Well I almost made it two weeks

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Well I almost made it two weeks

I figured I'd start a thread instead of posting in each forum....

I must've let my guard down after making it through Friday 'cause I ended up drinking Saturday, which would've been the two week mark. I managed to visit Dad for Father's Day, but other than that I didn't do crap yesterday.

This song has been in my head and I thought I'd share it with lyrics....

(Sorry about the ads!)

"Someday" by Godsmack
Living with these shadows, separating what I've done
Chasing the illusions of who I once was
Too much time - Too many places
Different lives - Different faces
Stripping down and bracing for a change

A better life I'm searching for
A better life I'm searching for

Someday I'll begin to live my life
I pray I'm ok for now
At least I'm breathing, I'm trying
I'm reaching through myself for another way I can win
and live my life again, someday

Looking for a sign as desperation sets within
Boredom starts to blend into a night of sin
All this time, all this weather
Drink my wine, I'm no better
Everything around me stays the same

A better life I'm searching for


Searching for a life I need to know
I'm searching for a part of me to follow
Too many people with their hands on me
None of which I really give a **** about anyway
Shedding all my skin to start again....
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That’s a great song, Purps.

I’m sorry you broke down, but you sound ready and determined to move on from it. Please don’t let Saturday divert you from the place you truly want to go.
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Posts: 25,373 you want to quit completely or are you looking to leave that door open on the weekends?

There is no right answer here...this is your journey. I think that if you haven't made the absolute decision that you're done then this is where you'll continue to find yourself.

Some people CAN drink once a week. I did for a while, then I didn't and I don't want to ever go back to the "didn't."

Wishing you clarity.
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Wishing you well, I am back on day 1, feel terrible, I hope we all make it and have a happy life
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Start over

Iam only on day 19 of sober but feel pretty damn good,iam going thru seperation with wife ,Saturday she told me i couldnt pick up our daughter till sunday fathers day,pissed the **** outta me,i almost started to have one ,but didnt,just start over and learn from your mistake
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Purple, sorry you slipped.

You can still post on every other forum, you know?)

I am not offer anything new rather than a good solid plan to stay sober on weekends.

You know like plaster which keeps broken bones together and let them heal and regain strength.

At some point your sobriety will be strong enough that you can do it without a detailed plan.

But for now you need this reinforced structure to prevent your life from falling apart.

Rooting for you!
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Hi Purple,

The first few months were hard for me on the days off (weekend)...I bought groceries on Friday, stocked up on sweets, and rented a load of movies.

Every weekend for 3 months. now each day is a blessing sober.

Hope you find a way that works for you!!

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Sorry to hear that you slipped, Purps.

I know 100% that you can do this.

You can post here when you are tempted or triggered. There is always someone here to talk you down.

Lean on us.

Always here for you.
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Dust ya self off and get back on the hoss. Falling down happens however stop trying is not an option. You got this
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Hi Purple,

I'm glad that you're back!

It's good that you see you let your guard down after getting through Friday night. It sounds like the weekends are a hard time for you, so now you know that you can focus on making plans for your weekend that avoid alcohol. Don't be discouraged!
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You can do it Purps!
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Thanks again everyone! I like the idea of stocking up on Friday then staying put....

I had tentative plans for this Saturday (that would've most likely included alcohol) but I let my friend know that I may just stay home this weekend....I'm such a jerk sometimes.....I'm the one who suggests these things when I'm drinking, then cancels even though it was my idea to begin with.
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I think you need a better plan than 'try to stop drinking' Purps?

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