You know you are a recovering alcoholic if...

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Your wine glasses are dusty.

Loved this one! I hadn't thought to think of it as a source of pride. I'll go into the kitchen now and see dusty wine glasses as a trophy of sobriety.
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Originally Posted by deeker View Post
You r a recovering alcoholic if you look forward to be pulled over by a cop so you can prove you are not drinking. You are also a little crazy.
I sincerely have gone through the scenario in my head a few times in the event that it does occur!
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You can smell wine on someone 10 feet away
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You can hold a cup of coffee, or a piece of paper without worrying that people are staring at you because your hands are shaking so much.
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You know you're an alcoholic when you are still finding empty vodka bottles hidden around the house that you had no idea were there.
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- you remember going to bed last night
- you don't feel as anxious anymore
- people start seeing you as 'dependable'
- you don't immediately check your phone after waking up
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Every day feels like a month.
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You make the change from being a taker to a giver. Quite simply, that's the best gauge I know.

During my nightly review I look at how much of the day I was focused on me, what I want, desire, and what I think I need. Then, I match that up against how much time I spent thinking about how I could help someone else, be there for someone else, how often was I understanding instead of judgmental or critical and so on. With that as my balance scale, my humility stays in place and my false egotistic opinion of myself stays in check.
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When you can actually talk without trying not to slur you words That was a hard one for me LOL
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Your breakfast no longer consists of co-codamol, domperidone (antiemetic), and lanzoprazol (for stomach acid), washed down with a bottle of Lucozade.
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....saying YAY to a drunk driving check point instead of taking tons of sides streets to avoid it.....not taking sides streets period.
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...You lose 25 lbs.
...You take up running & exercise as a hobby.
...You become a morning person.
...You mutter the Serenity prayer under your breath when toxic co-workers annoy you.
...You spend evenings enjoying your family rather than avoiding them.
...You look forward to your morning & evening check-ins by your AA sponsor.
...You learn to forgive...Yourself & other folks.
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You sign up for a volunteer activity on a Saturday am (such as Feed the Hungry) and actually show up and work!!
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Thanks everyone for this thread, so many good ones!

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Wow. I thought this was going to be something along the lines of the "You just might be a redneck if..." jokes.
These are all really great. I can relate to most of them, especially:

1-Remembering how a movie ends the next day after I wake up.
2-Not having to immediately reach for my phone to see who I called/texted.
3-Waking up, cooking and actually enjoying my breakfast. Plus, having the energy to clean the kitchen afterwards

For me, waking up the next morning and remembering the conversation I had with my wife the night before.
Not waking up with strange aches and pains in my body.
Also, feeling truly happy and not a sense of impending doom.
And my favorite: Being able to think clearly, rationally and quickly
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Originally Posted by Like2Hike View Post
You find out you really don't hate your job.

I found this out after I started to go to work without hangovers.

For me, not planning my day around alcohol is the best thing. Oh and being able to drive my car to wherever I want, 24/7, without being worried about getting a drunk driving conviction.
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You know you are a recovering alcoholic if...

You wonder, sheepishly, if you should add the phrase "I'm sober" to the end of a text message in which you tell someone you love them.
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You can hug your husband without smelling his breath to see if he has started drinking because this was my green light to get my drunk on....
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you become addicted to ridiculous shows like keeping up with the kardashians
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