I have heard stories of people who worked every day and drank a quarter of that having seizures during withdrawls. Keep an eye on it and thank your lucky stars that it isn't worse, and keep in mind that if you don't stop, it WILL get worse.

Stay strong, when you fight the urge and wake up the next day, sober and hangover-free, you will feel like a champ.
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about 48 hours since my last drink

[QUOTE=TheNatural;5243019]Withdrawls are very much an individual thing. I was drinking nearly a gallon of vodka a day during my binges, and never went to the hospital to withdrawl, but I have heard stories of people who worked every day and drank a quarter of that having seizures during withdrawls. Keep an eye on it and thank your lucky stars that it isn't worse, and keep in mind that if you don't stop, it WILL get worse.

The Natural,

I agree with you that it's a very individual thing. I work of all things, as an ED nurse, I see drinkers come in daily. The ED is to medically clear you. Usually once that happens, you are either sent to the ICU or a rehab program. I am a whiskey drinker and have been for about a year although I have drank longer. It got bad for me when I was at a very stressful job and I just wanted to check out at night. I have decided to do a supervised home detox. I have a week off of work and I have someone with me at all times. The hospital is 10 minutes away, and I know a ton of medical providers to reach out to. I'm currently over 2 days. For me it has been the anxiety that has been the worst. Anticipating the worst possible scenario when I actually feel better than I have every morning after getting trashed. I'm in no way downplaying seeking professional help. It is important. For me, my significant other is also a healthcare professional who is monitoring my vitals and we are following the CIWA scale. I actually slept bette last night without booze (almost 5 hours than I have in ages). I know this is not for all people. I think what's important is having a plan and having someone know the signs to look out for if you don't go to rehab. For me I have been in bed for almost three days. Today I feel like I want to get up and walk. I'm taking my B vitamins and milk thistle and magnesium etc and drinking more water than I care to. I'm also making myself eat at least something. Today I had a bowl of broth for breakfast. I'm checking in with my PCP tomorrow as it's the weekend.

I love these threads and love hearing your brave stories. I look forward to continuing the journey with you all.
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The lorazepam and vit b will help.. get lots of sleep, drink water, don't push yourself.. Be patient and firm that you will get through this. Once you do it, and you drink, you will go through it again. It's a horrible punishment we inflict on ourselves. Sober life is a gift that you are deserving of.
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Hi Roany. Sorry to hear there wasn't anyone at that meeting, but just keep trying! Withdrawls suck but the lorazepam should help and once you have gone through the withdrawls you never have to go through them again!
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