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If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives.
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Is this true or what folks:

“When you go out with a drunk, you’ll notice how a drunk fills your glass so he can empty his own. As long as you’re drinking, drinking is okay. Two’s company. Drinking is fun. If there’s a bottle, even if your glass isn’t empty, he’ll pour a little in your glass before he fills his own.” — CHUCK PALAHNIUK
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Hears The Voice
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Change is possible, therefore hope is reasonable.

You will never possess what you choose not to pursue.
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Be who you needed when you were younger.
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Alcoholism vs recovery

"Give up everything for one thing or give up one thing for everything."
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The idea that somehow, someday he will control and enjoy his drinking is the great obsession of every abnormal drinker. The persistence of this illusion is astonishing. Many pursue it into the gates of insanity or death.

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Yield beautiful changes
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"Willingness without action is fantasy."
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I needed to change and grow, so that I could stay sober. Now I stay sober, so that I can continue to change and grow.
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1 drink is too many and a 1000 never enough
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Recovery is hard, regret is harder
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It is only for our bad behavior that we find all these explanations. It is only our bad temper that we put down to being tired or worried or hungry; we put our good temper down to ourselves.
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From today's Guardian: 'The same year as Blur’s second album, 1993’s Modern Life Is Rubbish, [Blur's drummer Dave] Rowntree also quit drinking. Alcohol was taking him into dark places, he says. Still, given the band’s star was rising, quitting then must have been hard, I suggest. “But I’d seen where that particular road ended, you know, so…” He trails off. "The scary thing isn’t where that road ends, it’s the ******* journey. It’s not: ‘What if this kills me?’ It’s: ‘What if this doesn’t kill me?’" He then got addicted to cocaine, but has been sober since 2007.'
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From the documentary Barbaric Genius (2011, on Netflix UK): 'When I learned that I was an alcoholic, and I'd seen a better life, I thought I'd rather have a normal life, then, where I could think and not be drunk' - John Healy, author, former tournament chess player, former drinker.
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Eyes forward
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Being in good company eventually brings goodness in life...SR is good company.
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... I've seen how people think that the very instrument that is destroying them
is actually in their minds helping them;
because many people use drugs and drink as medicine
when indeed, and I now speak from experience,
the only thing that works in life to overcome your problems is to face them squarely
and not to be ashamed of the fact that you are not perfect
and not to defend your failings
and not to defend that which is destroying you
which sadly many people do.
- Lady Colin Campbell
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Never forget your last drink or chances are you haven't had it yet.
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