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Do you still go to pubs/bars

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Do you still go to pubs/bars

Just answer yes or no
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I answered yes. I will go to a bar to meet someone if that is the destination. I don't frequent bars to hang out though. I am not afraid of bars but I don't usually have a purpose to be in them since I don't drink. However, when I go to Jackson Hole to ski in the winter I will go to the Mangey Moose and have a cranberry and soda and listen to live music and have some wings. I have a legit reason in my mind to be there for that purpose, since there is no none bar with those activities at the base of the mtn. Hope that helps clarify my response.
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I voted no. I'm in very early recovery and think it would be foolhardy in my case. I dont however, see that there should be any reason for those who are confident in their sobriety to avoid them. Provided they have a reason to be there that has real substance and not for the purpose of a nostalgic walk down memory lane or whatever.
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Bar food. Nuff said.
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If I'm pressed for time, I'll go sit in the bar to order food. I've found, I can get in and out rather quickly as opposed to waiting for a table in the dining area.
I don't go to a bar for an evening out. What would be the point of that?
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I am confident in my sobriety but pubs don't attract me or I have no connection with them as they offer nothing but that's just me my brother doesn't drink but does go to watch football I tell him he can watch it elsewhere but everybody is different in sobriety and that's the point of a poll just to see what the views are like

I have been inside a pub to play my dad at pool and I ordered soda and lime water no problem but it had nothing to offer my dad was there I've said since if you want to see me sober up and we can have tea somewhere

I have no problem running into a pub to do a tinkle if there is no other option lol

As for food I can cook better than anywhere I know (trumpet time) I really can I can order football at home if I wish

Drunk atmosphere is a drunk atmosphere but each to their own
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For me it isn't the place I'm in physically, it's the mental 'place' I'm in. If the physical place were a 'trigger' I won't be able to go in my garage or shed, lol, that's where the 'real' drinking took place.
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I never really went to bars pubs. On occasion I did.
my problem was the garage. And basement. Yard.
so that I didn't go to bars to drink, going nownhas noeffectnon me.
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I said yes, but they really aren't bars. I'll accompany my siblings to a place like Buffalo wild wings for UFC nights. People are drinking booze, but just as many having soda/ice tea. I'm with LBrain. Being alone was my problem. I've been going monthy with my brothers out to places, I never drank when there anyway..I always hated paying $10 for a glass, when I could drink the big bottle of California's worst for same price. I called my self the DD just in case someone drank excessively, no one ever did.
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Like Brian, the majority of my drinking was done on my sofa, in front of the TV, every evening of the week after work, I only went to watch sport in bars and I'd look forward to getting home to drink at my own faster pace!!

Bars now annoy me after a certain period of time, but if I'm there for a reason then I'm only there for a short period of time, but very infrequently!!
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I done all my drinking at home really strange to hear ppl like me not drinking in bars or pubs

In AA they were all pub drinkers I think I heard 1 chair where they said they drunk at home

I knew this would be interesting just didn't realise how interesting lol

Thank you all
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Yep, some of the best food is in bars. I've been a DD so long that going in bars and not drinking isn't a problem.

Like a lot here, my serious drinking was at home, alone, on the sofa.
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Yes. And grocery stores, and convenience stores too! I'm a consumer still and powerless over that.
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In my opinion, bars are no different than kryptonite. I do not go into them unless someone is paying me to be there, and when they hand me the check, I leave.

I firmly believe that we consciously do things which either strengthen or weaken our resolve to remain sober; such as exercise and tactical reading vs. intentionally associating with people who consume alcohol. Obviously, frequenting bars falls into the former category.

The last time I went into a bar of my own volition, I found the experience to be an unpleasant one. It stank, and was full of toxic cigarette smoke. Standing there listening to someone speak who is totally, and completely incomprehensible due to their obnoxious slurring and slobbering is not my idea of a productive use of time. I left after ten minutes without saying goodbye.

Given the choice, I would honestly rather sit by myself and hang out with Plato or Martin Luther King, jr than sit in a bar and talk to a drunken human being about nothing.
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No, but I did most of my drinking alone at home anyway. It was much cheaper that way.

My workbench area in the basement was my private pub. I had bottles hidden away in different places.
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If there is a good reason to go, like a wedding, business or any other good reason. But just to go and try to recapture the so called good times you used to have, is a big no no. Its best to go with a plan, go with an out strategy. I would never go by myself, and drink pop, or sing kareokee, that is a death sentence waiting to happen. It might not happen right away, but it will in time.
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I've found no reason to go back to them. No one I know visits them anymore either. I did most of my drinking at home and at the lake. It might be an age thing too. Bars were something I did in my 20's.
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Originally Posted by SoberJennie View Post
I've found no reason to go back to them. No one I know visits them anymore either. I did most of my drinking at home and at the lake. It might be an age thing too. Bars were something I did in my 20's.
As recent as last year?

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98% of the time I drank at home. I'm avoiding triggers like Mexican food places where I would always have a couple of beers and then go home and have a 6 pk. The only bar I went to was when I was a Moose Lodge member. Mostly people 50 years and older, like myself, and I saw some pretty sad scary things that among other reasons led me to stop drinking.
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