You know you are a recovering alcoholic if...

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Your daughter needs you to babysit and you are there.
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When you can write a birthday card out in your best writing.
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The darkness around your eyes is starting to fade because you are actually getting proper sleep.

Your dehydrated skin isn't peeling off your face anymore.

You actually go out everyday instead of hiding inside with a bottle.

You don't send angry psychotic messages to your family members or call them at all hours of the night.

You wake up and can actually get out of bed.

You don't have a constant burning throat and nausea anymore.

You don't have constant diarrhoea anymore.
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Nothing is impossible!
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Originally Posted by DG0409 View Post
Been really enjoying this thread: So I thought I'd start another one like it for recovering alcoholics.

Here's a few to get us started, but of course this thread is for everyone to add their own.

You know you are a recovering alcoholic if...

you're proud of yourself for eating breakfast.

you wake up without a hangover and think it's strange.

the most important thing on your to do list is to NOT drink and/or drug.

you suddenly realize that ALL of your friends are losers.

you suddenly realize that you were just as much of a loser.

you go to the grocery store to buy groceries and find yourself feeling lost and confused in the store even though you've been there 1000 times.

you're not sure what your favorite foods are anymore.

you realize that you actually hate all of your 'favorite' restaurants because you only went there to get smashed and upon sobering up you discover the food is TERRIBLE.

drunks suddenly seem like the biggest losers ever.

your bank account magically has more money in it.

you spend more time on SR than you used to spend drinking.

the to do list that never used to get shorter suddenly starts shrinking.
You are able to deal with life's issues and your thoughts and feelings without being polluted by alcohol. You can hold your head high on a Sunday morning because now, you dont have to dread logging onto facebook or looking through your phones text message outbox in horror at the things you typed the night before.
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You don't dry heave when you pass the cupboard where you kept the booze.
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You can go out to dinner with your daughter and actually eat.
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You know you are a recovering alcoholic if... can accomplish what at one time seemed insurmountable.
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You have self pride

You start to make friends and people seem to like you.
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Life seems manageable rather than one big hectic mess
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You get excited that you haven't soiled yourself today lol
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Monday mornings are just like any other weekday morning.

You find out you really don't hate your job.
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You find out you don't really have insomnia or depression.
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You can keep your emotions in check...almost all the time!
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You walk away from a fight even though you really, really don't want to, only because you know it's the right thing to do and you'll feel better in the long run.
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You don't take everything your family says the wrong way.
Don't feel that everyone is judging you, and if they are its not your problem.
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You know your a recovering alcoholic when instead of drinking a 12 pack of beer you drink an 18 pack of Perrier, lime an salt.
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you're on your third box of Sleepytime tea for the month!
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You r a recovering alcoholic if you look forward to be pulled over by a cop so you can prove you are not drinking. You are also a little crazy.
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you're not afraid to speed anymore because after all, what is a $100 speeding ticked compared to a DWI, losing your license, possible jail time, and a butt-load in expenses??
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You find yourself singing out loud for no reason as you prepare breakfast!
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