Avrt ???

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Avrt ???

I have been doing AVRT for 3 weeks and have had a kinda tough time with my AV but it got a little more manageable after 2 weeks. I got the RR-TNC book from the library and read it about a year ago but my AV piped in saying "this can't work" so I kept drinking. I did the AVRT Crash Course and have now ordered the book as I need to refresh my memory and for sure read it twice.
I went to a dinner party last night of a friend of a friend and when I got up to go to the bathroom someone poured wine for everyone. Well my AV (IT) wouldn't quit and yes I moved my hand to the glass myself and I drank the glass along with 4 other glasses cause I thought what the heck I have ruined all my work thus far.
I know I need to read more in the book when it comes (2 weeks or so now for Canada) but my question is:
When I start again and make my "Big Plan" am I starting all over again with it being a little more difficult the first couple of weeks again?
I practiced some of the recognizing of the AV but will I be able to get back to where I was when I left off.I know it probably is different for everyone but thought I would ask anyone out there that is using this technique.
Thank You.
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You don't drink simply by not drinking! That sounds like a stupid answer and I apologize if it is, but once you go thru the **********/crash-course you have the tools you need. You know intellectually that booze is killing you (if that's the case, don't recall just how "bad" you drink). You make a Big Plan not to drink and not to change your mind. Then all the other stuff is noise from your AV/beast mind.

Having the glass poured for you is a big temptation, especially in the beginning. It's basically like having someone else tell you it's fine to drink. And it may be for them but they're not you!

I suppose AVRT would work fine for someone that doesn't drink much, but then again if you didn't drink much or often there probably isn't a problem to begin with. For me AVRT works well and is actually pretty easy. It's not just a slogan when I say, "drink and die." It's literally what will happen if I don't stay stopped. My AV doesn't give a crap whether I live or die, so I don't let it call the shots for me.
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BTW, you haven't ruined all your work! You tripped and fell, but if you get up again you haven't failed. You fail when you quit trying. That's not to say a relapse is good, and you shouldn't give yourself permission to cheat on your Big Plan. You just need to acknowledge you're human and thus not perfect.

Make another Big Plan, and mean it this time!
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The RR AVRT, I think is a good resource for never drinking again.
Good going on staying with the plan. Don't quit (on freeing yourself from addiction) no matter what! You may want to read through;

SoberRecovery, Secular Connections, Addictive Voice Recognition Technique (AVRT) Discussion
, if you have the time. Lots of good info about practicing the AVRT.
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