You know you are a recovering alcoholic if...

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You notice that there's an extra $200 in your wallet EVERY week!
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You don't feel guilty and ashamed ALL the time!
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A Smart Bug is a Sober Bug!
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You have stopped lying to people - and it feels damn good.
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You feel sad sometimes...but its ok, bcz its normal. You may even cry. You try to sort out the source of the sadness, and may even come to a conclusion and smile

You know better than to "sprinkle some sauce on it".
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...if you empty the recycling and a ton of empty cans tumble into the bin... Empty seltzer cans.
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People tell you how good you look since you've stopping drinking.
You realize that you do.
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-You call your brother out for sneaking bourbon into his drink.
-Your best friend waits to ask you if it's ok if she has wine at her wedding reception
-The idea of getting a job is terrifying, and you can't drink it away.
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Your idea of a date isn't binge drinking at the local bar
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You inhale every bit of sugary confection in the house and wake up and go to the loo 4 times in the night and stop and stare at the honey and wonder what you can put it on.. You have room in your fridge for food.
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You discover that people who don't drink aren't as boring as you once believed.

You discover that running from feelings is actually a choice.

Experiencing some of these feelings, it becomes easier to understand why the feelings have been avoided, and it becomes possible to develop compassion towards the self about drinking.

It becomes possible to compassionately view other people's drinking/drug habits.
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No pity. No remorse. No fear
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Being able to remember getting to the last save-point of the video game you were playing the night before.
Being able to brush your teeth without gagging.
Remembering how the DVD you hired ends.
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You can't remember the last time you puked!
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You don't have bruises of an "unknown origin."

You no longer ruin clothes with red wine stains.

You can stomache and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

You no longer need to eat Tums like they are candy

Your corkscrew gets buried in the back by other cooking utensils in the drawer.

Your wine glasses are dusty.
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Originally Posted by Creekman View Post
You can't remember the last time you puked!

Thats priceless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Behold the power of NO
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For those of us who do F2F support: you have the time, days and location of all the meetings in your area memorized. You also know which meeting to go to if you want to catch a specific individual and talk to them in person.
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You realize what it means to have a constant underlying irritability. Why? Because it's gone!

"Honey, can you help me do some work outside?" "Sure."
-- wait...I'm not irritated?
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When you watch something on TV you actually remember it the next day.

My thing is wrestling. After my most recent meet-up with my friends to watch it, I was actually able to discuss what happened on the show the next day, unlike before where I'd pretend to know what they were talking about, but really I was so smashed the night before that it'd all be a haze. Same with movies etc.
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Not feeling bad ALL THE TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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When you watch something on TV you actually remember it the next day.
Yeah - I've even watched TV shows several times because I could never remembered how they ended.
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Things in your life start changing... for the better.
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