Guess What Day It Is?

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Guess What Day It Is?

Thatís right, itís recycling day here. Oh? You were expecting HUMP DAY? Well itís that too.
Itís that in between /middle of the week day when we are finally getting our groove on back in the office or wherever and start to realize the weekend is closing in on us once again. Glad everyone made it through the cinco de mayo nonsense yesterday. Iím looking forward to the weekend coming up and also checking in with Weasel and Mecanix on the weekender thread tomorrow. Graduation parties are starting to show up. Make sure you are prepared. Have a plan in place to make an early exit if you have to. Now that the weekends are consistently warm up here in the northern hemisphere the talk of the weekend bar-b-q starts about mid week. Be careful Ė donít get sucked in if you are not strong enough to win the battle over the AV. There have been a lot of people struggling recently. We made it through the beginning, and now that the weather is changing, our thinking can also be influenced by the change of seasons.
Yes, it is recycling day for me. Every Wednesday the truck comes and wakes up the neighborhood with the sound of clanking bottles. I use to cringe when they emptied mine. Sounded like a major car accident. Over a year ago I would spend a good twenty minutes trying to arrange the recycling barrel so that everything fit. Sometimes I would add stuff to my neighbors recycling bins Ė donít tell anyone but I did. And the ever so popular rearranging my Ďstuffí so as to camouflage it. Look for anything that wasnít an alcohol container to place it on top. The kids going to school wouldnít see all the beer bottles and cans. I made sure the V & B bottles were stuffed deep. Not anymore. In fact every Wednesday is no longer recycling day here at the LB Ranch. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to gather enough recycling to make the trip to the sidewalk worth the effort. Isnít that a great feeling? You betcha!

Happy Hump Day!
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Realising my life
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Lovely post, LBrain
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Great post Brain! I cringed on recycling day and did similar rearranging to camouflage my drinking. The collection guys are probably the first to know I quit drinking. Or else thought I moved.

Now it's just packed with day to day stuff I'm not embarrassed about.

I wanted to add the drawing nearer, semi official summer season kick off in the US., Memorial day weekend. Seems to be a trouble spot for people so it's something to be prepared for.

I'm in for the day. Already thinking of my weekend. They never had much meaning before because I was a daily drinker. Now they are full of possibilities. Thanks for getting me thinking.
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I often hid full & empties in the garage because my wife seldom went in there.
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I just called to mind that my recycling day is Monday. An auditory reminder of a wasted weekend before.
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Happy recycling day, LBrain! I did all that too, rearranging the bottles carefully so nothing showed for the garbage men....rolling the can smoothly to minimize the clink clanking.....

Life is different on garbage day now. My neighbors left yesterday for an extended vacation. So they wouldn't have garbage laying around the garage, and wouldn't have to worry about their cans, I offered the use of my cans...."Just put whatever you want in my cans"....I NEVER would have done that before.....those cans held the secret of the week's many, many cans and bottles. At least I think it was a secret!!!
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My recycle bin is now filled to the brim with empty club soda cans.
It really does have a different sound than beer cans.

Happy half way through the week!
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Do your best
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Im starting to love this thread thank you L
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It's a month or from winter in the land of Oz but it feels like it's here.
I'm glad I'm not drinking now as alcohol clearly ******** my brain. I actually use to get enjoyment on recycling day from hearing all the glass in my bin. Sadly for some reason I found all that glass breaking noise amusing.
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I guess I was lazy with my recycling. I hated the sound of those bottles. Every time I heard them, it filled me with shame and embarrassment. I also used to loathe our recycle box. I would peer in to see how much I ended up drinking the night before, which would just fill me with self-loathing. I am so grateful to be out of that cycle.
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Nice middle of the week thread.
I'm gearing up for a long work day...since I was lazy yesterday.
Recycling used to be so embarrassing. So many wine bottles. All that embarrassment and shame is gone. Now it's just real life regular stuff.
Ok...let's get on with this Wednesday and let's make it a good day!
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It's Hunt a Camel day!
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Seis de Mayo?
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We now have 3 separate colours of bins where I live!!

To think we used to just bung it all into the one!!

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Love this post! My husband always drank craft beers but I always drank crap beer....and I can honestly look back and say that part of the reason is that it came in cans and I didn't have to listen to the clinking on recycle day! All that wasted effort to hide something that EVERYONE knew about anyway.... Sheesh.
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I was actually embarassed about my trash.

It was mostly beer cans and liquor bottles.

I didn't have many people fooled as to whether I was a drunk, but I know that I didn't have my garbage man fooled.
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Hears The Voice
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Put me down on the list of folks who frequently bought canned beer so the empties would fit/rattle less in the recycling bin. I used to think quitting drinking was hard work. It took a clear head for me to realize how hard I had been working to keep drinking.

I do not miss those days!

Happy Hump Day!
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This is a fun posting. It's amazing how fast the wine bottles accumulated in our bins and under the kitchen sink. We live in the country with no garbage pick up, we have to sort and take our recycling to the dump ourselves. It became a job that I happily volunteered to do because then, no one could count the wine bottles being thrown into the bin. Happy to report that my bins are healthy! Makes me wonder about judgmental garbage men, do they actually care? lol
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I was horrible about recycling as in : I didn't recycle. Bad me.

I do remember drinking, some would be left from a get together, I'd feel bad and throw it in the trash. Then a few days would pass and I'd go out to the trash can, try to be inconspicuous and dig it back out to drink. So I got to the point of dumping it in the sink and sneaking to the trash can to throw it all away. I'm sure people heard the clanking of bottles throughout the neighborhood.

Then I would cover that with other bags of trash to hide it.

but seriously, I dug alcohol out of the trash.

Classy . . .
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